1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I think that was a brilliant tactic, using the Evangelist’s own words to mock him. It gave him absolutely nothing to argue with.

    Her drag name should be Harriett Pitts.

  2. Rick says

    Total freak show on both sides. Evangelical freaks on one side and the freak in a dress on the other.

    BOTH being laughed at as the twisted, deranged fools that they are by all the onlookers–and neither having a place in the social mainstream.

  3. justme says

    And there is THE coolest person in all of Nebraska. Although the cute guy who left to smoke weed and masturbate is a definite second.

    Best video I’ve seen in ages!

  4. Brian in Texas says

    Drag queens are great for entertainment and good for that queen speaking out, but is that really the best way for us to present our message? It’s rather clownish.

  5. LAX/JFK says

    It takes a lot of ‘balls’ to wear an evening gown in Nebraska—haha you go girl!!! I also think the drag lady must have grown up in a Christian home–the use of rebuke was priceless!

  6. MaddM@ says

    well, considering drag queens are also part of our community, I think they can present whatever message they want. This was one of the better responses I’ve seen to crazy fundies at college campuses- ours usually ended with a few jews going crazy on them.

    The library was both opened and closed that day…although girl SHAVE them PITS!

  7. Mark says

    I feel so bad for the little kid who’s stuck in the middle of this. His dad probably forces him to join him in his crusade — that is what is wrong with the world.

  8. says

    No matter how compelling your argument is, if you present yourself to the oppressor looking like a Rocky Horror Show refugee, you are undermining your message. When are we going to stop shooting ourselves in the foot? If we refuse to take our enemies seriously, they will definitely return the favor.

  9. hotbeef801 says

    Absolutely wonderful…the youth today are so lucky. I wonder before social media how many gay teenagers killed themselves. I would think the number is higher 10 years ago.

  10. Chicklets says

    @ Brian in Texas and Stuffed Animal….And the evangelical freaks wearing sandwich board signs and holding banners dont look like ‘ridiculous weirdos’ to you? The kid in drag was making a perfect point. Obviously it was lost on you two.

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