1. H2O says

    Come on, we all know that we shot it down and made up the story of the passengers taking over and crashing it. There is no way that the American public could emotionally handle the fact that we shot down a plane with so many innocent Americans – even if it was in order to avoid an attack on a more populated target that would have clearly caused greater losses.

  2. Derek Pearce says

    It’s interesting to hear the relative calm in the narrator’s voice. Not getting panicky, but being more matter-of-fact. His voice almost sounds like Mr. Rogers. He must’ve already seen a lot in his life.

  3. Chapeau says

    It is interesting that the videographer alludes to the plane ‘having a terrorist bomb’ on it ..

    There’s a lot about that day that may never come out until many many years from now .. but I also believe we shot this plane down on Cheney’s order (it was reported in the Commission that a shoot down order had been given – but never did they own up to 93 imho).

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