News: Animals, Maggie Gallagher, NFL, Undie Run, Hugh Jackman

Road Morons to march for morals!

RoadLady Gaga and Jamey Rodemeyer, and the heroes we create: Is there too much attention around suicide as an option or an end point for bullied kids?

Pinkfloyd RoadPink Floyd album cover Animals recreated in London.

RoadNancy Grace's nipple dances with the stars.

RoadHouse Democrats again request a DOMA defense briefing from Speaker John Boehner: “'As Members who believe that DOMA is unconstitutional and support the President’s decision to stop defending it, we believe that the law is not factually or legally justifiable and were interested in hearing what arguments might possibly be made in its defense,' the lawmakers write."

RoadUtah "undie run" protests state's uptight laws.

RoadAssault case closed against Russian orthdox activist: "A Russian Orthodox activist who beat a female reporter at a gay rights rally in front of the cameras has been cleared of criminal charges…Police said a medical examination found no evidence that Kostyuchenko had suffered "harm to her health" in the attack and closed the case."

RoadTaylor Lautner doesn't seem to be convincing audiences as an action star.

Garan RoadAstronaut Ron Garan's last day in space (not a movie).

RoadMaggie Gallagher explains her new role at NOM: "Marriage ADA’s goal is an America where people on all sides of the gay marriage debate feel free to participate peacefully in the democratic process without fear of threats, harassment, or retaliation…The goal of too many gay marriage advocates is to isolate, intimidate, and silence Americans who believe that marriage is the union of husband and wife, because children need their mom and dad. Marriage ADA is a response to these tactics of branding civil, thoughtful participation in democracy as hatred and bigotry."

RoadVIDEO: The Real Housewives of Atlanta are on their way back.

RoadFrom Macho to Mariposa: new gay Latino fiction published. "The stories vary – from a 7-year-old boy's birthday party to the searing account of two gay teens crossing from Guatemala, through Mexico and into the United States – but Rice-Gonz lez, 47, who was born in Puerto Rico, finds a common thread. 'There's a lot of longing – wanting and not getting,' he says. 'A lot of the stories deal with families and neighborhoods. That's what I find with gay men of color in general.'"

RoadSam I Am: Gay high school swimmer comes out to his parents.

Spa RoadIt's Hugh Jackman's favorite spa.

RoadWolverine shows off his steel abs.

RoadThe NFL has added "sexual orientation" to the non-discrimination language in its 2011 collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the NFL Players Association: "It was introduced early on in the drafting process of the CBA by our lawyers as something that needed to be included. It parallels the policies and practices of our own office, which include non-discrimination, domestic partner benefits, and the hosting of PFLAG and related events."

RoadWhat if Glee's Kurt and Blaine had a silly romantic comedy?

RoadTurkish government minister meets with LGBT representatives for the first time: "The Pembe Hayat (Pink Life) Association were invited to a meeting with civil society organizations on Wednesday 21 September to discuss violence against women with Minister of Family and Social Policy Fatma Şahin. Belgin Çelik from Pembe Hayat told reporters following the meeting that she had submitted a proposal for the acceptance of homosexual, bisexual and transgender individuals in the new constitution that Parliament plans to draft in the coming legislative year."


  1. Ken says

    The Taylor Lautner article is unduly harsh. I found the movie to be moderately entertaining, and I think Taylor did okay. No Oscars are going to be won here, but I wouldn’t write off his career just yet.

  2. Qvato says

    From Macho to Mariposa is a real strong collection of pieces. It’s a nice counterpart to the old anthology virgens, Guerrillas y Locas. Where Virgens focused on Love, Macho seems to focus heavily on violence in its collection.

  3. says

    I agree with Ken. Despite what the critics are saying about both movies, I enjoyed “Adbuction” far more than “Drive” which was a glacially-paced snorefest that they all seemed to enjoy.

  4. Danny says

    Re the “Russian Orthodox Activist,” yes, so-called christians ares the same everywhere, it seems, with this proviso: in Russia, they come fortified with a stiff dose of anti-semitism also. Russian priests still teach their adherents to hate Jews for “killing Christ.” One would like to think it were impossible to believe, but alas..

  5. Sam says

    I’ve said this before and needs repeating. A pretty face and body will only get you so far in Hollywood. Unless you have actual talent, expect to be obscured into oblivion.

  6. Danny says

    Maggie, show us some “civil and thoughtful” instead of “hateful and knee-jerk” and we’ll consider having a dialogue with you. Meanwhile, stop playing the victim card: we’re the ones who have had to put up with krap from people like you, time out of mind.

  7. Paul R says

    @Sam: try telling that to Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta (though I guess he could dance when he was younger), and (according to many critics) Jake Gyllenhall and Richard Gere, among myriad others. Many of these are no longer huge box office draws, but all of them have probably made at least $100 million, and in some cases (Arnold and Jake) far more. So their talentless lives in oblivion aren’t so bad.

    Note: Aside from Jake, who clearly isn’t in oblivion, I do not find any of the above attractive now or in their heydays, so it’s all the more baffling. I find Lautner adorable and could watch him read the phone book if his shirt were off and he flashed his smile every so often. And even though it’s painfully bad, my gaydar goes off like mad when I see him interviewed. I think he’ll do fine for quite a while, especially if he focuses on action movies that don’t require acting skills (as with nearly all of the examples above, half of whom have also had gay rumors circulating around them).

    Talent is obviously preferable, but movie audiences certainly don’t always demand it.

  8. SearchCz says

    So, we’re supposed to believe that the organization that threatened legal action to silence marriage equality advocate Louis Marinelli is suddenly interested in free and peaceful participation for folks on all sides of the marriage equality debate? And truly committed to protecting all sides from threats, harassment and retaliation …

    I’ll believe it when Maggie Gallagher & Brian Brown personally apologize for their own threats towards and harassment of marriage equality advocates. I’ll believe it when marraigaada takes up the cause of ANY marriage equality advocate facing the threat of job termination. How about Rev. Eric P. Lee, who faced the threat of job termination because of his advocacy of equal marriage? How about Laine Tadlock, fired for failing to keep her own marriage a secret?

    Until then, spare us the BS.

  9. says

    “Taylor Lautner doesn’t seem to be convincing audiences as an action star.”

    That’s because there’s really only one kind of action people want to see from him, and his career will have to really be in the toilet for us to get it! 😀

  10. says

    The analysis over at Gold Derby sums up that ‘Abandon’ is crap, but Taylor Lautner is still a viable draw. Among the numbers they used to strengthen their point: despite being an action movie, 2/3rds of the audience was female.

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