1. truthiness says

    oh sure, all straight guys play Aqua’s one hit from 1997. and grind their taint against their straight friend’s groin. Totally a heterosexual thing to do.


  2. Cory says

    Nice job announcing you’re not gay gentleman. Kinda takes the ‘balls’ out of exploiting the whole thing, right?

    Yes, I am tired of “progressive” straight guys doing something post homophobic then insecurely ruining it with “I’m not gay I swear!!!”

    Go away.

  3. Native American says

    I’ve been in the military and you can get really really bored. I did some crazy things as well. Sure it looks gay but who cares if they are gay or not. It’s just cute…..and so are they.

  4. Mary says

    I think its obvious that they’re straight guys just joking around, but we know one thing for sure – any two guys who can put their hands all over each other like this are certainly not homophobes!

  5. Piper says

    Straight men should be more honest about the fact that there’s nothing wrong about “going there”. BTW, the taller one is aroused through most of the video, most noticeable at 1:35 – 1:42ish.

  6. Rob says

    There is so much same gender desire in the military that people forget what really looks gay to everyone else. They shorter guy is wayyyyy into this. And I say rock on. 7 more days and you guys can do a hell of a lot more than that.

  7. john leddy says

    This was fun to watch. Its good to see that these soldiers haven’t lost their youthful playfulness in spite of the dangerous situations that they are placed in by our nation.

  8. buster says

    Obviously it’s an audition for the new post-DADT “join the Army” advertising campaign.

    Glad to see these boys are having fun. They have a rotten, boring and dangerous job and anything they can do to enjoy themselves is great.

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