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Philly News Anchor Interviews, Then Mocks the Kardashians: VIDEO


Attention fauxlebrities: appear on Philadelphia's FOX 29 at your own peril.


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  1. FOX - Always professional.

    Posted by: Hollywood, CA | Sep 14, 2011 2:35:53 PM

  2. Feels like he's channeling Karl Stefanovic on Miley Cyrus here. Pretty funny.

    Posted by: Johnathan | Sep 14, 2011 2:38:01 PM

  3. So those are the Kardashians. Well, i guess if I finally had to lay eyes on them, at least it was on TR.

    Posted by: Thunderboltfan | Sep 14, 2011 2:46:06 PM

  4. Agreed, Thunderbolt. Just don't get it. Frankly, I find the Cardasian race on Star Trek far more interesting.

    Posted by: KJ | Sep 14, 2011 3:21:11 PM

  5. brilliant!

    Posted by: erik | Sep 14, 2011 3:24:42 PM

  6. @KJ: and better looking.

    Posted by: Jeffrey in St. Louis | Sep 14, 2011 3:32:49 PM

  7. LOL the girl was funny the way she slapped him especially lol I bet that macho guy is HOMOPHOBIC also would not surprise me in the least.

    Posted by: Michael | Sep 14, 2011 3:38:07 PM

  8. Say what you will about the Kardashians--and I definitely agree with those who can't quite understand how they came to be celebrities--but they have gone on record supporting marriage equality.

    And I think that anchor was an ass to mock them like that.

    Posted by: peterparker | Sep 14, 2011 3:52:19 PM

  9. loved it.

    Posted by: chad | Sep 14, 2011 6:14:56 PM

  10. My first time to see these people as well. Now I just have to go into a wall mart and my bucket list will be complete.

    Posted by: MikeyDallas | Sep 14, 2011 7:10:51 PM

  11. Just because they support marriage equality doesn't make them immune to being mocked. I thought it was funny. Their voices are annoying.

    Posted by: Angela | Sep 15, 2011 1:24:27 AM

  12. Love it! Everyone should make fun of these hos.

    Posted by: Shane | Sep 15, 2011 7:39:35 AM

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