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North Carolina Church Sign Tells 'Perverted' Gays to 'Turn or Burn': VIDEO


A church sign in Wilmington, North Carolina that says "God loves gays but he hates a perverted life style - turn or burn" is causing a lot of controversy and church officials say that it is a message of love, according to WECT.

Claims the church's singmaker Anna Benson: "I love gays. I love everybody. I love people. I'm a sinner. And I had to accept Jesus as my savior and lord."

Says the pastor, David Heuring: "That sign is to let people know what a sin is. Because the majority people out there don't even know what the sins of the Bible are. We're going to teach the entire Word, and we're going to tell the entire truth. And I'll take the heat for it."

Watch WECT's report (takes a few secs to load), AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I thank God every day that the government and population of Canada understands that speech like this is harmful hate-speech.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2011 10:43:51 AM

  2. why the focus on gays? why not say "You Jews Will All Burn And Join the More than 6 Million Jews Exterminated in the Holocaust"

    after all, they believe that too, right?

    but they can't say that, can they? but they can hate gays. right.

    for real. let's see how strong their faith is. "Jews - Turn or Burn"

    see how well that flies....

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Aug 12, 2011 10:49:50 AM

  3. The pastor looks like he was dressing for a Manhunt ad. Seriously, scruffy beard and tight t-shirt? To show how religious you are on TV? Riiiight. My guess is that pastor is probably pretty familiar with that particular "sin."

    And honey, God didn't create that sign, you did.

    Posted by: Jett Blakk | Aug 12, 2011 10:51:36 AM

  4. Gotta remember that little "turn or burn" tidbit when I'm at the beach this weekend. Thanx!!

    Posted by: kodiak | Aug 12, 2011 10:52:35 AM

  5. Perverted lifestyle?What's so perverted about having a cute haircut, a nice wardrobe and a well-decorated home?

    Posted by: Danny | Aug 12, 2011 10:56:09 AM

  6. Can we turn back time and go back to the 70's with the "Jesus is Love" bumperstickers?

    Posted by: QJ201 | Aug 12, 2011 10:57:27 AM

  7. I see. You don't hate me, you just hate something ABOUT me.

    I think these guys are trying to excuse hate by technicality. They know that they have to save face and acknowledge the "love" message, so they come up with this convoluted and ironic rationalization.

    Gonna puke.

    Posted by: Yeek | Aug 12, 2011 10:59:45 AM

  8. @ Jett Blak - yeh, pastor looks to me like he probably doesn't get to have the kind of fun he'd like to - so he doesn't want anyone else to either.

    Sad. He'd be pretty cute if he'd be a man instead of a hypocritical judge.

    Posted by: Danny | Aug 12, 2011 11:08:40 AM

  9. Gawd I can't stand self-righteous Christians and their phony "I love everyone" crap.

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Aug 12, 2011 11:08:45 AM

  10. "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires."

    -Susan B. Anthony

    Posted by: acorlando | Aug 12, 2011 11:09:38 AM

  11. These folks not only don't care much for "the gays" , Muslims and Jews-they have no use for the Catholic Cabal either. They just use the Pope's folks to advance their own agenda re: subjugation of women.
    Ricky baby from TX and his mentor -the Rev. Fatboy Hagee are particularly hateful re: Catholics.

    Their ramped up rhetoric is not being covered at all in MSM and their power is incresing every day and the world just shakes its collective heads at the Taliban like antics these idiots provide.

    Posted by: Nick | Aug 12, 2011 11:10:12 AM

  12. The Bible passage listed on the sign doesn't actually say that God hates a perverted lifestyle. That is just their interpretation of it. Actually, it says that "God gave them up to vile affections..." Sounds like being gay is actually God's fault here, since he gave them up to it.

    In fact, NOWHERE in the Bible does it say anything even close to "Love the sinner, hate the sin". They just made that up and are preaching it as if Jesus himself said it.

    Have you ever met an anti-gay atheist? I didn't think so.

    Posted by: Chadd | Aug 12, 2011 11:18:11 AM

  13. Since I am sure there couldn't be too many gays in this church it seems like a waste of time and energy. Of course, I bet that church is full of fat assess, but they won't put up a "turn or burn" for gluttony--that would hit way to close to home for sinners like Ms. Benson. Also, will they put up a sign disparaging "Rich People"--J.C. spent more time talking down the wealthy than any other group--something the Republicans would rather not think about.

    Posted by: Leto | Aug 12, 2011 11:20:40 AM

  14. Of course if YOU tell a church to "turn or burn" you'll have the FBI, DHS, and BATF investigating you for threatening arson (and that's just at the Federal level).

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Aug 12, 2011 11:27:08 AM

  15. another glaring example of christian love and they get to not pay taxes all the while spewing this hate. why don't they go to wearing either hoods or swastikas?

    Posted by: walter | Aug 12, 2011 11:36:53 AM

  16. No, thank you... creepy christian cult.

    Posted by: sleepy bear | Aug 12, 2011 11:37:03 AM

  17. Stupid, ignorant rednecks whom the world is passing by. Ho-hum.

    Did anybody else think the reporter was kinda hot. though? The only real reason to watch the video.

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 12, 2011 11:40:13 AM

  18. Why are these idiots never challenged on other sins in the bible? Most of the hatred towards Gays derives from Leviticus. The "man lying with man as with woman is an abomination" crap. The same chapter also states the eating of shellfish, pork, or wearing clothing of mixed fiber is also an abomination/sin. The book also details all kinds of sins and how they must be addressed. These include the sins of touching unclean people (lepers), how many days a women must remain in seclusion during and following menses and child birth, as well as how many turtle doves the woman must present to her priest for sacrifice and burning on an alter. Can't say I have smelled much burning of turtle doves around town lately. Until these so-called "Bible is the actual word of God" idiots stop treating the Bible as a menu board at McDonald's (I'll take one of those, but don't want that, or that) they have no ground to stand on. Time to call them out!

    Posted by: David Black-Downes | Aug 12, 2011 11:41:13 AM

  19. I live about 5 miles away from this church and they are ALWAYS posting far out signs. One of the highlights of my day is to drive by and see what kind of ignorance they spew. I've said this many times before but hate speech like this (and the Phelps clan) and the inherent bigotry behind it does more for gay rights than a million marching queers. Doesn't mean I like it, but I appreciate the irony of the results of their actions.

    Posted by: Samuel | Aug 12, 2011 11:47:57 AM

  20. Little Kiwi: I am also Canadian and this kind of this would not be considered hate speech. It's a quotation of a religion's scripture on their own church sign and it is not advocating others to commit violence. It would be unprosecutable under hate speech law. Which is good. Now, if their sign said "beat up homos cuz their sinners," that would be different. It's a fine line but a crucial one.

    Posted by: Derek Pearce | Aug 12, 2011 11:59:17 AM

  21. actually this might be considered hate speech in canada because it targets a specific group. it doesn't matter if it's religious or not. i don't think the "god hates a perverted life" is anywhere in the bible, but then again ive never read it. i prefer non-fiction.

    what I don't get is why were even paying attention to these nut jobs. you know they just love the attention. they think they're saving the world.

    Posted by: Dave | Aug 12, 2011 12:36:05 PM

  22. Spare me self-hating gays. Top or bottom?

    Posted by: Gay Bro | Aug 12, 2011 12:51:09 PM

  23. Derek,

    If that is the case than Canada's hate speech laws do not go far enough.

    Posted by: Attmay | Aug 12, 2011 12:52:39 PM

  24. Hmm, so homosexuality will get you sent to Hell, what about heresy? Seems to me the good pastor would do well to stop worshipping Satan and find the one true Church of Jesus Christ (the Roman Catholics, of course). Otherwise he is willingly committing a henious sin.

    Posted by: CPT_Doom | Aug 12, 2011 1:06:06 PM

  25. @Dave: if for no other reason, we should care because it's exactly these sorts of messages that leave lgbt youth feeling hopeless and alone and at much greater risk for committing suicide.

    just for starters.

    Posted by: redball | Aug 12, 2011 1:23:42 PM

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