Gay Man Brutally Attacked Outside of Gay Club in Salt Lake City

Dane Hall, a 20-year-old gay Salt Lake City man, had his jawbone broken in three places, lost six teeth, and was hospitalized for four days this week after being attacked outside one of the city's nightclubs, Q Salt Lake reports:

Hall Hall said he left Club Sound, which is gay-themed on Friday nights, and crossed the street to the corner of 600 W. and 200 S. in Salt Lake City, when four men approached him and began yelling gay slurs. He was then punched in the back of the head and knocked to the ground. One of the assailants grabbed his shirt and began punching him in the face, he said. After Hall fell to the ground again, the attacker grabbed him, placed his open mouth over the street curb and stomped on the back of head, knocking out six teeth in a move commonly referred to as ‘curb checking,’ which can result in death in many cases. Two other assailants kicked him repeatedly in the stomach, Hall said. The attackers called him a ‘fag’ and took his identification and $40, he said.

“I could have died. And a piece of bone from my jaw was jammed in my brain, to make things worse,” Hall said in email correspondence because his jaw is still wired shut after the attack. “If anyone has any information leading to the arrest I am offering a $10,000 reward.”

Salt Lake City police are looking into the attack. Anyone with information about the assailants or any possible leads are being asked to call the Salt Lake Police Department at 801-799-3000.


  1. Bakeley says

    I think it’s time for gay guys to start packing guns. Time to go Thelma and Louise on bigots. They expect us to be soft targets. Time to get licenses for firearms and defend ourselves.

  2. ATLJason says

    The whole attack is terrible…but the “curb checking” thing sounds especially horrific. I’ve got a pretty strong stomach but just reading that made me a little queasy.

  3. says

    And every politician that promotes anti-gay beliefs is responsible for contributing to the culture of hatred and ignorance that leads to crimes like this.

    blood on their hands.

  4. One of the CA 36,000 says

    But Utah is such a NICE state, full of such NICE Mormons…!

    I normally do not back the idea of gun ownership for self-defense, but in all of the white redneck Christianist-dominated areas of the US, I think it’s actually a necessity now. The bigots are being cornered by modern society, who have decided that LGBTQ people in fact should NOT be summarily executed in the streets, and they’re lashing out with blind panic. Their ignorant way of life is now seen as pathetic by the world– and they can’t stand the thought of being looked down upon.

    Stupid dumbass bigoted cracker Christianists.

  5. Max says

    Obviously, this is the fault of the Mormon Church (and Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, and the Tea Party), and couldn’t possibly have anything whatsoever to do with the likes of Tyler the Creator, who just won an MTV award for “best new artist” after saying “f@ggot” 213 times in his latest album.

  6. Secret Identity says

    I’m a bleeding heart liberal, but even I am leaning toward Bakeley’s solution. This goes beyond a hate crime. It’s attempted murder and maybe the solution really is to carry a gun. I know it sounds extreme but how many of our brothers do we have to read about being brutilized before something is done?

  7. Daya says

    Maybe it is time for gay thugs.
    Maybe a gang of buffed-out gay guys and lesbians should start stalking straight-bars and start beating up on single guys that come out by themselves or with buddies. I’m thinking in the model of Bhagat Singh, the Weather Men or Black Panther. Maybe if we sent a few messages of “we are tired of the abuse and we are not going to take it any more…”
    The legal establishments will do nothing if the political establishments are not threatened.

  8. says

    I don’t advocate the use of carrying guns. I don’t advocate violence. At all.

    that said….(hehehe!)…here’s a reality – we’re a persecuted minority group that PEOPLE ARE NOT SCARED OF.

    that’s why people are so proud of their anti-gay bigotry – they’re not scared of gay people, they’re not intimidated by us.

    I do not and will not support the carrying of firearms. I’m opposed to a gun culture. That said, there are things other than guns that one can carry. I would know.

  9. Vincent says

    It’s appalling that the local newspaper hasn’t reported on this attack and the previous one.

    And as one commenter asked, why has there not been a description of the assailants? Sort of sounds like skinheads, but who knows?

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    WOW… GAY really is the new BLACK. Welcome to our authentic negro experience, homos. Circle up the wagons and get tougher and smarter. This is only the beginning…

  11. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    @Blakeley: you beat me to it. That was the first thought I had after reading the article.

    Time to get concealed carry licenses.

  12. Sarina says

    Until we understand the need to be armed, anti-gay crimes will continue. Crying about it will not end this. Homophobes go after gays, because they know we’re an easy target. Self-defense is mandatory in cases like these.

  13. Bubba says

    Those mormons are so sweet and cuddly, aren’t they? Romney and Huntsman are the poster children for this intolerant POS “religion”

  14. troy says

    one thing’s for sure: if all gay dudes carried a gun, the republicans would start voting for gun control.

  15. Silus Grok says

    Um … this is a “wait and see” for me.

    Whatever happened to the alleged victim, I hope he recovers quickly and completely.

    But the article is a one-source wonder that sounds/feels too much like the hoax attack that got all the press a few months back.

    Salt Lake City is a progressive city with a gay-friendly police force (well, as gay friendly as any male bastion can be), and QSaltLake had zilch from the police. Moreover, the Salt Lake Tribune prides itself on being a beacon of progressive thought in the state, and they’ve reported nothing — which leads me to believe that there’s probably nothing to report.

    Of course, I could be wrong.

    But I hope I’m right.

  16. Francis says

    Once again, this is a situation extremely similar to the hate incident reported in Iowa where Marcellus Andrews was killed, yet the local papers didn’t report it and the police has thus far barely looked into it. Things like this really highlight the danger of being gay in a homophobic environment. Really scary, you’re never truly safe.

    I agree with what everyone has said in terms of self-defense. I don’t think necessarily a gun is appropriate because the fact anyone can pick up guns so easily in so many cases isn’t a good thing. Often times the thugs have guns too, so then you’re in a shot and be shot situation.

    Things like mace are very efficent and get the job done. But being openly gay and out and about at night sadly does make one a target, particularly if you’re living in a city in such an anti-gay state. These thugs as has been said see us as easy targets and see gay men as “not real men”. The way thugs handle conflict of any kind is violence. We have to protect ourselves so we know we won’t be helpless when potentially faced in such extreme circumstances.

    I’m glad Dane is alive, and I hope he recovers from his physical and emotional scars as soon as possible.

  17. Lazlo says

    If anyone finds information on where to send money to help him with his legal/medical bills please post it or let towleroad(Andy, right? lol) know. I hope I can send him something.

  18. mitchblair says

    Glad he is alive but sad this happened to him. I guess Hollywood is right. Gay is the new black.

  19. Pira says

    What good is a gun going to do you when 4 guys pop out of nowhere and they’re right up in your face? If you try to pull a gun on them, chances are it’s going to get taken from you. Also, isn’t it illegal in most places to bring a gun into a bar?

    I lived in a town where the solution was to not get caught leaving the bar on gay night alone. Lone people are easy targets even if they travel armed, a group of 3 or 4 isn’t so easy to jump. Really, it’s not right that we should have to fear leaving a bar at night alone in the first place, but there is strength in numbers and that’s what we need to show, not strength through force of arms.

  20. Rick says

    Before you all jump to conclusions about this being a hate crime, I should tell you that I Googled the guy’s name and found out that he has an arrest record a half a page long for everything from Hit and Run to Giving False Information to a Police Officer to Possession of Narcotics. It seems that Mr. Hall (the victim) is quite heavily into crime and drugs, so I would suggest that perhaps his beating had something to do with drug dealing and other criminal activities rather than his sexual orientation……

  21. andrew says

    I’m all for world peace and a violence and weapon-industrial complex free society. I would feel uncomfortable carrying a gun. Luckily, I know how to protect myself in other ways and am a taller, broader guy. But you know… that’s not gonna save me if some hatefreak pulls a gun or knife. The reality is that mostly, LGBT people don’t have the police or government on our side. So we must learn to defend ourselves, or we will keep ending up dead in fields or brain damaged on sidewalks. Learn self-defense. Take karate or kickboxing. Carry pepper spray. It may sound alarmist or over-reaching, but trust me when I say it may save your life.

  22. chuck says

    Most Red States have or are proposing ‘concealed carry’ laws. These are precisely the states that we need to follow their example. Red States seem to have more than their fair share of bigots who are more than willing to try to kill us. I wonder what would happen if a few of us decided to actually protect ourselves the way the Tea Party people talk about protecting themselves.

  23. Rick says


    “Take karate or kickboxing. Carry pepper spray.”

    How about just learning to fight like a man and kick another guy’s a$$ if he bothers you?

    I can honestly say that the 2-3 times in my entire life that I have been hassled after coming out of a gay bar, the guy backed off when it became clear to him that I was not going to shrink from throwing a punch and hurting him if he tried anything. At least in 1-on-1 situations, all most of these guys are doing is testing your masculinity–they don’t really want to fight any more than you do; they just want to see if you are going to stand up to them.

    Now, granted, if you are a smaller guy being harrassed by a much larger guy or if you are facing a situation where a group is confronting you rather than an individual, different tactics are called for.

    But I don’t have a lot of sympathy for any gay guy who gets his a$$ kicked by a straight guy, acting alone, who is no bigger or stronger than he is–that just constitutes being a pu$$y and that is indefensible on the part of any man…..

  24. says

    It took four straight guys to “curb check” one Gay guy? That must’ve been one hulked out, nasty looking, aggressive f@ggot! He must’ve crossed the street in so butch a manner that the straight guys must’ve felt that the sanctity of their puckered little butt holes was threatened. Only monsters could have come up with a concept so brutal as a “curb check”.

  25. Rick says

    @AJ Aguilera Or the “victim” is s drug dealer and one of the gangs he deals with wanted to teach him a lesson (See my comment above aboutthe “victim’s” rap sheet) for whatever reason (imposing on their turf, owing them money, etc.)

  26. Grego says

    OMG how horrible! There MUST be security cameras around, and photos to be released to the public! Also if it was “across the street” from the club, why didn’t that club have cameras to record and deter crime, or security staff outside? The place i visit in Wash DC has a police officer in a marked car idling outside the establishment all evening.

  27. says

    An account has been set up for Dane’s medical and other expenses. He will be unable to do his job for 3 months as his jaw is wired shut. He also has no medical insurance. Please go to any Zions Bank branch and make a deposit to the “Dane Hall Charitable Fund” or call Zions Bank at 801-524-4972.

  28. says

    Rick – Methinks you might be overstating just a smidge. Let’s remember that Matthew Shepard was no saint, but did either of these men deserve to be attacked? Society today – blame the victim – reduce them to nothing and turn a blind eye. Very sad.

  29. Rick says

    @Michael Aaron This has all the makings of a scam, including the “fund” you just advertised. Can you tell us what “job” Mr. Hall has that he will not be able to do because his jaw is wired shut? Who is his employer? And how do you explain his criminal record and what evidence can you offer that that criminal history/activity may not have played a role in this incident?

  30. Rick says

    Oh, and the photo accompanying the story. Why is everybody SMILING in the wake of a “hate crime”, including, apparently, the “victim” himself?

    And then there is the little teddy bear–How cute…..just the thing to play on the heartstrings of sentimental gay men, right?

  31. Sebastian says

    online mugshot info

    Name Leon Dane Hall
    Location Salt Lake City, Utah
    Age 19 years
    Booking Date 07-02-2011

    41.6.30.B HIT AND RUN

    An arrest does not mean that the individual has been convicted of the crime. Individuals on this website are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The information related to charges and arrest or booking information is provided through public domain and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

    Have you never heard of until rpoven guilty? Than again so what if he has charges against him, he was beaten badly by thugs!

  32. says

    While I think defending yourself is good, everytime a gay person has fought back, they have been arested for attacking the poor straight person. Defending yourself will protect you from the attack but not from the system! Gays will be seen as even more dangerous and poor straighst will use that as an excuse to kill and hate us even more. It is a lose lose situation I fear!

  33. Jim in Colo Spgs says

    Will have to agree that part of the problem is the sense of victimization that pervades our community. Carry concealed IS part of the solution, but certainly not the only part. Taking responsibility for our own safety in all locations 24/7 is part of being a free people in a free country. It is not the government’s job or that of local law enforcement.

    As an ex-military person, I think the analogy that it is ALWAYS us versus them is quite apt. Not in a confrontational sense, but rather in a pragmatic, street-wise, anything-can-happen sense.

    In many cases, perhaps this one, a gun might not have made any difference because it would have never been allowed in the bar under carry concealed laws. Also, this might have been an isolated crime that had nothing to do with orientation. Crime is crime. Hard to say. We might learn more as details are more forthcoming.

    Such a pity that there was not an armed bystander to send four losers to pine boxes, but c’est la vie. It is a rough, cruel world that will not care one whit if another member of the LGBT community is eliminated. We live in these cities, we pay taxes, and we contribute to society. Our only “crime” is that we happen to be turned on by and love members of the same sex.

    Respect is earned and not given. We should always be vigilant about our own safety and that of our loved ones. It hurts deep inside that another dear member of our community had to learn this lesson the hard way.

    Our love, prayers, and kind thoughts are with him and his loved ones.

  34. FargoUT says

    Mr. Hall’s previous criminal actions are not an issue here. It sounds like the victim of this crime did not turn to the police in light of his previous run-in with the law, which is sad. If he is convicted of his prior arrest, then he will receive punishment for that crime.

    That certainly does not excuse the violence perpetrated against him. If only those with perfect records were offered protections of the law, what an unruly society that would be.

    Using his previous arrest as proof that he deserved to be attacked is a cowardly and illegitimate argument. Nobody deserves to be brutalized in such a manner. I imagine he probably has a lot of healing to do, and a lot of legal hurdles ahead as well.

    My thoughts are with him and his loved ones…

  35. emcee says

    I agree with you 100% that nothing excuses the violence perpetrated against him. Seeing him on the news and reading about his story have broken my heart and I, as I’m sure most of you have, gave what I could to help with his hospital bills.
    Having said that, I will now say that his criminal record is sort of an issue here. Not because he deserved it, but because if this beating was not the hate crime it appears to be, but was instead linked to his past criminal behavior, it’s important that be brought to light. In recent months, there have been a couple of heinous assaults on gay men in the very same area and the authorities need to know if these incidents are related to aid them in finding the monsters responsible.
    My thoughts are with Dane for a speedy recovery.

  36. ratbastard says

    google hall’s name + busted mug shots.
    There’s more to this story. This guy is no boy scout.

  37. V-Doll says

    Hey everyone,

    I found this site googling to try and figure out whether out of state news groups were picking up this story yet.

    I had a friend link this on a site for former LDS this morning, and have been sending emails, making calls, etc, for the better part of the day. Here is what I have found out:

    News agencies in SLC didn’t know about this happening until early this morning. According to my contact at the SLC Tribune, the SLC PD did NOT include this case in their daily crime briefing with local news agencies, and so no one found out about it until the Q article. The Trib not only individually talked to me and others from the ex-mo site, but logged on and provided updates, finally linking the new article on their site as soon as it was given the green light.

    The Deseret News, on the other hand, sent me a one-liner about how they were “working on it” and put up a piece borrowing from everyone else about an hour or so ago.

    Based on what I’ve been able to glean, this case is not alone. A similar beating happened in front of the same club back in April, and (on the same day as this beating) a man who was sleeping on his boyfriend’s couch in a nearby neighborhood had the apartment broken into. He was also beaten, and the two incidences are considered linked.

    The big question for me is why has the SLC PD has been so silent?

    Hope that helps!

  38. Silus Grok says

    So I’ve been in contact with the police a couple of times today on this story … 

    This is what we know:

    Victim claims to have been attacked around midnight last Friday. During which attack, the victim claims to have been curb checked and beaten.

    No 911 call was made.

    The victim made it to the hospital, apparently in a private vehicle.

    At 7:30pm on Saturday, the victim called the police from the hospital and logged a claim.

    From what I gather (read: this is inferred), the claim didn’t make the Sunday morning watch log because it had been more than 24 hours since the incident. This is why none of the news outlets picked it up — they monitor the watch logs and police chanel. And since 911 wasn’t used and the claim wasn’t filed for 19 hours, it slipped through, un-noticed by media outlets.

    Some time in the last week, the victim or someone close to him contacted QSaltLake. And Q apparently printed the story without fact checking it, as no mention was made about contacting the police.

    An aside: this seems to be a pattern with Q, as they also printed the unsubstantiated claims in April’s hoax bashing.

    When police arrived at the hospital to check on the victim, he’d already checked out. Subsequent attempts to contact the victim (using the same mobile number that media are successfully using) have not been successful.

    The police are using all available chanels to urge the victim to come forward so the investigation can proceed apace.

    * * *

    I agree that the victim’s priors really aren’t relevant ( though they may shed light on why he’s refusing to cooperate in the investigation ).

  39. Silus Grok says

    To answer V-DOLL’s question: why have the SLCPD been so silent?

    I’d submit they have nothing to say until the victim chooses to meet with the police. It wasn’t until the victim went public with the attack that the police could (in good conscience) use public channels to urge the victim to come forward.

  40. says

    Silus Grok/Christian Harrison:
    Your account of events are a complete fabrication. I’m not sure what your motives are. I’m not sure where to even start and have decided not to spend a great deal of time responding, but here are some highlights:
    * No 911 call was made because it was police who witnessed the assault and frightened the attackers away.
    * Hall was taken to the hospital in a private car because he was afraid of the costs of an ambulance as he has no insurance. he ended up in an ambulance once he reached LDS Hospital because they said they could not treat his injuries.
    * Hall did not contact QSaltLake, nor did anyof his friends. We found him.
    * No cell phone contact is being made because his jaw is wired shut and no one can understand him. All contact initiation is happening through Facebook messaging.
    * All news outlets have been in contact with him today and all have stories online, on air and will show in print in the morning.
    * Hall is indeed home and police have been in contact with him. He is not avoiding contact with the department.
    * April’s bashing is only being called a hoax by a club owner in the area. Police are still investigating his case and I;m sure with renewed vigor after this assault.

    Again, I’m not sure of your motives here.

  41. V-Doll says

    Thank you Mr. Aaron!

    Good to hear someone who actually knows what is going on chip in.

    Is there anyway I could convince you to also make a post over at Recovery from Mormonism? There have been a lot of people over there trying their best to make calls, etc, and get this story out.

  42. moogley says

    Gay guy gets beat up, gee must be the Mormons… ignorant, unfair assumption and judgment is what caused this man’s tragedy and ironically enough it seems most of you speak the exact same language; you’re everything you hate, you’re just on the other side of the fence.

  43. Olivia baca says

    Hello ..this is Danes mother ..I dont know how I ran across this but thanks for your support ..I am in shock that someone can hurt another human like this , it is especially hard when it is your own offspring that it happened to ..Dane is also grateful for the support ..I am not too happy how the SLC police are so indecisive about the nature of the HATE crime.

  44. CaringMama says

    This is the second time this summer that an attack of this nature has happened in even if Mr Hall was hanging out with questionable people, the second attack still merits investigation. And yes, the reporters and news folks are slow to give this story any attention..BUT the people of Salt Lake City DO care and we won’t tolerate it. Grassroot efforts are underway to bring this hate crime into the light of day…and bring these sick bastards to justice. The Mormon Church may spout off some crazy narrow-minded BS but they are not the only voice in Utah. We will be heard.

  45. cbhermey says

    Regrettably, Club Sound is in a rather seedy part of town. Just one block away on 2nd South is a large homeless population and soup kitchen. One block in the other direction is the Greyhound bus station. In my times in SLC I haven’t really seen all that much police activity around the club.

  46. Gary says

    Appalling and shows the intolerance and hatred towards gay men and LGBT people in a state that’s aim is not to embrace human life, but condemn those that do not reform to these religious fundamentalist dictates.

    Majority rules, and the diverse have lost out, becoming second class citizens.
    We in the UK (Britain) in particularly the traditional conservative “government” strong holds of Berkshire and especially West Berkshire England allow group cohesion through Scape goating! This is a extremely nationalistic fascist “government” who has alienated, marginalised,disenfranchised large sways of this community which permits various hate crimes which the police etc largely ignore ! Indeed the police (Thames valley police) have regularly diminished what is legally a Hate crime against the Gay community and over 150 members of parliament
    the conservative (Tory) right wing governing party 150 voted against gay equality !
    Our lives are at risk which alas most local Gay organisations refuse to comprehend !

  47. says

    No true born-again Christian would support what happened to that poor unfortunate young man in Salt Lake City. But for you “internet blog thugs” to even imply that the Republicans, SLC Police, Romney, Huntsman, or anyone citizen that has his head screwed on straight would support physical violence against a gay person is a HATE CRIME IN ITSELF. How dare YOU try to “stir-up the pot” and cause other people to hate each other! People can strongly disagree with the “gay political agenda” in this country and call it sinful and objectional to God and at the same time NOT support vilonce against Homosexuals. Remember the ex-gay movement is out there ready to help anyone who wants to leave the very distructive violent gay subculture behind…..The Bible says that in the last days “that people will hate one another” and that scriptural phrophecy is coing through” Please turn to Jesus Christ in these last days before it’s too late for you!!!! PS Please check-out our website!!