Republicans: Obama’s Proposed Millionaire Tax is “Class Warfare”

Republicans are calling Obama's plan to fractionally increase taxes on millionaires "class warfare." Ah, the old "class warfare" trump card. Next thing you know he'll be imposing a dictatorship of the proletariat and rounding up kulaks. As they say, first they came for the super-rich… 

Picture 4 Leading Republicans on Sunday spurned as "class warfare" an administration proposal dubbed "the Buffett rule" that would ensure millionaires are taxed at the same rate as the middle class.

President Barack Obama was expected to make the proposal on Monday, picking up on a repeated complaint by billionaire investor Warren Buffett that he pays taxes at a lower rate than his secretary…

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, dismissed the Buffett rule as "just a political move by the president."

"When you say we'll tax one percent of the economy, that's class warfare," said Graham, who called for reforms that would eliminate deductions and flatten income tax rates overall.

America has slipped so far to the right that it can't even tax millionaires and billionaires at the same rate as the middle-classes, nevermind on a progressive scale, without convincing a large portion of the population that we're becoming the Soviet Union. Is there even hope anymore?  


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  1. jake says

    talk to your friends, talk to your family, get involved, get organized — obama has his shortfalls, but he is more of a fighter for the working and middle classes than any other republican, and most other democrats.

    passing this tax wouldn’t only be reasonable, it would be the LEAST we could do to start closing the exploding disparity in wealth that we are seeing in america. class warfare? that’s exactly what the strategy of the right is. i think it’s clear who lindsay graham is looking out for.

  2. Angela Channing says

    Obama needs to pull everyone in and have a Joan Crawford Pepsi boardroom scene. This is like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown.

  3. Mike C says

    I think this is where the Republicans begin to lose it. It will be very hard to win over public opinion on this one.

  4. a non-american says

    I’m not an American citizen or resident, but I have great in US political news. And something that always mystifies me, is this ultra-ideological approach to politics by both parties, specially the Republicans. Their reaction to Obama’s proposal is typical – who cares whether this can be thought of as class warfare? As long as it works to fulfill its aim – to reduce the fiscal deficit – why not do it? Why are you wo worried about dogmas? why don’t you worry more about the practical results? The US can’t afford to ignore practical reality anymore.

  5. mld says

    yes it is class warfare! take from the rich and give to the poor, obama is f-ing robin hood, lets get the meme started!

  6. Redebbm says

    Warren Buffett admitted his side started it. Considering most middle class families now need two sources of income and a credit line to put themselves in debt to live I say this fight was well fought on their end.

    They will pull every name out of the book (Socialist, Marxist, Leftist, etc) , let us not forget that Obama always was and always will be a well meaning Moderate. Somehow this became “marxist” so how about we pull the spectrum back to the left so the middle class can stop getting screwed? Stop the whining and get out and vote, stop falling for a right wing that has no answer besides more tax cuts and nothing for middle class families except maybe a couple low paying non-union jobs with no benefits. Please stop this race to the bottom!

  7. jamal49 says

    To answer the question: No. Sad to say it, but no. There is no hope for this country. America, as we have known it or at least have understood it to be, is over. Finished. There can be no going back. The extreme right-wing has taken over this country lock, stock and barrel. Consider emigrating. Now.

  8. Timothy Hunt says

    Obama isn’t waging class warfare — by making the rich pay the same proportion of their income in taxes as the middle- and lower-classes, he’s ENDING class warfare.

  9. anon says

    This is mostly a screwy stunt. There are a couple things wrong with it. First, we already have a “Super Congress” that is coming up with a revised tax code, which Obama agreed to a couple months ago. Second, we already have the AMT or alternative minimum tax that was designed to do exactly what he is proposing. Are we going to now have a third leg of the tax code and a potentially fourth leg, forcing people to do their taxes four times over to get the right rate? It would be better to get rid of the AMT and several deductions (particularly for trusts and charities for large donations) and raise the standard rate on income over a few million to 60% than to create a four track tax code.

  10. Rick says

    @Perry, and if the progressives don’t unite behind our President then one of those idiot Republicans will take the White House and we will return to the same lunacy of the past that created the mess that we are in. And upon their return the are promising turning back the gains President Obama has given to the GLBT community. Very serious indeed.

  11. Bob R says

    The Republicans “jobs plan” is to reduce taxes yet again for the “job creators”. The Republicans also don’t want to cut payroll taxes for the working class and want to raise taxes for the middle class “who aren’t paying their share.”

    It should be crystal clear to 98% of the public that the Republicans are enemies of the people and are interested only in transferring more of the nations wealth to the top two percent. The rich want your money. They want your house, your pension fund, your Social Security; they want it all. And they are getting it.

    We’ve been in a class war for over 30 years and the rich have been winning. The proof of the pudding is in the numbers. Middle class and working class wages are lower, more people are in poverty and the wealthy have more cash than they know what to do with. They are paying the least amount of taxes now in the history of the Republic.

    It’s time Obama moved out of the way, since he once told the banksters and their cronies that he was all that stood between them and the angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches. The people taking it to the Wall Street crooks is a good thing. I hope it multiplies a million fold. The GOP and the government needs to be afraid of the people. The protests and strikes and marches that have sprung up in Europe and the Middle East need to happen here.

    It needs to be shouted from every street corner, the Republicans are the enemy of America. If they are not stopped, America will become a serfdom. I say roll out the Guillotines.

  12. says

    @anon: From what I’ve read, Obama wants to get rid of the AMT and replace it with this millionaire’s tax. Apparently the AMT is broken because it enacted decades ago and was not designed to account for inflation.

  13. says

    Thank you BOB R! But sadly, most people are too busy trying to survive, so I fear it will get lots worse before it gets better. Americans have become low-information armchair activists with no one willing to do the legwork.

  14. John says

    No, class warfare is what we have NOW. This proposal would be one step toward fixing it. Republicans are pigs.

  15. Keithy says

    When the history of the painful and embarrassing decline of America over the 21st century is written – there will be just one word: Republicans.

  16. kodiak says

    Republicans want to cut gov. health programs, but cry FOUL when very rich people are faced with a tax hike they could very well handle. I wish I was rich and could pay a lot of taxes. This is a democracy we live in, or so we thought, what’s wrong with helping it out?

  17. David Jarrett says

    None of the politicians — except RonPaul — have even suggested or hinted that the biggest financial budget drain on the USA are the multiple wars the USA is fighting in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somaliland, Yemen, etc. By withdrawing all troops, the USA would immediate solve most of its budget problems, and the USA dollar would strengthen. Those countries are going to fight among themselves — whether the USA is there or not. Very sad situation.

  18. Really? says

    I fifth, sixth and seventh what Bob R said. I’d say Eat the Rich, but all that Botox and Retyline has made the f*ckers toxic

  19. Inside says

    Warren Buffet has been at war with the IRS because he doesn’t want to pay and is delinquent on paying his taxes. He (and everyone reading this blog) can write a check to the IRS at any time, and pay any amount over what is due.

  20. SJoe says

    Why tax the rich more when we have 48% of the “welfare and social security” population who isn’t taxed.