1. Mike says

    I have no idea where the Nazi party started… but to use this logic, I guess gay people started Christianity and the Republican party… As far as Christians being the victim? Let’s see:

    1. The Crusades
    2. Spanish Inquisition
    3. Salem Witch Trials

    And that is just 3 instances… we won’t even start talking about the Catholic Church and Jews during WW2…

  2. Tylor says

    mike, you’re a moron. if you had a basic understanding of world history you would know that the crusades were, in fact, in every way a defensive war against centuries of islamic aggression. using this to illustrate your ignorant implication that christians cannot be victims is not only stupid but it’s hilarious. next time you want to give your worthless opinion about something you really don’t know about, at least take a couple minutes to fact check first.

  3. say what says

    & how does he explain the pictures we have of catholic priests blessing SS troops daily

    how does he explain the German Lutheran church supporting the nazis 100%

    Especially since back then in germany the only xtians were german catholics or lutherans

    Also especially telling is adolph Hitler’s own words “…My lord and savior commands me to make war on the secular and the Jew….”

  4. say what says


    LOL U’r the idiot

    The crusades were to take control of the “holy land” and the over land trade routes that went through it.

    The spices, silk, Ivory, gold, and all the $ from pilgrims on their way to and from “holy sites”

    ALL trade from africa and asia via land came through the Levant area

    Rome and Europe wanted those trade routes under their control

    You idiot

  5. Boundary says

    German reader here!

    And i wonder where this guy got his lessons in history. When he talks about Hitler and the ‘Nazi party’ i think he means the NSDAP. And this one was proclaimed in the ballroom of the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl.
    Even the DAP was founded in a Bräuhaus and held it’s meetings there.

    The first gay bar in munic was established in the 50’s (berlin beeing a bit faster with the 20’s).

    So i don’t realy know where he got his information. Maybe the same sources where all these esotheric quacks get their information that Hitler was deeply routed in esotherics (he was not, he despised it).

  6. Scott Rose says

    Dakota Ayr should be assigned to write multiple essays about Christian Churches that ordain out gay and lesbian ministers. He has been brainwashed by brainwashed zombies older than he, and needs to get his pathetic narrow little mind opened.

  7. macmantoo says

    That’s makes as much sense as the drunk who founded the Mormon church. If the Nazis were founded in a Gay bar, then why did Hitler and the Nazis make the gays wear Pink Triangles and exterminate them with the jews? But then again, I would imagine that the Mormon Church would say that is all made up too. But recently the last member who wore a pink triangle in the Nazi prison died.

  8. Versatile Opportunist? says

    Hitler was sometimes a putscher and sometimes a catcher, but always a Christian.

    “Uber alles” does sound like a top though, so it’s a tricky question.

  9. Tylor says

    SAY WHAT: to focus on the crusades while ignoring the intervening thirteen centuries of islamic aggression, occupation, and plunder is like explaining wwii by leaving out everything that happened before the american intervention and then making the us troops seems like the aggressors by claiming they invaded germany just so they could set up military bases across europe and selfishly protect american interests.

    by the late 1600s the muslims had captured jeruslam, large parts of the byzantine empire, all of nothern africa and had defeated catholic spain and killed their king. the muhajadeen had a significant foothold in southeastern europe and controlled the balkans. with the christians surrounded, the muslims continued their siege on the byzantine capital, constantinople, until it fell to islam in 1453. islamic expansion was finally halted with the unsuccessful sieges of vienna in 1529 and again in 1683.

    after regrouping, muslim forces began to move into south-central europe, launching invasions of sicily, sardinia, and corsica in 827. they attacked the italian mainland as well. in 846 muslim raiders assaulted the outlying areas of rome. in 1095 pope urban ii asked for help from western christondom against the invading muslim turks. so it is only after all of the islamic aggressive invasions that christians launch the first crusades in 1905. moron. you could have at least taken the two minutes it takes to google it so you would have at least had some idea of what you’re talking about.

  10. kit says

    This actually makes me laugh. It’s like all those stunned — stunned, I tell you — NY cops who couldn’t believe their eyes when the patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back. They were so shocked that the gays fought back! These “christians” expect the targets of their hatred to sit back quietly and take it and take it and take it. When we defend ourselves, they get their panties all in a twist. “You people are supposed to lie quietly on the ground while we kick you! How dare you object to boot! No fair! Wah wah wah — you’re victimizing me!”

  11. ratbastard says

    There is a well established gay connection to the Nazis. The SA [brown shirts] and SS both had a notorious reputation for homosexuality even among the general German population. The leader of the SA and one of the top main Nazi party founders was notoriously gay and did little to hide it. Many think Hitler himself was gay. Some Nazis may have even been Jewish or part Jewish. Hitler was quite possibly part Jewish.

    There were of course ‘un-official’ gay bars long before the 50s in Germany and elsewhere in the western world.

    No, I’m not ‘defending’ Fischer.

  12. ELI says

    Re: “Many think Hitler himself was gay”
    Really Rat, “many” think that.
    Okay, since you’re making this claim tell us the name, or names, of the men Hitler had sex with.
    Hitler’s life is very well documented including all of the women he was with.
    If you don’t have any proof that Hitler was gay then I would have to say that, “Many think Ratbastard is a Nazi”

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