Catholic Mom is Scared to Leave the House Because of All the Gays

Stacy Stacy Trasancos is a scientist-turned-Catholic-homemaker in Massachusetts with seven kids who suffers from agorahomophobia. In a wrenching blog post, she describes how the gruesome spectacle of gay families hanging out at a local public pool has made her afraid to venture outdoors:

I find myself unable to even leave the house anymore without worrying about what in tarnation we are going to encounter. We are responsible citizens. We live by the rules, we pay our taxes, we take care of our things. I'm supposed to be able to influence what goes on in my community, and as a voter I do exercise that right. But I'm outnumbered. I can't even go to normal places without having to sit silently and tolerate immorality. We all know what would happen if I asked two men or two women to stop displaying, right in front of me and my children, that they live in sodomy. 

And what sort of unspeakable PDA has she witnessed at the poolside? I'll tell you. One gay couple was engaged in inappropriate "elbow-rubbing." Another lesbian couple was hugging in a way that was "clearly not friendly." My god!

Her post has gone viral, and a few commenters have been leaving death threats. That's completely reprehensible, and I don't begrudge her notifying the FBI. But please, Stacy, listen: we gay people are not zombies or body-snatchers. The couples you've seen at the pool are, by all appearances, "responsible citizens" who "live by the rules," "pay their taxes," and "take care of their things." If you got to know any of them, you'd probably find that they're much like you - heck, you might even make friends.

But if you really can't overcome your fear of being mobbed by gay people the moment you step out of your house, might I suggest one of these: The Genesis Pre-fabricated Steel Shelter System. You'll find that there is no better customizable "living pod" on the market: 

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  1. What in tarnation?! ...anyway, this woman is getting the exact kind of attention she wants--The kind where she receives threats for being ignorant and then uses that to 'prove her point'. Take a gander at her blog. Christians and Fox News are going to love this...

    Posted by: Trey | Sep 10, 2011 4:44:35 PM

  2. Judgmental, ignorant "Christians" scare the "f" out of me too. Thank God that they're the MINORITY.

    Posted by: noteasilyoffended | Sep 10, 2011 4:55:19 PM

  3. This poor lady needs professional help.

    Posted by: Dino | Sep 10, 2011 4:57:08 PM

  4. I think she has the right idea: she should stay inside. In fact all homophobes should never leave their homes. This way there will be less of them in politics, so it's a win-win!

    Posted by: RandyN | Sep 10, 2011 4:59:50 PM

  5. By the time I saw her asinine blog post the comments section had already been closed down. However, another Catholic (and Tea Bagger) pal of hers posted a defense so I posted a few opinions there, reasoned arguments about why their attitudes were both stupid and offensive. No name-calling, no threats. That blogger took a page out of Rick Santorum's book, the old "So now believing in 2,000 years of Catholic teaching is bigotry?!" ruse, to which I responded [paraphrased] "Yes, it is. So own it." After 3 posts I gave it up because there is no arguing with religious and political ideologues. Why bother thinking when you have a catechism or party platform?

    FWIW, YouTube vlogger Zinnia Jones has a well-reasoned response to this idiot.

    Posted by: Caliban | Sep 10, 2011 5:00:54 PM

  6. if she's so outnumbered, I'm sure there are many places that she could go where there are no gays, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Sep 10, 2011 5:01:20 PM

  7. I sorta have the same feeling. People of wearing religious garb or symbols of any kind always spook me.

    Posted by: QJ201 | Sep 10, 2011 5:05:59 PM

  8. "'Without tolerance we have no freedom.' If that's what you think freedom is, then you have no basis for not tolerating what I wrote." she says in reply in the comments.

    This is a perfect example of how christians are trying to turn the tables and consider the gay community bigots.

    Posted by: Trey | Sep 10, 2011 5:07:10 PM

  9. Is this for real? If so, she's a lunatic.

    Posted by: Max | Sep 10, 2011 5:15:06 PM

  10. She's insane and needs medical help.

    She also needs a good cult deprogrammer.

    Posted by: Polyboy | Sep 10, 2011 5:17:48 PM

  11. Guys,

    did you read the comments about her, tho?

    "I hope her children are kidnapped, raped, and murdered..."

    Jesus Christ. The only way to stop the hate is to not hate.

    OR hate her, but why say that about children?

    Yeh, she's a dullard and not tolerant, open, or accepting, but her kids have nothing at all to do with anything she has to say. What if her kids are tolerant, open, and loving kids that don't judge their neighbors?

    Posted by: Rin | Sep 10, 2011 5:21:26 PM

  12. She's the one who was so horribly offended by seeing two men "rub elbows" and a lesbian couple with their child that she's made herself and her children virtual prisoners. From the way she goes on about it you'd think she stumbled in the middle of an orgy in the bushes!

    Her view is clearly that such people should be forbidden from whatever public spaces she and her children might go, AKA everywhere. Certainly she has the Freedom of Speech to write whatever she wants, but what dullards like herself and other religious/political ideologues seem to ignore is that Freedom of Speech is NOT Freedom From Criticism For What You Say. They claim to love Free Speech so long as it's their own. Other people's speech? Not so much.

    And OMG, what if one of her children asked why that baby has TWO mommies?! They actually played with the child, not even knowing that the women raising it are hell-bound sinners! Yeah well, MAYBE the reason she dreads that conversation so much is that it makes no sense! Even for children, maybe especially for children, "Because I (or the Pope) say so!" doesn't really cut it. What you really need is reason but there isn't any, and that's her problem, not ours.

    Posted by: Caliban | Sep 10, 2011 5:25:57 PM

  13. the Catholic mom trotted off to church, where, of course, there are no gays....

    ...."Father, you've got to help me, THEY are all over the place!"

    ....and Father Geigh sighs, "Yes, I know, Bishop Bent and I were just talking to Reverend Self Righteous about it this very moment," as the altar boys skedaddle back to their duties.

    Posted by: Hysterical Record | Sep 10, 2011 5:26:22 PM

  14. Go live in Uganda, you friggin nut ball.

    Posted by: Charley | Sep 10, 2011 5:26:58 PM

  15. I think it is immoral of her to scare her children about the outside world, where, by the laws of Massachusetts, homosexuality is legal. Moreover, as an American, it is immoral to deny other Americans their civil rights. She should join a cult and never leave the commune, or move to a country where what people do in their bedrooms is regulated by the government. Maybe she would be happier in Uganda.

    Posted by: trees | Sep 10, 2011 5:27:23 PM

  16. Well that's one way to generate traffic for your blog...

    I guess I need to add some more hate speech to my site :)

    Posted by: Remote Patrolled | Sep 10, 2011 5:28:34 PM

  17. Some of the threats may have been gay anger, Lord knows we've got plenty to be angry about, but that doesn't excuse them. We should know better if anybody should. Just keep in mind that some of the threats were not posted by our side.

    Posted by: Demian | Sep 10, 2011 5:31:04 PM

  18. 'Tarnation'!

    Posted by: Beats | Sep 10, 2011 5:32:36 PM

  19. So, you find it reprehensible that people threatened her life, but totally ok to make fun of her?

    Tacky, and tasteless. She's obviously unbalanced and thankfully you're only the weekend fill in. That leaves you Monday to Friday to go ridicule homeless people or perhaps find snicker at the MRDD greeter at Walmart.

    Posted by: Daniel | Sep 10, 2011 5:45:45 PM

  20. And the Christian persecution complex is strong again. Tons of nutjobs who think she is the victim, has her freedom taken away or is being "stalked"

    Posted by: Steve | Sep 10, 2011 5:46:44 PM

  21. Well, Bless her heart!

    Posted by: PLAINTOM | Sep 10, 2011 5:50:50 PM

  22. galling, as well, is the way she's structured her blog to have all the most bigoted posts near the top ;-)

    you gotta love her hypocrisy, and the insanity of her "supporters" on her page....they are literally saying that "freedom" means LGBT people have to censor/edit/hide ourselves in public so as to not offend her chosen bigoted sensibilities

    the sad news - she will lose a child. either through suicide, or social bigotry. her child will kill his/herself, or will abandon the family due to their bigotry. even if the child is straight..

    these women are guaranteeing that their children will be social outcasts due to their bigotry.

    what a lousy excuse for a mother.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Sep 10, 2011 5:53:48 PM

  23. who's to say the gays are leaving the threating messages on her blog? obviously her thought process has been twisted and warped by organized religion, so i wouldn't be surprised that it is another warped addled churchie posting them in defense of their country, religion, god.

    Posted by: dan | Sep 10, 2011 5:54:54 PM

  24. You couldn't make people like this up could you ?. I wonder if she is actually secretly a gay rights advocate - helping our cause by posing as a homophobe that even other homophobes would be embarrassed by.

    Posted by: Den | Sep 10, 2011 5:56:25 PM

  25. Willing to bet a portion of her comments are fake, generated to help give her the martyrdom she desires.

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Sep 10, 2011 5:56:55 PM

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