Fox News: Don’t Let Your Kids Watch ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Chazbono Conservative America's campaign to preserve the sanctity of Dancing with the Stars was always absurd, but now it's getting frightening.

Writing for Fox News, a conservative doctor is calling on parents to ban their kids from watching the show because Chaz Bono will be appearing on it. The article is so transphobic that it's traumatic to read – and gruesome. Dr. Keith Ablow acts as if Dancing with the Stars will be giving viewers front-row seats to a sex-change operation:

The last thing vulnerable children and adolescents need, as they wrestle with the normal process of establishing their identities, is to watch a captive crowd in a studio audience applaud on cue for someone whose for an identity culminated with the removal of her breasts, the injection of steriods and, perhaps one day soon, the fashioning of a make-shift phallus to replace her vagina.

It is a toxic and unecessary byproduct of the tragic celebration of transgender surgery that millions of young people who do watch "Dancing with the Stars" will have to ponder this question: Maybe my problems really stem from the fact that I'm a girl inside a boy's body (or a boy inside a girls body). Maybe I'm not a tomboy; I'm just a boy! Maybe I'm not just being bullied because I'm a sensitive, reflective young man interested in flowers, not football. Maybe I'm not just uncertain about mysexuality. Maybe I'm a girl! Maybe all this angst and suffering I'm feeling as I emerge into puberty and pass thought it isn't just because I'm changing, but because I should change completely – and have my breasts removed or my penis amputated.

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