1. walt says

    I’m not one to eat ice cream all that much but, now that the one million moms hate it, I guess I have to go buy some.

  2. Too Good says

    1M Moms Hate Schweddy Balls. That, my friends, is precisely why their husbands are posting men seeking men and casual encounter ads on Craigslist.

  3. David in Houston says

    I rewrote their message. I’m not sure if it will get sent unless you are a member. But here it is anyway:

    Dear Mr. Greenwood:

    As a gay man and a member of, I am greatly pleased by Ben & Jerry’s decision to use hilarious names for your flavors of ice cream. Your decision is pleasing to me personally, and to my family. If you continue to use such awesome taste and appropriate marketing choices, I will make a conscious effort to buy more ice cream from you.

    I am requesting that you double the amount of Schweddy Balls ice cream to be distributed. Also, I highly recommend you increase batches with this name or any other humorous names, then I will gladly purchase more products from Ben & Jerry’s.

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.

  4. Boone says

    Ben & Jerry’s really need to make a new flavor with chocolate covered crackers in the shape of Tony Perkins head and call it Bigot Balls.

  5. says

    This reminds me of “Freedom Fries” – millions of idiots picking the wrong battle for the wrong reasons.

    2/3 of the country is obese, and y’all wanna call “French Fries” something else.

    30,000 Americans are killed on American soil every year from gun violence, and this group of idiots is upset about the name of an ice cream flavor.

    hilarious and sad in equal measure.

  6. justinw says

    I’m stealing some here: B&J are going to make another interesting flavor, “One Million Moms”. It will be white and bitter with huge, indigestible chunks of frozen bile all mixed in with the substance that’s left when you remove all human compassion from a body.

  7. Guy Johnson says

    @Jon, I was thinking the same thing, but then I remembered, these types of ladies don’t want to get wet while becoming a mom. They are just doing their wifely duty (no muss, no fuss).

    Maybe if there were a little muss and fuss the Schweddy Balls would not be doing what Too Good (and many others) suggest…

    Just saying.

  8. MC says

    Send your supportive Schweddy Balls notes to B&J at:

    Sean Greenwood, Public Relations Manager
    Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.
    30 Community Drive
    South Burlington, VT 05403-6828

    Primary Phone: 1-802-846-1500
    Secondary Phone: 1-802-846-1500 x7701
    Fax: 1-802-846-1556
    E-Mail: Sean Greenwood, Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

  9. anon says

    Ah, 25% of the US adult population is “obese”, though the term is flexible. About 12000 gun related homicides each year and about 18000 gun related suicides. The majority of these suicides is men over age 70. 2/3rds of the US population is “overweight”, but it’s probably unrealistic for 6′ tall men to weigh 165 lbs.

  10. Niel M says

    So, 1M Moms let their impressionable kids watch a particular episode of SNL? Why would these ‘concerned’ moms sexualize a candy-filled ice cream? How is it their kids understand (even know how to pronounce) double entendre, or why they consider Schweddy inappropriate?

    Do these ‘concerned’ moms also boycott sports balls? Athletic Supporters? Jocks? Are they aghast at the mere mention of The Governors Balls hosted across the country on election night?

  11. walter says

    are these the same moms who kids are going to lop off penises and breasts because chaz danced on dwts? hope so because we could use a few less of their kind.

  12. FreddyMertz says

    ..sweaty balls…what’s the big deal? A little talcum powder will take care of that. OOOHHHH…Schweddy Balls..never mind.

  13. Jim says

    WHERE Can you even buy Schweddy Balls? I have been looking everywhere for it and can’t find it! I live in Orlando, Florida.

  14. Jack says

    The Balls of OneMillionMoms and their opions. To Bash Ben and Jerry’s
    Then send out Christmas cheers on their web site… seems to be anti semitism. Then… they are looking for Donations…. I’ll donate… my opinion …. .. Now they are trying to start OneMillionDads. … 501c. Sounds like a Scam