1. jason says

    I don’t know if these touched-up photos are good for gay people. They promote misleading and unrealistic images. Of course, it’s all about making money. Armani is making money from this.

  2. Jack says

    Still baffled as to how he can be an underwear model. Anyone who has watched him play knows that he picks his wedge before EVERY point. Exactly what I want…a spokesperson for underwear that rides up so often that he has to go treasure hunting every 2 minutes.

  3. dancobbb says

    Wow you guys. C’mon!! This guy has a perfect ass… the lordotic curve is accentuated and at a perfect height. His cheeks are muscular and NICELY rounded. What kind of wuss criticizes his “riding up underwear”… Dude! I wish I WAS that “riding up underwear”!!!

  4. dancobbb says

    And may I add: does anyone get a vibe off these pics? He gives me a “masculine bottom” vibe…. anyone else??

  5. Jack says

    Oy. I was unaware that not liking my underwear up my crack makes me a “wuss.” I was also unaware that we were still using that word as a supposed insult. Or maybe you’re just internally homophobic and from 1987 (the last time someone actually called me that), Dan Cob with three b’s.

    My point is that Nadal shows us every 3 freaking seconds that his underwear of choice does not fit him properly, hence my opinion that he is an odd choice to try to convince people to but that underwear. Kind of like how no one has approached Adam Lambert to sell cover up.

  6. Michael Catlin says

    90 % of people who buy this underwear likely never watch tennis and see him pick his ass, they buy the underwear because he is so HOT .

  7. Bryan says

    Finally! Non-photoshopped pics of his behind in the underwear.

    DANCOBB: You’re not alone, almost every gay tennis fan thinks the same.

    DASTIUS KRAZITAUC: The shoots were done before that match, so try again.

  8. jaragon says

    These Herb Ritts inspired video was hot- Nadal face down with that great ass on display is perfection.

  9. Just_a_guy says

    Gosh, I want this dude to be gay, ha. I swear, if he comes out I’ll buy myself Armani undies. :-)

    Gay, straight, or bi…I like his presence.

    Understated, quietly confident in whoever he is. Bravo.

  10. Esurb says

    Ahhh, and I thought Rafa’s problem was one that some of those great wet ass-wipes would solve. Have always been tempted to send him a carton.

  11. says

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