1. KD says

    Am I missing something? This is just a bunch of affluent white people who decide to go out into the middle of the desert, wear ridiculous clothing, act like idiots, and take drugs for days on end. It’s pathetic.

  2. TJ says

    I went for the third time 2 weeks ago, and as usual, I had a blast. It’s nice to be able to be yourself, and be accepted for who you are. I am not an affluent white person. KD, yes, you ARE missing something. Before you judge, I suggest you experience it first. It is life changing.

  3. ES says

    KD- you are totally missing the whole point. First off, there is a complete mix of people at BM… hippies, engineers, students, parents (with kids), etc. The whole point is to remove yourself from the default world… and pour energy into creativity, exploration and sharing experiences with others.

    This is a good story to explain further… but I’d recommend not calling something pathetic until you understand it.

  4. says

    I still don’t get what exactly they are getting together to celebrate. It looks more like an excuse to get away from the “real world” for awhile and party a bit, which I don’t have a problem with at all. It all looks like fun, though mainly for those in their 20s & 30s. I do like they weird vehicles and generally light-hearted atmosphere I saw in the video. I guess that should be obvious since I just spent 17+ minutes watching someone else’s vacation video. :-)

  5. ES says

    So hard to explain, but the art, art cars, the random discovery, the utter challenge of living out in the desert for a week, being without cell phone or computer for a week, the accepting attitude of Black Rock City… and the new friends I made. I live in Manhattan… I needed a break from the default world.

    My return left me more inspired, engaged, excited than I have been in a long time. For each person it is different, but usually very positive.

  6. Jim says

    I’ve always felt like I SHOULD want to go to Burning Man, but when I watch stuff like this, I can’t stop thinking things like, “I hope they packed enough water. They’re going to get heatstroke. Someone’s going to poke an eye out. Is that fire really safe?” If I were ever going to do it, the time has passed since I evidently turned into my mother.

  7. stan says

    Definitely on my list of things to do before I die. There is great authenticity in this beautifully filmed event. As a child of the 1960’s it does my heart good to see another generation embracing the joy of life and all it’s creativity.

  8. Bruce Wayne says

    It made me smile…it made me laugh…I shook my head in amazement at the cleverness and creativity of people, without prejudice, without politics. With love.
    Amazing. And a beautifully filmed and edited video.
    Wish I was 30 years younger!


  9. brett says

    fantastic imagery, glad to see the flaming lotus girls’ firework show, as i missed the timing of it this year. but please, iMovie newbies, don’t just slam your latest dance remix over your montages – the playa is more worthy than that. go record ten or twenty minutes of wonderful live audio near some of the dance tents (note, don’t be talking over it when you shoot it!), cause the aural joy of burning man is the constant and total mishmash of noise and music that has never been duplicated anywhere.

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