1. nodnarb says

    Look at all them socialists working together!

    I assume the guy standing around in a suit is a Republican who was waiting to confirm that the victim has health insurance before helping to pull him out.

  2. AedanCRoberts says

    But did the cyclist live? I’ve yet to learn that detail. I mean it’s amazing and heartening that all these people were willing to risk themselves to lift that car together and get him- but it would help to know it wasn’t a moot point.

  3. hank in l.a. says

    From an AP article:
    On Tuesday, Intermountain Medical Center spokesman Jess Gomez said Wright was expected to be moved from intensive care to a regular room at the Murray hospital and upgraded to satisfactory condition.

    “Brandon is doing pretty well, very well considering what happened,” Wright’s uncle Tyler Riggs said during a news conference Tuesday. “He’s going to make it out of this fine with some recovery.”

    Despite not wearing a helmet, Riggs said Wright had suffered no head trauma in the accident. Wright does have two broken legs, a broken pelvis, road rash, burns on his left foot and abrasions to his forehead.

  4. says

    Not to over-politicize someone’s misfortune, but after the past couple weeks worth of Republican/Tea Party death to the people cheers at their debates and events, it’s great (despite the obvious trauma and tragedy) to see something that reaffirms that there are PLENTY of decent, caring people in the world, willing to aid their fellow humans in a moment of need and crisis.

  5. say what says

    Danny = YEPP

    Nodnarb = LOL

    aeden, mark, hank….= good question and thanx for info on him living

    Ben = totally agree

    This is my new fave vid besides the 1 where the lab chimps first see sunlight

  6. ratbastard says

    But I thought Utah was all neofascist, Mormon [GASP!] racist, sexist homophobes? You mean Arabs live there [BTW he could be Christian; there are many Christian Arabs, even Jews who have lived in Muslim dominated nations for eons.

    I know personally a similar story [friend] who wiped out his motorcycle in a very well-known ‘progressive’ enclave [HINT: lots of academics, students] and he laid on the ground for 1/2 hr before anyone helped. Many cars and people drove/walked/jogged by him, and did nothing.

  7. gregory brown says

    Fatbastard: I have great reservations about the human values of self-styled, self-conscious “progressives”and am not surprised by what you describe. What’s even worse is the trend of people doing nothing in such situations but texting and sending pix from their phones.

  8. db says

    An amazing story. Logan is a college town and is really pretty progressive–especially by Utah standards. They actually passed an anti-discrimination ordinance that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. It’s one of the few somewhat enlightened places in Utah (Moab, Park City, parts of Salt Lake, Logan),

  9. Matt says

    I think this is an amazing story and thought it was great the way people came together to rescue this guy but did anyone notice that right after they pull him from the car, they just leave him lying there next to the burning car??? and then they put out the fire while the smoke engulfs him before they actually get in there to treat him. I mean, no disrepect for what they did but they left him like a ragdoll just lying on the floor. at least move him away from the burning vehicle a bit more.

  10. RDUB says

    I love stories where strangers actually do the right thing. This clip is proof that people like that still do exist…except for the worthless fat ass in the suit who actually LEANS ON THE CAR! I too hope he feels like a jackass today.

  11. says

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