1. Chuck Mielke says

    O.k., first things first: he’s cute as a button and I’ve always been attracted to “piel canela.” Second: I’m delighted to hear of the violation of a stereotype, in this case about hispanic culture. What a great demonstration that many of us can be prejudiced about things in the abstract but, when they hit home, we can suddenly do a “180.” Third; what effortless courage! He came out without thinking about it and had the balls to have his wits about him. (His story also gave me a Lucy & Ricky moment.)

  2. Joseph Singer says

    If any of the bigoted Republicans actually knew that people they deal with are likely gay they’d act different. Despite what Perry and Bachmann say they only say it because they think they don’t know any gay people. Once something affects _you_ people act very differently or at least you know what they’re really made of. The ones who are not affected are those who really are the pathetic ones.