1. TyN says

    I believe the book is pretty stupid but at least they say radical Islamic Muslim extremists (which is true), instead of Muslims in general. But I doubt children in that age group (or the parents who would buy the book) have the knowledge to know the difference.

  2. RoadWaryur says

    Tell me again how the text relates to all Muslims? Have you read it? Are you really going to argue with the statement that ties terrorist acts to hatred of Americans. Let’s be clear, Osama bin Laden hated America and plotted terrorist attacks against us as a result. The screenshot is pretty clear about that.

    Not all Muslims, or Christians, etc are good. Why is Kranbree so quickly disgusted that the heinous acts against thousands of Americans is illustrated for what it was?

  3. AsherStClaire says

    Are we really having a fight over whether or not the book is PC enough?

    Shouldn’t we be more concerned about a book aimed at children where a man is about to be shot in the face?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the SOB is dead but do kids really need to be reading this book? Never mind coloring it?

  4. nodnarb says

    Yeh, I’m not really bothered by this … unless there’s more to it that what we’re seeing here.

    Of course, what happened to the days when kids liked to color unicorns and fluffy bunnies?

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    We are Free? WTF! How about they hate America for it’s one sided support of Israel, it’s over turning Democratically elected governments in the Middle East and installing monster dictators, and it’s support of Dictator Monarchs. How about we try THOSE TRUTHS first, then whip out the rabbit from the hat about American “freedom”. One thing they really should hate America for is the lies it tells.

  6. Jeff says

    Disgraceful. So we can send a destructive message to the children via playtime and artistic discovery to hate and murder our enemy (and maybe even covertly convey that anyone within that religion is fair game just in case.) But what might happen if you made a coloring book that showed Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists etc as neighbors getting along?

  7. LFB says

    You would “laaaaak to tell” us that it was made with “integrity, honesty, reverence, [and] respect?” Would you also “laaaaak” to tell us what your agenda is in including such wholly inappropriate material in a children’s colouring book? *sigh*

    “Islamic Muslim” rubs me the wrong way. It’s either redundant, or a repetition for the sake of reinforcing the idea that Muslims are terrorists.

  8. Andy says

    You’re an ass. How can you blame or associate “teabaggers” with this? A movement that is trying to rein-in a socialist trend in American government has no part of this idiotic book. Curb your bleeding-heart inclinations and think a little more of what you read and see. Maybe you should try reading more and beating off to NPR less.

  9. TyN says

    @Andy: Actually the book is published by a company that has a lot of Tea Party themed books so we can assume they’re affiliated. Regardless – as a gay man are you really defending the Tea Party? They’d love nothing more than for you to just go away.

  10. Yeek says

    A lot of people in this world would call showing a gay family in a coloring book is “inappropriate.” Children need to be exposed to knowledge, even the scary stuff – not shielded from it. People can disagree about how it should be done. I haven’t seen the whole book, but if it’s only defense is that every word in it is absolutely true…well, then, that’s a pretty good defense.

  11. Jake says

    This is complete propaganda aimed at brainwashing youth. I don’t think the problem lies in saying that certain acts were committed by Muslim extremists. The problem is that kids, the very people this book is made for, don’t know who or what Osama Bin Laden is. All they will learn is that the ‘enemy’ wears this kind of clothing.

  12. Mike says

    I dont see the problem with this other than its not good to expose kids to violence. Not all muslims are bad, but muslims attacked us on 9/11, killing among other people, my ex, a beautiful guy who was having breakfast at WotW. Have you spent time in Europe lately? These muslims are very conservative, hate gays, and we need to face that reality. Lets not be so PC that we slowly let that encroach on the movement towards gay rights.

  13. AG says

    There’s nothing anti-gay in slashing government spending, cutting taxes, and balancing the budget. These are the goals of the Tea Party.

    Also, it never stops to amuse me the constant stream of homophobia in which bask the blog’s author and its regular posters. Whether it’s using the pejorative “teabagger” or “outing” Bachmann’s husband who appeared too feminine.

  14. says

    I was about to agree with commenter Andy and then he ended with “Maybe you should try reading more and beating off to NPR less.” Hmmn. Someone accuses someone else of making assumptions about the Tea Party while making assumptions about NPR. Looks like someone doesn’t listen to NPR, only the ignorants who tell him what NBR is about. Just sayin’.

  15. ron says

    There is nothing factually incorrect in the description of the illustration. It is no more violent than an average Hollywood movie. Yes, I can see how leftist muslim apologists would be offended.

  16. JZN says

    When I see the Timothy McVeigh (christian) lethal injection coloring book, I might give these f@#kers a pass.

    Still completely inappropriate for kids that have little to no memory of what happened 10 years ago. And I say that as someone who has no concern for “what about the children” type of arguments.

  17. says

    That’s right Johnny. Reach over to your Crayola 64 and grab the one that says “crimson.” Use it just over the bad man’s right eye. Then look hard for the burnt umber one. Color in some spots behind his head. My that brain does fly!

  18. Smokey says

    It’s interesting to see that not ONE commentator above has bothered to critique the description of American society as being “FREE” — of the American people as being “FREE”…

    Free from what, exactly?

  19. corvidae says

    Muslims did do it, yes, but not all muslims are bad, and children lack the critical thinking to determine this.
    In essence, it might be better to remove the entirety of islamic mention from this time of discourse until children are old enough to understand why this doesn’t make islam bad.
    As LGBT people, we are biased against religion, mainly because people use it to justify prejudice, but remember that there are plenty of christians muslims, jews etc, who don’t interfere in our lives.

  20. Redebbm says

    @AG so when will the Tea Party admit Obama lowered taxes? I’m waiting. No way I’m holding my breath.

    Right exactly, the movement is nothing more than right-wing extremist republicans. Period

  21. Beto says

    I think this is way too heavy a topic to introduce to children through a coloring book, but this PC historical revisionism has got to stop. It is not “anti-Muslim” to say that on 9/11 we were attacked by Muslim extremists? 19 out of the 19 hijackers were Muslim Extremists. Why does the Left want so badly to ignore this historical fact? Why is it politically incorrect to say that 90-something% of Muslims are decent people, but some are crazy and want you dead?

  22. Max says

    Just curious, Beto, where do you get your “90-something%”? I think that number is too high.

    From Pew Research, 2006:

    Support for Suicide Bombing and Violence Against Civilians Declines. Violence against civilian targets justified – Often/Sometimes

    Jordan 57%
    Lebanon 39%
    Pakistan 25%
    Indonesia 15%
    Turkey 14%
    Morocco 13%

    Based on Muslim respondents only.

    Note that this is a *decline*.

  23. anon says

    It’s factually incorrect and glorifies violence, but then maybe it’s for adult conservatives instead of children? Coloring books are generally for people who can’t read, so the whole back story here is going to go over their heads.

  24. Acronym Jim says

    @MAX:”Who are we going to pretend hijacked commercial jets into the WTC, then?”

    Um, Al-Qaeda? Oh wait, we don’t need to pretend since they admitted it. It’s also more succinct and easier to type than “radical muslim extremists.”

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