Obama to Keynote Human Rights Campaign Dinner on October 1

President Obama will deliver the keynote address at the Human Rights Campaign's 15th Annual National Dinner on Saturday, October, the organization reports:

Obamahrc “We are honored to share this night with President Obama who has a tremendous record of accomplishment for LGBT people,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese.  “On the heels of the end to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ we look forward to celebrating our victories and redoubling our efforts for the fights that remain ahead.”

The event, which is expected to draw nearly 3,000 attendees, will be the evening of Saturday, October 1st at the Washington Convention Center.

HRC endorsed Obama for reelection last May. Obama spoke to HRC's national dinner in 2009 as well.


  1. says

    i’d like to invite President Obama to an average church-basement PFLAG meeting.

    it aint glitzy, it aint accompanied by a splashy reception or a fancy sit-down dinner, but you get to actually talk with non-privileged LGBT people to see what issues actually affect LGBT people and the families of LGBT people.

    not that i’m saying HRC isn’t a shining example of the real and honest plights of the have-not LGBT community or anything….


  2. says

    So will he use that opportunity to apologize to the some 800 needlessly discharged on his watch? Will he explain why while we were celebrating yesterday he was letting his DOJ thugs go back to court and AGAIN insist that DADT was “constitutional,” again demand the LCR ruling be vacated, thus, leaving the military legal room to continue to deny equal protections against harassment and discrimination of gay troops, deny their partners important benefits NOT banned by DOMA, and hand on a silver platter a future Repug prez the power to restore the ban? Just asking.

  3. isabel says

    ok i get what he’s doing for the GAY community as myself, but are people really looking at the big picture? Hes allowing WAR STILL! Making this law doesnt really do much but make more Gays come out and be like ohh i want to join now that they allow it. War is something everyone is agreeing to without notice. People are still going to be going to war and do you really think he cares..NO!

  4. Artie says

    @ Michael Bedwell (yet again),

    Obama wanted to repeal DADT through legislation rather than through the courts. Apparently, Obama is fine with repealing DOMA through the courts since his DOJ filed a brief against DOMA on July 1, 2011 which threw the kitchen sink at DOMA.

    Now, Michael Bedwell, I’ll frame this as a question which you might wonder about. Why does Obama fight DOMA through the courts with his DOJ and yet only countenance overturning DADT through legislation? Why? [The clock is ticking…] All right, let me suggest an answer. Civil rights matters have often been decided by the judiciary in American history, e.g., Brown v. Board of Education and Loving v. Virginia (regarding segregation and interracial marriage). The only exception to this is civil rights matters, or *any* matters, regarding the military, which have never, in all of American history, been decided by the judiciary. Civil rights matters regarding the military have always been decided by the elected branches of government, e.g., Truman’s desegregation of the armed forces. The courts have always steered clear of matters involving the military and deferred to the executive and legislative branches, and I’m sure you’re aware of that.

    Obama’s strategy of fighting DOMA, but not DADT, in court is simply what has been done throughout American history. The vast majority of American support DADT repeal, but I don’t think they’d approve of a judicial decision affecting the military because it’s never been done.

  5. Artie says

    @ Michael Bedwell,

    Re: Your request for an apology from Obama.

    Why haven’t any of the previous 43 presidents apologized for the countless gay service members discharged on their watch? Are you now asking for a similar apology from Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., all of whom are still alive? Of course you aren’t. Your double standard is only too obvious: one standard for Obama, another standard for any other president. This belies either your personal animus toward Obama or your self-loathing as a gay man, more likely the latter. Now to your actual request:

    “So will he use that opportunity to apologize to the some 800 needlessly discharged on his watch?”

    I think we can translate that rhetorical question pretty easily:

    “Will Obama admit that he’s a terrible person?”

    Concerning DADT repeal, Obama lobbied the Pentagon brass that you accurately call “dinosaurs” from the day he came into office. Without their supportive congressional testimony, DADT would be dead in the water, as crucial swing-vote senators stated in their own words, something you refuse to admit although it’s well documented. In view of that, Bedwell, I’ll answer your implied question for Obama with another question:

    Are you willing to admit that you’re a terrible person?

  6. NY2.0 says

    MichaelBedwell is a known Clinton apologist and will never be appeased by anything Obama does. MichaelBedwell, how about your beloved Bill Clinton apologize for giving us DADT and DOMA to begin with?

  7. Artie says

    @ NY2.0,

    People might also ask Hillary to apologize to gay men in Africa for making “The Family” her spiritual home since 1993. A lot of gay men in Africa are being persecuted because of Hillary’s Christian buddies in “The Family.” Bedwell is apparently the last of the PUMAs. Is Harriet Christian his alter-ego? Watch the video and you be the judge:

  8. Artie says

    On a final note, why don’t I ever, ever, ever get a reply from the self-loathing Romney/Perry groupies? I always look for a comment starting with “@ Artie”, but I never find it. I feel so deserted and abandoned by the cutie, sweetie intellectual cowards. WAAAAAA!!!! [Laughing my f*ucking ass off]

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