Gay Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit to Get Third Term

Berlin's Socialist Democrats have won the regional elections, which is good news for gay mayor Klaus Wowereit:

Wowereit The success of the SPD means that Berlin's mayor, Klaus Wowereit, will remain in office for a third term. Wowereit, who became the first openly gay leader of a German state in 2001, is known for his popular touch and distinctive Berlin accent.

He has ruled in alliance with the Left Party for 10 years but could switch allegiance to the Greens, who made gains of 4.5 percent and polled 17.6 percent. The Left Party secured 11.7 percent of the vote. A coalition with the CDU would also be possible.

Deutsche Welle adds that the win also boosts Wowereit's chances for a run at the Chancellery in 2013.