1. Mike says

    You have got to be fricken kidding… if nothing else, you’ve got to give it to them for having absolute unmitigated gall. This is comparable to having the KKK or skinheads setting something up. They have absolutely no shame. Everyone needs to call these bigots out once and for all… this is ridiculous!

  2. esther blodgett says

    If this weren’t so dreary, it would be sad. And vice versa.

    The NOM have become their own perpetrators. The members of this organization are responsible for their own dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

    This has nothing to do with marriage, gay or not gay, but everything to do with choosing misery.

  3. Gus says

    Christians are not silent. Increasingly Christians support marriage equality or civil unions. Your and Nom’s brand of Christianity doesn’t have the support of all Christians and fewer Americans of all religions.

  4. Taylor says

    Did anyone really think Maggie was going to give up the NOM paycheck? Or her status as the talking head opponent of SSM marriage?

    She’ll be around as long as the money that supports these organizations continue to flow into their coffers. Hate Pays!

  5. Bart says

    Maggie needed a job. And she sucking on the NOM donation tit and can’t stop. Because what else would such a sad, depressing woman do with her life?

    File enough lawsuits and those on the other end will counterfile and win. They will take everything from NOM and within a few years shut it down.

    Face it, Brian Brown and Maggie lost New York and they are going to lose in California and then the dominoes, except in the cross-eyed states, will fall. Someone had to pay for their masterbatory cries falling on deaf ears of a population that has moved past their hate and ignorance. I’m sure Brian was trying to throw Maggie under the bus and Maggie was trying to throw Brian under the bus. Brian won…which he didn’t do when it would have counted.

    You can hear the clock ticking on this organization. There will always be people who decry marriage equality. Always. But the time will come when only the regressive and ridiculous will donate money to them and it certainly won’t be enough to finance either Brian’s or Maggie’s obvious eating binges.

  6. Oliver says

    On the bright side it’s nice that Maggie will still have a financial resources for her twinkies and mac-n-cheese, both of which she no doubt consumes in abundance. Better than having her on the dole.
    Rock on Maggie!!!

  7. Jerry says

    Cisco and Bank of America are private companies, and have the right to promote their own values. The same goes for Chick-Fil-A. (And I have the right not to eat there.)

    Would NOM ever hire a speaker or consultant who was in favor of abortion rights?

    He sounded comparatively credible until he suddenly mentioned “Christians.” He appears to define Christians as those who agree with Frank Turek.

    What if, as a Christian, Frank Turek had written a book promoting racism, and as a result had trouble getting work as a motivational speaker? In such a case, what about his religious liberties?!?

  8. scar2 says

    I work in the Addiction field & this woman definitely has some addiction and/or mental health issues. She is obsessed with this issue & it rules her life. Hopefully, she’ll come to find that it’s a losing cause & get some help.

  9. Frank says

    I couldn’t help myself. Where the website invites readers to enter their story of personal discrimination suffered due to (I can’t even say it, really, please), I entered the following:

    A case of the perpetrators, those who would arrogantly deny others their full civil rights and claim those rights only for themsevles; pretending to be the victims.

    Ain’t that the frying pan callin’ the kettle black!

    Yes, I’ll be interested in seeing all the documented cases of actual harm that has come to people trying to deny me my rights. I want to know, for example: how many children have committed suicide for expressing their opinions that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to be married? That would be very interesting.

    And, while you’re at it, all of the courts would appreciate you taking the time to document all of the physical, monetary, or any other actual and measurable type of harm that has been caused to any heterosexual marriage in any states or countries directly attributable to same sex marriage being legal. Those statistics would help your court cases immensely. (Too bad the answer is: none; and any rational human being can see that.)

  10. miko says

    You have to be kidding me. These people are claiming to be discriminated against because they are being called out for discriminating and railing against gay men and women who want the right to get married. Boy, they really want to be able to say whatever they want, and then shut everyone up who does not agree with them. Uh, yes, duh, you will be held accountable for writing or saying or behaving badly in life, which includes berating gays and lesbians. If you write a book about how wrong gay marriage is, you may lose your contract with an employer because they don’t want to employ a bigot. That is called an employer acting responsibly and exercising their right not to associate themselves with someone based on an employer’s “views.” No one has closed down your church, you still have your religious freedom.

  11. 'Bank of Gay America' WTF?!? says

    A couple observations about their website:

    1. The inaugural story is titled, “Bank of Gay America.” Is Brian Camenker or Fred Phelps editing their website? It’ll be helpful for future court cases to see such undisguised animus. (Imagine if the headline were, “Bank of Black America.”) Somebody should take a screen capture before they change it.

    2. They mention Genesis in their mission statement. In case there is any doubt, this group is religiously oriented. Just keep that in the mind, relative to their interest in dictating laws for everyone.

  12. Just_a_guy says

    Is it just me or does MADA sounds creepily like “murder” said with an accent or in code?

    Madge’s new invidious device to funnel money to effective murder of gays I’m thinkin.

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