1. Codswallop says

    What? A gay film that’s serious, not populated entirely by male model wannabes and doesn’t beat you over the head with bitchy camp?! Is such a thing even possible? Oh, it’s foreign. That explains it.

  2. Aaron says

    Since I started dating earlier this summer this is mostly how most of my dates have went. The nice quick chat, gotten down to the sex and then discovered each other. That comment about the blank canvas was completely true. Post sex removes all the pretext of the game, honesty leaks out after the orgasm.

  3. Bryan says

    That’s very beautiful.

    I’m going upstairs now to dig an old Provincetown t-shirt out of the back of a drawer. The man who gave it to me is long dead, but sometimes I still wonder what would have happened had we not been sensible and gone home to our respective cities, jobs, and all the rest.

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