1. dancobbb says

    Sorry to have to say it guys, but anyone who believes in an organized religion has a simple mind. Don’t religious people realize that their belief is nothing more than a result of cultural and social brainwashing!?
    The fact is that even Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell would have been ayatollahs and staunch believers in Islam had they be raised in Algeria by a devout Moslem family. If you can’t understand that, then you’re a pea-brain. Sorry!

  2. truthiness says


    Whatever helps him make it through the day I guess.

    Everyone knows god is way too busy helping rap artists and sports teams win awards. Unless we’re talking about another god. You know the vengeful one that hates that gay little boy.

    There are bigger problems like disease, poverty & hunger.

    But you go on, this is America and you can believe whatever you want. Go on girl.

  3. says

    Good for him! I am also a pastor’s kid and dealt with the same self-hating in the name of Christianity.

    I also came to terms with it that last time I was crying and begging God to change me. I finally figured out if after 19 years of begging for change, maybe God was trying to tell me that He didn’t want me to change because I was just perfect the way He made me.

    That was enough for me and I was able to move on. Other Christians weren’t so thrilled with it (and let me know it constantly) but that’s their problem.

    So to any other people out there fighting this losing battle – you are OK just the way you are and tell those other “Christians” to get their noses out of your business and back in their bibles!

  4. Steve says

    >”Don’t religious people realize that their belief is nothing more than a result of cultural and social brainwashing!?”

    Of course not. They have been brainwashed after all

  5. Jake says

    “Guilt from his mother, who is a minister, and fear of God forced Gabriel back in the closet.”

    Religion is evil, plain and simple! The psychological harm it does is immeasurable.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    @ DANCOBBB & STEVE, I hear what you’re saying and, in general, I agree. But, there’s a difference between what happens to so many gays brought up in religious areas or families and “brainwashing.” The former is properly called “socialization,” as the process that everyone goes through, while a child, to learn how to live among whatever group and local is involved. Socialization is an innocent process. “Brainwashing” is a deliberate campaign on the part of one faction or person to alter another’s values and actions from a previous state. The critical differences are intentionality and a pre-existing “nature.”

    It’s too bad Gabriel continues to feel that dependency on the sky fairy. I hope that he overcomes that system of abuse, too.

  7. ohplease says

    Gabriel’s adorable and absolutely a prisoner and a victim of his environment. He needs to realize that there are no gods. It’s sad that he’s probably going to live his entire life enslaved to a fairy tale.

  8. candide001 says

    The only “flaw” is that he’s gay?

    No way! The only “flaw” is that he’s a Christian.

    Love the Christian. Hate the Christianity.

  9. Gay American says

    so glad I got away from any kind of organized religion yrs ago – at 51…my religion is REALITY.

  10. Paul says

    @ Victor, you’d think that after 19 years of begging for an answer you would have come to the conclusion that no one was listening. I am glad that you finally realized that you are who you are and are not “broken” you do not need to be “fixed” but I hope that any other teenager in the same situation would not spend so much time trying to fit himself into a society that has no place for him. Yes there are individuals who will accept you but the institution is adamantly against you. The sooner gay people realize this the healthier you will be.
    I don’t need the superstitious/supernatural in order to be a good person, I do it without threat of punishment or promise of reward, but because I am a civilized rational adult.

  11. peterparker says

    While I am not a believer, I would encourage anyone whose loved ones are unaccepting of their sexual orientation based on Christian beliefs to give those loved ones a copy of Daniel Helminiak’s “What The Bible REALLY Says About Homosexuality”. Helminiak is a Roman Catholic priest and biblical scholar who debunks current translations/interpretations of the Bible as condemning homosexuality. It’s a good read.

    @MARK: Your comment about gluttony was cruel and unnecessary.

  12. Rin says

    I have had experiences that have led me to believe in the existence of Universal consciousness outside of this existence and a “layered” reality, that in a sense supports my devotion to the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha. We are everything, we are each other, when we hate others, we hate ourselves.

    Some of these experiences were during meditation and hit me like a drug and others happened during a “ceremony” in the woods with friends.

    Believe what you will, I do believe in the sky fairy in a sense. I believe that I manifest this world and my experiences in it, and that I am all of you and you are me.

    Sounds weird? Yep, but I believe it. That’s why sometimes I seem like such a fence sitter because I try to take everyone’s side to an extent and learn what I can from it.

    I fall down a lot, but then I pick myself back up.

    I don’t believe as Gaga says that I was “born this way”…I believe that we all choose in this existence what will help us explore ourselves the best. It is an active, conscious choice at some point so that we may educate our eternal “us”.

    So gay, straight, boy, girl, fish, dog, …these things (most of the time) mean nothing to me. Some days…yes, but I really do try to keep my zen on.

  13. PKM says

    So a gay guy who has come to terms with his sexuality and religion, and you guys don’t congratulate him on being happy, or finding peace, or surviving his ordeal. You bash him for believing in something different than you?

    Why does this sound so familiar?

    Because he has learn to navigate a situation that many of you could figure out, you bash him instead of saying “Congrats, Live Well”?

    You guys make atheists look like miserable people.

  14. David Milton Greer says

    “Guilt from his mother, who is a minister”

    Note to Gabriel’s mom: “dear, you do realize don’t you that the same apostle paul who has MISled you to play the guilt card on your son is the same apostle paul that said that women have no place in the pulpit…how do you reconcile your inconsistency in the fair application of scripture?”

    sigh. people like gabriel’s mom are the type of people that give the rest of us christians a bad name.

  15. Joey says

    I have to agree PKM. I find the atheists need to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throat by belittling them is no different than the religions they hate. Does the term bully mean anything?

  16. Tikihead says

    Wait, he does realize that God sat quiet through the Holocaust, but He/She is moved by one gay boy’s angst? Wow. Just, wow.

  17. Paul R says

    @PKM and Joey: No, it’s that we’re incredulous that people would allow themselves to live a fiction for decades and not realize it. If it seems like atheists are miserable in calling other people stupid for making themselves miserable, then you’re stupid. We’re happy. Big difference.

    You can be happy without the religious fantasy. Very happy.

  18. PKM says

    And you can be happy and be religious at the same time.

    And I didn’t say that atheists can’t be happy. But the unnecessary bashing of a gay person of faith gives atheists a bad name.

    A happy person doesn’t need to go out of their way to bash a person just because they don’t agree with you.

    At the end of the day you guys are just a bunch of trolls giving the rest of your tribe a bad name.

  19. Chaq says

    I feel for Gabriel. I can only imagine what it might be like to believe that God doesn’t love you.
    I believe in God and, although I don’t “belong” to any religious denomination, I pray, often several times a day, and deeply feel the love of God and my love for Him.
    Sitting here and imagining the “feeling” of God not loving me is distressing and completely contrary to all my intuition, as well as my experiences of/with God as a “person of faith”. It is so obvious to me that God loves us that I can only phrase it as something evil that would enter a person’s heart and lead them to believe that they are alone and unloved by God.
    I wish Gabriel all the very best.

  20. Joey says

    Paul R to a religious person you are living an illusion. So live and let live. Your attitude is just as condescending to those that don’t believe as you do, as those you bash.

    I agree both sides can be happy but that wasn’t really the point of this man’s story. It was how he came to terms with his beliefs and his sexuality. His story will resonate with lots of gay men who are held prisoner by homophobic religions. That was what he was hoping.

    Religion is not going away. If we can work to take the hate the gay out of it we will be uplifting the whole world.

    And, if you think atheist are any better, take a look at the thugs in Europe and Asia. Hate doesn’t need a God.

  21. Zell says

    @Joey: Religion is, as a matter of fact, going away, albeit slowly. Your comment about Europe and Asia kind of proves that, since at no time in recorded history has it been as acceptable to be an atheist.

    And to all the people who are criticizing the atheists on here for not being tolerant or accepting, let’s be honest here. We’re not exactly coming from the same place. It is not hypocritical to be intolerant of intolerance, and anyone who pretends that religion and intolerance aren’t synonymous is fooling themselves.

  22. says

    I see the self destructive crowd are back, this time spitting hatred at our allies in the liberal church.
    Nothing new. They’ve been sabotaging our movement in a hundred ways for thirty years. How well I remember them in the early 80s saying that barebacking was more exciting than safer sex. Or was that also just five years ago? How I remember them screaming profanity at anyone who tried to talk about stopping the spread of hiv. Now they just ignore the problem, so maybe things have gotten better. Or maybe this new, self righteous pose is taking all of their evergy. They’ve always been laughable, but especially now: self proclaimed rationalists who don’t know the rules of logic, who ignore mountains of evidence, and whose arguments are stuffed with circular rhetoric.

  23. Steven P. says

    The assertion that individuals who believe in God (or some other form of the transcendent) are small minded or ignorant ignores the fact that there are countless intelligent, educated, liberal and self-aware people of faith. One only needs to look to the top educational institutions in the world – Harvard University, Yale University, the University of Chicago, Oxford University – to find many of these individuals, engaged in degree-granting programs within each institution’s divinity school. These are people training to be religious professionals, who are compassionate and qualified individuals, progressive in their politics, and affirming of difference.

    Especially within minority communities like ours, which are so embattled from all sides, it would behoove us to stop throwing insults at each other. As a gay man I recognize the need to ban together with all LGBT people – whether atheist or of a particular faith tradition – to battle the adversity we all face. Insulting my faith tradition or that of Gabriel gets us no where; in fact, it only breeds isolation and exclusion.

    And to the people who point to events like the Holocaust as a mode of disproving the existence of God need to remember that the Shoah was perpetrated by humans, creatures endowed with free choice and the ability to uplift or degrade our neighbors. Only we have the ability to stop that kind of intolerance, starting here.