1. Alan says

    Meanwhile, there are people dying of starvation in Somalia. Thanks for this breaking, earth-shattering news, Andy. I will never be the same after learning this revelation about Madonna.

  2. Philip Smith says

    Ironic, considering that Hydrangeas are used to represent “frigidness and heartlessness”, according to the website I checked.

  3. Paul R says

    That could have been far ruder. You know how often she’s given flowers?

    “I’m quite sure that if she wanted flowers, she could afford to buy them herself.”

  4. jaragon says

    Oh come on – I expected her to throw the flowers at the poor guy. Her response was fairly civilized.

  5. says

    I don’t think she was being rude at all. I just think she was kind of caught off-guard here and didn’t expect someone to walk up to her at a press conference and give her flowers. She did say “thank-you.” The vibe I got from the video was more of a “wow..that was weird” rather than a rude “I don’t want these” type of response.

  6. SpunkyBunks says

    Why is she still famous and relevant? Too bad she turned out like this. I wanted my Madonna to age gracefully and to act professionally to the end. Oh well.

  7. sleepy bear says

    I’m much less of a fan than back in the early 90’s, but at least she accepted it and said, “thank you” before being snide.

    Although, I do admit to a bit of schadenfraude when she gets panned for her loathsome attempts at acting or directing exactly because of her disdain for those who look up to her… she is utterly without humility or genuine graciousness.

  8. Dude says

    That woman is so ungracious and superior – such a leaaaauthsum example of a human being. Mind you, her daughter is an ugly, wide-shouldered grunt of a girl. That’s bound to make mother madge grumpy.

  9. Robert says

    She was polite to the guy. Considering how famous she is, I’m not annoyed. Well, with her fake British accent, maybe, but not her reaction.

    What IS shocking is how much she looks like her 80s self here. I mean, damn.

  10. Robert says

    Oh come off it. She accepted them, and she made an aside comment. I’ve been given gifts that I was thankful for, but not necessarily for the gift but for the thought. If someone gave me something that I loathe, I’d probably still keep it, wouldn’t change the fact that I hate them. LOL.

  11. FernLaPlante says

    Dear superior Alan. It must have utterly killed you to have clicked on this video during your 3 minute break from the refugee camp in Somalia where you are working with a non-profit relief group to inoculate children against disease. I am sorry you came to a blog for breaking news rather than say…

  12. AlexM says

    I am not a fan of Madonna, but I don’t feel she is rude. She should have been smarter to said something with cameras and mics were off. That said, when did she start with that stupid british accent?

  13. Karl says

    Hydrangeas are tacky, see The Manchurian Candidate (original). As for the accent, it is perfectly natural to begin talking like those you are living amongst for long periods of time. This is why gay men have such lovely speech affectations.

  14. Tim Salyers says

    Well, to be fair, I would think she must have to be “on guard” all the time. I tend to react negatively too when I’m Im caught by surprise.

    I still love u Madge.

  15. ESA says

    Sycophants are notoriously tacky. Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering plants that renew themselves yearly, naturally, unlike Madonna’s third 80s face.

    Her particularly nasty comment was loathsome and shows just how far up her own ass she really is. Brava.

  16. JJJJS says

    I guarantee you that Alan has never, ever complained about priorities and the starving children in Somalia when he clicks on one of the ten zillion fluff articles about naked men that appear on this site.

  17. noteasilyoffended says

    And why *should* he know that she hates hydrangeas? Self important much? I don’t see how she was so rude. Insensitive maybe. Rude?-not so much.

  18. tpoww says

    I absolutely loathe pop music legends who think they can make a movie simply because they’re pop music legends when, in reality, they have absolutely no talent as a writer, no talent as a director and are as pretentious as f**k.

    But I love hydrangeas.

  19. Mrs. Beasley says

    I only had a small salad for lunch and so I’m extremely hungry, yet you report on this superficial fluff? Nice.

  20. Angela Channing says

    While I do sometimes dislike Madonna for her haughtiness, I can understand her reaction if she thought if this guy was being creepy. In the second video, he chases her down and asks where the flowers are. I know that would creep me out.

    But on another note, making a sympathetic film about Bessie Wallace is interesting. I loved when she said “I think she felt an existential loneliness.” Good God.

  21. Brian says

    At least she said “Thank you.” Give the woman a break.

    And why exactly is this news? I suppose if she’d been allergic, gone into anaphalactic shock and died because of them, it might be noteworthy. Must be a really slow day…

  22. Tagg says

    @ Sargon: I know…life is so hard for Madonna. She has everything done for herself except someone to wipe her ass and Im sure she would if she could only find someone who could do it as well as she does!Cough, cough.

  23. OberonOZ says

    It just goes to show that those who hate Madonna will find any excuse. She was polite to the person – presumably a fan, but who knows – who brought her the flowers. If he was a fan its not unheard of that they might know what flowers she likes or doesnt like – hell shes been in the public eye for 3 decades and there are fans out there who know way more than that about her. Not that any fan should have to at all, but she was polite to him and then unfortunately got caught on camera making an aside to someone explaining that she doesnt like the flowers. Big deal.She wasnt rude to the fan at all! If it wasnt for the cameras/mic’s nobody would know, and given the undertone Madonna used I would think she didnt expect it to be caught. Still… some people cannot wait to find an excuse to excoriate her, so she cant win. Shes not perfect by any means, but I dont think she did anything wrong here and I really dont see what the big deal is. Or why the post makes it seem so much worse than it was! Except of course, without that probably nobody would have cared or watched it. Which is about how much attention this non-incident really deserves :)

  24. Randy says

    BS. Madonna is worth millions of dollars because of her fans who have and continue to buy her music. She has thrust herself into the public arena, and that is particularly true since she is at an international filmfest.

    It really isn’t asking too much for someone to exhibit basic manners. People have given me gifts I don’t like, and I accept them graciously and effuse over it. I even display these gifts in my house for a reasonable period of time until I finally remove them.

    If I, a simple guy who has no money, can make such an effort, surely someone of her wealth and position can. But apparently, she can’t be bothered.

    Any other person who acted as she did would be roundly condemned by everyone here, but we make excuses for Madonna. Why, I don’t know. She doesn’t give a damn about any of us, but we should give a damn about her? Gimme a break.

  25. Jim says

    I thought it was harmless. She said “thank you” and then just set them aside. Not really a big deal.

  26. dh says

    I still love her as an artist, but I’d NEVER want to meet her in person.

    She can do all the yoga she wants, and scan all the Hebrew letters she wants, but she’ll probably always be a rude, self-involved c*nt.

  27. dms says

    Someone shows some kindness and she has to measure it not by the gesture, but by the fact that the guy doesn’t know her personal taste.

    Given that she’s a crap actress and she’s here as a film maker, a little more humility would be nice.

    But she’s not nice. She’s a see you next tuesday. She made one great record, Ray of Light, a slew of fun singles, but she’s clearly a horrible, shallow, self absorbed person. And because she only understands her own point of view, I bet she’s a crap director.

  28. Jude says

    She thanked the guy twice and also says to the person next to her that he couldn’t have known that she doesn’t like hydrangeas. What else do you want from her?

    Besides, this was a press conference and the guy who approached her and gave the flowers was a journalist. It was incredibly unprofessional of him to do so.

  29. Carl says

    At this late date you expect Madonna to be polite to anyone and NOT totally self-absorbed? Where have you been for 25 years? She’s always been a b****, I’ve seen it many tmies and been on the receiving end of it myself.

  30. says

    Lawdy, I see the Gaga c0cksuckimg Monster party starring Madonna is still going on….HUH?

    Get over it queens Madonna didn’t lose a nights sleep over this incident or you Crocodiles complaining!….LOL!

  31. Chaddy says

    Rude? Bitchy? Really? Why, because she had the nerve not to like the flowers, or because she dared to tell the person sitting beside her (but not the guy who gave them to her) she did’nt like the flowers?

    Come on guys. I enjoy the witty, sometimes snarky comments I read on Towleroad, but this is just being nasty. It’s a 16 second clip for goodness sake. If I’m going to condemn another person as being cruel and uncaring from watching 16 seconds of their behavior, they’re gonna have to do alot worse than that.

    And you do realize the irony in being snide and bitchy and dismissive about someone else because you think they’re being snide, bitchy and dismissive, don’t you? Far be it for me, an atheist, to quote Jesus, but why do you criticize someone else for straw sticking out of their eye, when you yourself have a rafter in your own?

  32. Bill says

    Well, that was the non-news event of the day. Where’s the “loathing”?
    She took the hydrangea from the fan and smiled – cut and print. (Was she supposed to wear it in her hair?)

  33. Com Truise says

    As I’ve told her before, she needs to ditch Kaballah for the truth of scientology. She’ll learn that she hates the flower because it is named after the anti-Xenon’s home planet, Hydrangia, and the cause of all psychic pain and loose skin.

  34. says

    It could just be a case of false modesty brought on by the discomfort of being surprised. Perhaps she was simply trying to seem like a regular gal to the other people on the panel. We assume that public adulation would get easy after a while. If one has any humility at all, I can see where it might always be a little discomforting, especially when it’s launched on you. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  35. Really? says

    To all the poor pathetic queens stuck in the 80’s still worshipping Madge: please join the rest of us in the reality-based 21st century.


    LOL!! That’s my girl! Love you Madge. Gaga would have tossed his salad in appreciation.

  37. Jude says

    Seriously, guys?

    Madonna was polite to the guy. She smiled and thanked him twice for the flower. I think that’s all she or anyone of us is required to do in a situation like that.

    What more do you want from her?

  38. HOCKEYJOCK says

    @ Ryan (and anyone else who criticises her accent): I live in France and constantly find myself slipping into English (ie, not American English) when I teach and when I am around Brit or Aussie friends a lot. When you hear that accent all day, you just can’t help but doing so. It’s the same thing when I speak French or German; I start copying the accent of whoever is around me, it is natural, inevitable, and just part of being in a culture. Do you really think that after living in the UK for 8 years, having a British husband, and having British children, she wouldn’t pick up a bit of a British accent? Only Americans would think of that as bizarre. And you know what, I really don’t see what the problem is if she likes that accent better. Americans already LOATHE foreign languages, and now they can’t even handle non-American English accents??? If you ask me, it went hand in hand with her jump into European culture, music, and being away from the US in the Bush Years!

    Onto the current ‘scandal’, I really think it’s hilarious ANYONE could call her rude with that. Really? It was the equivalent of “Thanks, white wine isn’t really my thing, but I guess I’ll try it out”. I just…really…? I was expecting WAY worse than that!

    After years of reading Towleroad, it is clear this site has a bias against both Madonna and Hillary Clinton. I don’t know if Towleroad is sexist, or age-ist, or doesn’t like powerful women, or doesn’t like blond women, but I think every post I’ve every read concerning either of them has been a trash post, or tinged in a visibly negative way. And of course, each one is followed by a stream of age-ist and sex-ist comments, inevitably using the word ‘bÂĄtch’ and ‘cĂŒĂ±t’. Sooooooooo pathetic! Thanks Towleroad, for doing your part in constantly picking at women who dared to focus on their careers and breaking barriers for women throughout their entire lives…not.

  39. Tagg2 says

    Didn’t know Andy “moderated” the comments section. I guess spelling out the word C*NT in relation to Madonna is forbidden! Pashaw!!

  40. Thunderboltfan says

    She was a lot more gracious than I have been about receiving unnecessary accolades. But that’s just me.

  41. GMB says

    OH MY GOD! WHERE oh WHERE did all this Madonna hatred come from? Especially for something as hilarious and inconsequential as this, I’m sincerely amazed how many people are dying to mouth off on how much they dislike her. Are you people all twelve years old and uninformed about how much Madonna has done for the LGBT community? Cut her a little slack. She was probably trying to make a joke. Get over yourselves!

  42. Waltwitman says

    What is with the comments be moderated so much? Total censorship. Someone I know tried posting twice on here and the comment disappeared. So weird thow oppressive this website is becoming.

  43. Waltwitman says

    This is what was written:
    Why is there a fan coming up to her right before she does a press conference? If someone came up to me and told me that I was their princess I might find that strange too. I agree that this blog is becoming more and more negative towards Madonna. I imagine it has something to do with the fandom of you-know-who always on display here. I don’t understand why gay men seem so caught up in their own generation gap. Why is there so much ageism on display, especially among gay men who still have to fight their own uphill battles to be accepted as equal? There has always been a love/hate rapport between Madonna and the public, and her relevance is measured by the fact that she is still getting more headlines than anyone else after all these years for doing next to nothing. That says a lot about the general public, and not much about her considering how guarded she is about her privacy. I wish her all the luck in the world with her new endeavors. How fantastic to still be passionate enough to push your own boundaries and abilities when you are comfortable enough to never do any work again…I’d say that is a good indication of artistry, whether or not it is to your personal taste.

  44. Gary says

    If you wanna pass judgement, pass it for something more serious than this. It was just kinda funny. We’ve all done and said far worse.

  45. Michael In Philly says

    She was polite and nice to the guy at both meetings. And she did try to move away from the mic when she made her remarks to the woman next to her. The only thing that offended me was that obnoxious fake accent. She peaked at “Vogue”. She hasn’t been interesting since. And I honest to God had no idea that that was Madonna in the still photo. It looks more like Cybil Shepard. How much work has that woman had ?

  46. EJ says

    Guess you can’t “re-gift” flowers,
    just remember no one has ever accused her of good taste!
    All other comments aside !