1. Francis says

    Oh, so the video that shows him saying “fu**ing fa**ot” actually doesn’t show him saying fu**ing fa**ot. Yeah. That video, I guess it was doctored…….or something. It doesn’t implicate him at all!

    Yeah, this is BS. The umpires aren’t going to hear everything and Simmonds is going to lie to protect his image. However, they did keep the door open for future action by saying “at this time” they can’t go further without evidence he said these things. So, therefore, if they haven’t already, then they need to see this video and make out for themselves what was said and try to deny it wasn’t homophobic in nature. Simmonds needs to look at the video and explain what he truly said, if it wasn’t homophobic slurring.

    Also, the league is essentially saying Sean Avery is a liar and fabricated a story. If this ends up with the NHL doing nothing, that would mean they are taking Simmonds’ word over Avery’s. Hopefully something positive comes out of this, because I don’t think this is something the league wants hanging over their head, and the message sent by essentially ignoring what potentially (definitely) happened is poor.

  2. bandanajack says

    perhaps he was saying duckling wagger?

    on the other hand, it pleases me to no end that sean avery is MORE than capable of demonstrating to simmonds the error of his ways at their next encounter.

  3. Rich F. says

    @ Francis: You know how I know you don’t know anything about hockey? You referred to the refs as “umpires,” and you’re defending Avery.

    Sean Avery has said much, much worse on and off the ice. I appreciate his support during the marriage equality campaign in NY, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s a dildo in hockey skates.

    I’m not defending Simmonds here; he pretty clearly shouted the slur (to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a Flyers player: they’re not called “The Broad Street Bullies” for nothing). I’m a Devils fan. I’m quite happy to say “a pox on both your houses” in this case.

    The problem is Campbell, who is well known for being inconsistent (to the point of having charges of favoritism leveled at him from several quarters) in handing down punishments.

  4. Francis says

    I know enough about hockey to know Avery isn’t a “good guy”, Rich. I know of his sexist past, I know he’s said horrific things on the ice like wishing death. But that’s neither here nor there. Because ultimately, that isn’t what this is about. This is about Wayne Simmonds using a gay slur, and then lying about using said slur even when it’s on tape, and when he himself said he didn’t know what he had said during “the heat of battle”. And the NHL appearing completely oblivious to this fact.

    This really isn’t a battle between Sean and Wayne. It’s about a homophobic slur that was directed at a man who is openly in favor of LGBT rights. Gary Bettman and others need to look at the tape and make the determination of what was said.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, RICH F.:

    Count me in as one of the posters who doesn’t konw a damn thing about Hockey or Hockey stars, but still commented on the story yesterday.

    Yesterday, I made some stupid statement about Avery being a “good sportsman” and Simmonds wrongly accused of “being intolerant”. Well, today I Googled both guys. They’re both idiot jocks.

    So far, Avery’s behavior seems the worst of the two, but Simmonds doesn’t seem to like telling the truth. Surprise!!!

    As far as I’m concerned Simmonds behaved like a real n.gger, and Avery behaved like a real f.ggot. End of discussion.

    I don’t know why I even get involved in such bullsh.t. Narcissism, I guess.

  6. Francis says

    The difference is, Derrick, that Avery has been condemned and shamed publicly for his behavior and really isn’t liked by many, including Rangers fans themselves, the team he plays for.

    Simmonds, on the other hand, is getting a free pass for using an anti-gay slur because he lied about using it, saying he didn’t. The NHL have dropped the ball and the fact Simmonds isn’t being made responsible for his behavior is reprehensible and makes the NHL look bad.

    I actually don’t think they’re doing this with homophobic intent, more like extreme negligence.

  7. Rin says

    I believe that Sean Avery truly supports homosexual rights as much as I believe that Santa Claus will drop down my chimney this December.

    You need only hear him talk when he is not on camera to find out what kind of person he can be.

    And he wasn’t called that for supporting gay rights, in fact, I’m sure the other hockey player didn’t and doesn’t even know that he said he was okay with marriage equality. He said it because that word is something that straight dudes use to (where’s Rick) emasculate each other while playing.

    Go to a hockey game sometime and sit near the ice, or a basketball game…or go buy beer at a baseball game.

  8. Chitown kev says

    He needs to keep his ghetto lying off the ice.

    Posted by: ynot | Sep 28, 2011 3:26:29 PM

    OMFG, “ghetto lying”?

    How do you ghetto lie? Somebody please, please tell me…

    Yeah, and Sean Avery is a ghetto thug, right?

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