News: Stevie Nicks, Ginger Seal, John Boehner, Gloria Estefan

Road Boehner claims homosexuality a choice in DOMA defense.

RoadUniversity of Iowa apologizes for tweet referring to Michele Bachmann as a cougar.

Nicks RoadStevie Nicks: Prince asked me to write "Purple Rain" but "I was too scared." And: "…they didn't collaborate until 1983, when Nicks found herself humming along to 'Little Red Corvette' while she was driving through Los Angeles. She pulled over, scrawling some lyrics to accompany the melody – and then rang up Prince…That song became 'Stand Back'."

RoadCutest ginger seal ever.

RoadAnti-gay groups seize on Atlantic writer Lindsay Miller's column about her bisexuality: "Miller’s argument isn’t totally invalid. As someone with attractions to both men and women, it is true that she could have chosen not to ever act on her same-sex attractions. That, however, doesn’t mean she chose any of her attractions."

RoadJoe Manganiello is single.

RoadSalt Lake City's LGBT publication QSaltLake is in deep financial trouble. Publisher: "The situation is pretty dire and it is probably best I don’t sugarcoat it. Salt Lake City is perilously close to losing its gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender news source. We have lost tens of thousands of dollars this year…"

RoadMan of Steel: It's the new General Zod.

Dolphin RoadNew species of dolphin discovered: "And, in addition to being the latest of its kind to be uncovered, this new type of dolphin, named Tursiops australis, is also among the rarest."

RoadUK TAB: Gay axe murderer let out of prison to chop wood.

RoadSix-year-old digs up amazing fossil.

RoadGloria Estefan defends relationship with Target: "I know that they donated to a third party who then donated to this candidate and – I did my homework – since then they donated $150,000 to that candidate. They apologized profusely for having done so, and they have established an actual committee that oversees all political donations to make sure that this doesn't happen again. They've also donated a half-million dollars to LGBT organizations. They're part of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. They give domestic partner benefits. They have 300,000 employees that are from all walks of life, and it's very important for them to be supportive. They've extended family medical leave benefits and adoption benefits to their gay employees. They've really supported very much their gay peeps."

RoadPreview: The second season of Downton Abbey.

RoadOrlando Bloom looking extra buff.

Mta RoadNew York's MTA goes back to the future with new, interactive take on Massimo Vignelli's classic 1972 subway map in an effort to take the tangle out of all the service change's underway in NYC's underground.

RoadFour Real Housewives of New York on their way out?

RoadVIDEO: Wynter Gordon's "Buy My Love".

RoadWhat did Berlusconi call German Chancellor Angela Merkel? "The gaffe-prone tycoon has been overheard referring to the German leader as an 'unf**kable lard-arse', according to wiretaps reported by Italian newspapers. The offensive remark is the latest in a string of embarrassing revelations involving the 74-year-old Prime Minister, who three years ago caused a diplomatic incident by describing US President Barack Obama as 'suntanned'."


  1. Bryan says

    I’m not sure why Joe Manganiello being single is news to us gays? He’s neither gay or bisexual, so why should we care?

  2. luminum says

    Wow, Gloria’s full response to that question is actually a really solid argument, and one that may have convinced me. Even better is her statement that:

    “I’ve been on other side of that. So give them another shot and if not, I respect very much whatever they may want to do or need to do to stand up for whatever principles they’re upholding.”

    She has her opinion on where Target is on the pro/anti-gay argument (and can back it up), but she also knows that some people in the LGBT community may not be able to forgive something like that and may also choose not to buy her album because of it, and she completely respects that. I like it.

    It’s refreshing to hear someone actually give a nuanced, solid, and, most importantly, honest response to this kind of question.

  3. say waht says

    That un..fkble lard @ss Merkle though has a much more stable and prosperous country as compared to that idiot Berlusconi

    Greece going bankrupt? Portugal? No one in the know cares….all real e4cono0mists are predicting and watching Italy about to go belly up while Germany is the crown jewel economically of Europe

  4. Chitown Kev says

    I’d love to hear Stevie Nicks sing Purple Rain; has she ever sang that in concert?

    I know there’s some Stevie Nicks queens on this board that can answer that question.

  5. Rick says

    a) Awwwww, that IS the cutest seal ever! (Just showing you all that I really do have a “sensitive” side…..) Whatever differences I may have with the proprietor of this site, who I know nothing about, at least we obviously share a love of animals and wildlife

    b) Angela Merkel IS an un-f**kable lard-arse!–Berlusconi is so cool…..

  6. Rovex says

    I agree, the US has a habit of not seeing outside the US. Little they see as iconic is actually all that original. I guess this fact also explains Gaga.

  7. MikeBoston says

    Does anyone know how to say ‘unfuckable lard ass’ in Italian. I am going to Italy in a couple of weeks and might need to use that exact phrase.

  8. Randy says

    I hope Gloria Estefan has a good agent, because if her research on Target is any indication, she is too gullible to negotiate her own contracts.

    A piece at The Awl says “According to documents filed with the FEC in October 2010, Target continued donating to a bevy of anti-gay politicians even after Steinhafel apologized and committed to reforming the review process for future political donations. These donations even included some of the same anti-gay politicians the company had already been criticized for supporting.”

    When asked about this at the shareholder meeting, according to Womens Wear Daily: “Out of respect for the balance of the shareholders, I think we’ve sufficiently addressed that topic,” Steinhafel said. “We listened, we evolved, we have the right processes. Does anybody have a question related to our business that’s not related to political giving? I’d love to hear a question related to something else.”

    I bet he would.

  9. timothy R says

    Berlusconi said “lardona inscopabile”, which is pretty damn harsh. he is such a tool and has been a cancer on italy’s society and culture for decades. it’s their own damn fault for electing him over and over, and the italian left’s fault for being as pathetic as they can be everytime they get in power.