NEWS: Worst Bridezilla Ever, Pan Am, Gay Billboard War and More

Road Maryland politician derails marriage equality, then embezzles state funds for her own wedding.

Road Article claims Lady Gaga is handling teen suicides in the wrong way. (I'm not convinced, but h/t to commenter Ian F for pointing out the story.)

Road UPDATE ON DAKOTA ARY: Commenter Ambrose says he spoke to the teacher accused of censoring a Texas student for an anti-gay remark: "Met with the teacher Friday night. His story, which he is not yet allowed to share with the media, is quite different, and lays a solid basis for believing that Ary's comments were directed ad hominem, and a continuation of a history of harassing comments made toward this teacher on the basis of Ary and 3 other students' perception that the teacher is gay." See the full comment here, below my post on the subject.

1MicheleBachmann Road MUST-WATCH: GOP debate on SNL. (Michele explains how she met Marcus.)

Road Kelly Clarkson: "I'm not gay!"

Road Pan Am premiere aims to "lift American spirits."

Road Activist lures evangelical Christians to gay bars – for enlightened conversation.

Road Rick Perry backer in NH: gay adoption is human trafficking.

Road Pope: "Unify against gay marriage."

Road NARTH's annual convention is coming up. Time to book a luggage-handler.

Road White supremacist's anti-immigration group got a question through at the GOP debate.

Road Saudi women get right to vote. Not that anyone's vote matters much there.

Road OH churches debate homosexuality with billboards.

Lambert.php Road Adam Lambert and mom to be honored by PFLAG.

Road VIDEO: Cops attack "Occupy Wall Street" protestors – for no apparent reason.

Road Controversy grows over gay outing in Italy.

Road Is Google going Republican?

Road Canadian parliament does not like cleavage.

Road Men hold nude rally in the Castro, protest Commissioner Wiener's plan to require being clothed while seated. See the slideshow. (Warning: contains nudity, obviously.)