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Dick and Lynne Cheney Voice Support for Marriage Equality on 'The View': VIDEO


Barbara Walters asked Lynne Cheney what she thinks of gay marriage on The View today.

After explaining that her daughter Mary is partnered with Heather Poe, Cheney said, "I think that whatever Mary and Heather decide to do is up to Mary and Heather."

Nudged Walters, "So, you're not against gay marriage."

"That's right," said Cheney.

"Do you agree with that?" asked Joy Behar of the former Vice President.

"Yes," answered Cheney, dodging a follow-up on whether the issue should be federal law. "I think freedom means freedom for everybody and you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation.


Cheney has publicly supported marriage equality for more than two years now. In June 2009, at an appearance at the National Press Club, he said that he thought it should be handled on a state-by-state basis.

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    Posted by: xianghhk | Sep 13, 2011 9:25:25 PM

  2. I think its all the worse that he did not openly disagree with Bush on these policies when he was controlling the country from his position as VP. The fact is everyone in the world knew his daughter was a lesbian so if he had come out in support of gay rights even the most ardent Republicans would have given it a free pass on his part because of his child.

    I still think he's demonic.

    Posted by: Rin | Sep 13, 2011 10:24:24 PM

  3. ;-) Enjoyed reading some of your comments! I agree that if Cheney was so for LGBT rights, he would've brought it up before now with his worsening health and shilling this new book with the "view girls." NOT HERE to argue an issue/points with those who feel differently than this reformed liberal gay man turned REP. Just sharing my own take/thoughts nothing more.

    Perry also said he was for states rights, not government intrusion UNTIL it was having same-sex marriage in by god Texas or having to do with immigration/border control...Can't have states rights if you agree with one issue and then want the "parents" to take care of it another time.

    For the liberal lovers/Obama worshipers/those who still get a tingle up your leg--like someone else said previously/wanting or saying you believe in something is NOT the same as doing something about it or ACTION. Repeal of DADT is good...but hardly accepting-making Fed law regarding recognition/same rights as a marriage or TAX benefits like a married couple.

    *Hard to believe that people will fixate on ONE issue or thing a person may or may not be for or do something about and that makes them wanna vote them in as President. I cannot say, but what-one on Rep side maybe for civil unions at least? Huntsman who won't win obviously...I hardly agree with the (right sides) issues with gay "marriage" or this religion stuff coming up...but it's not the biggest priority in the country like JOBS/ECONOMY.

    What's Barack done-created jobs outside government? Lowered the debt? Promises, more of the same bailout spending that didn't do jack the first time either. Giving nice speeches? Bush blaming constantly? Solyndra/GE/Union deals? I can focus on things like fiscal responsibility MORE than does the government/state/candidate wanna recognize my living arrangements for the moment...that day will arrive. BO hasn't done much to justify another 4 yrs from the gay community other than he's a democrat and a black man who mayyy be supportive, but not sure just yet.

    The country needs solutions and I can look beyond someones ideology/opinion who will do a (better) job, but not share my views on everything, who does really? Please don't allow someone to pander the gay vote, because they "claim" to be ok for maybe a civil union but not same-sex marriage down the road. Remember it's not just about YOU, but the rest out there without work and more. I approved this message ;-P

    Posted by: Stephen | Sep 13, 2011 11:22:22 PM

  4. I'm really tired of "reformed" Republicans who only embrace gay marriage when they know someone. Otherwise they're as hateful as they can be.

    Posted by: Joseph Singer | Sep 13, 2011 11:53:55 PM

  5. Cheney is a lining bastard, who needs to have anther heart attack and die already!

    Posted by: Dawnell_do | Sep 14, 2011 2:13:28 AM

  6. @Joseph Singer: Actually there's not a chance that even the most hateful Republicans don't know any gay people. That's what makes their hate all the more disgraceful. You can't reach a position of power without dealing with a wide variety of people, some of whom are gay. You just don't care.

    Hell, Dubya had gay staff as governor of Texas and by all accounts didn't give a damn. And in the early 90s Cheney was instrumental in demanding that expelled military members not have to repay tuitions to the government. He not only has a gay daughter, but his right-hand man for years---chief of staff in the House and press spokesman in the Dept. of Defense---was Pete Williams (yes, the journalist), who many other Republicans derided as a "tap-dancing faggot." (Though Williams did tap dance in the office for no apparent reason.)

    I will never defend Cheney for anything, but I've always found it amusing that when in office there were explicit instructions to staff that calls could automatically be put through to him from only one person: daughter Mary. Not his wife, Lynne, who by all accounts is a shrew. And don't forget the Sapphic content in the historical fiction that she wrote in the early 80s. But he is far ahead of any GOP figure of his stature in being outspoken on gay rights. That's pretty much the only positive thing that can be said of him.

    And it's not as though even Mary is exactly an LGBT icon; the closest she came was a brief stint doing PR outreach to the community for Coors---a hugely antigay company that makes swill and calls it beer, and wants our money so they can donate it to antigay causes. Not exactly noble of her. Then she used her dad's connections to get more lucrative government jobs.

    And Michael, you are of course correct. My memory faded.

    Posted by: Paul R | Sep 14, 2011 3:21:33 AM

  7. Al Capone could take a stand for same-sex marriage and he'd still be a marauding thug.

    Posted by: Victor | Sep 14, 2011 8:21:52 AM

  8. A person in the US is INNOCENT until proven guilty in a court of law. All of the remarks which call Cheney a war criminal are libelous and should NOT have been permitted!

    I have NO love for Bush, Cheney, OR the GOP in general, but honestly, Clinton's administration dropped over 6 million TONS of bombs on Iraq during his 2nd term!

    Posted by: DJ Starr | Sep 14, 2011 11:01:12 AM

  9. Don't forget that cheney was the vietnam war draft dodger (five deferments) as a young man. As an old man, he was responsible for sending thousands of young american military people to their deaths in an unnecessary war in Iraq. Gay people can get along just fine without the support of an evil force like cheney.

    Posted by: john leddy | Sep 14, 2011 8:29:15 PM

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