1. Rob says

    How much further over the top does Bachmann need to go in order to become permanently irrelevant? And why do we even tolerate her in the house? Great reporting, Gigglepuss, as always.

  2. SeanR says

    In other news, the earth is round… about time this scuzzy jumped-up nobody was called out for the fraud she is. Good one Anderson…

  3. say what says

    well at least one can say she lies without going around and also calling herself a prophet….cough cough Perry cough cough

  4. jason says

    Bachmann is actually correct about Gardasil in the broad sense, if not the specific sense. It DOES have negative side-effects in some women.

    As for lies, hasn’t Anderson Cooper been living one?

  5. LincolnLounger says

    I hate both Bachmann and Perry; however, to say that Gardasil causes mental retardation just because somebody allegedly comes up to you crying about it is remarkably irresponsible.

    Mental retardation is more than a “negative” side effect, and Perry’s policy in TX did have an opt-out.

    Cheap shot re: Anderson Cooper, Jason. I’m not sure how he’s ever misrepresented himself — like say Michele Bachmann who rails against government “welfare” programs and yet sought to accept every dollar she could get her hands on for farm subsidies and her own businesses or Marcus Bachmann who stuffs cash in his pocket while preaching he can “pray the gay away”.

  6. ohplease says

    Jason, don’t spend that Republican paycheck all in one place. In the economy your masters have created, you never know when you’re going to need it. Hope you have a good back-up plan for when nobody can even afford to be on the Internet.

    And you’re calling someone who isn’t anonymous on the Internet a liar? What you lack in brains, style and facts, you more than make up for in idiocy.

    But that’s all you, Michele Bachmann and the people who own the both of you have: rampant, non-stop, not-even-trying idiotic lies.

  7. tim says

    gergen reminds me…news hour, anyone? gergen and shields, anyone?

    fabulists and outright liars like bachmann have perfected their sound bites for popular formatted news shows…if you watch poorly formatted news you’re gonna get crappy news…

    unfortunately most voters love crappy news shows

  8. Caliban says

    Now if Michelle Bachmann said that SHE has vaccinated with Gardisil and it made HER retarded, I’d say somebody should look into it because it’s clear SOMETHING did!

  9. TJ says

    How is David Gergen a moron (in this exchange, anyway)? Is pointing out the irresponsibility of a public figure in spreading falsehoods moronic? As for side effects and fears associated with vaccinations or medications or any substance that may cause some people some problem, what ate reasonable expectations regarding risk versus benefits? Some people get Reyes Syndrome from taking aspirin; should we all stop taking aspirin (truly an amazing drug) because of the limited risk? I’m going to go with science and statistics and probabilities. Now excuse me while I go out for my annual flu shot.

  10. Mort says

    Bachman doesn’t “mistakenly” spout falsehoods, as Gergen claims. She selects information (or, I suspect, just makes it up) to fit her worldview. No fact will alter her thinking. Her mind is completely closed, and I can’t imagine anything more dangerous in someone pretending to be worthy of the Presidency.

  11. NorthoftheBorder says

    i ‘love’ how at 2:32 they label all of north america as USA.. highlighted in one color.. and its the ONLY continent that has a label. word. what happened to the 49th parallel???

  12. BEAU says

    Stupid cow. She disgusts me beyond my vocabulary. The vaccine is for ALL children, boys AND girls, and there is an option not to administer, if that’s what the parents want. There is NO proven link between the vaccine and mental retardation, and she should have been adult enough to NOT tell that story that she clearly made up in her head. She knows panic and fear spread like wildfire among the masses. She’s evil incarnate. Stupid cow.