1. Gay American says

    wouldnt waste my time- anyone,and I mean wanyone who’s looking for someone – and thier pre-requisite is HOW MUCH MONEY $$ does the other make….then they’re Shallow to begin with and NOT worth knowing….and hey lady, hmmm…you are a match-maker..and WHY- cause the people you set up are most likely DIVORCED, and WHY…..CHEATING!!!! So lady STFU – you heteros are NOT better then gays BY FAR!

  2. Grant says

    Oh please…Patty is mouthy and might as well be a gay man herself….she definatly loves the gays and says it. I was wondering last night while watching this how long it would take for someone to blow what she said out of proportion. The only thing that I was mildly offended by was that she told the caller that she would never have known that he was gay and to take that as a compliment…

  3. Bart says

    In Vino Vertias.

    She tried to “curb you people”. Is that curbing a dog or curbing a Ferrari?

    In all honesty, who cares? She’s a dope with too much makeup that made me wonder if she was a man in drag. Let her fix up straight people who will be miserable. She comes off miserable.

  4. Alex says

    I dunno Andy, I think you’re being a bit harsh. Did u watch the whole show and not just copy from Gawker?
    The question asked was about Open Relationships and she said that once you find the right guy you will stop wanting to have an open relationship, which I agree with. And her comment on Grindr was spot on I thought.
    As for the straight looking guy, I also thought he was pretty straight looking. Look on Grindr these days, everyone is asking for a masculine guy (even the ones that can’t spell the whole word).

  5. VitaminKorg says

    Almost all the gay men I know sleep around and are open with their partners about it. They’re practice safer sex and lead healthy lives. Almost all the straight men I know sleep around and are dishonest with their partners about it. Just sayin’

  6. Dan says

    I wish she’d just say all men are slutty and it’s difficult to keep them on the straight and narrow. Gays have it twice as hard, with another guy in the relationship. Anyway who cares – she ain’t God, and it’s just her opinion. At least she’s saying something interesting.

    PS Cohen is a whore, ask anyone who knows him

  7. Mack says

    Ahem…Jason, generalizations and stereotypes never hold true for everyone. Signed, a monogomous gay man of the “non-queeny” variety (another category that gay men are put into that I despise).

  8. OMNOMNOM says

    Once again, something gets blown totally out of proportion. If you know anything about her, you know she speaks her mind. When you listen to what she says – in context – you see that she’s spot on.

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

  9. perkins says

    Gotta go with Stranger on this one. She’s right about just about everything here, and Andy Cohen should not be held up as any sort of role model. As for the queeny part, certainly “queeny” guys have the right to that behavior, but honestly, it does affect their attractiveness quotient. I know, you will fight to the death to behave like an immature valley girl on crack, so go ahead and live your truth – there’s no curbing you.

  10. Jonathan says

    The real problem with Patti Stanger is that in 4 years on the air she has had not one couple even get engaged. In fact, she seems to believe that if her clients manage to get a second date she has a success on her hands. She isn’t a matchmaker. She’s barely a dating service. She makes fun of how people look to their faces and her own face looks like dog food. She is single and hasn’t had any luck in her own relationships. Those are the reasons bravo should cancel her show. This latest are just reasons why she shouldn’t have any friends. What a piece of crap she is.

    Tag line first year: “I’m a third generations matchmaker with 99% success rate.”

    Second year: “I’m a third generation matchmaker with a very high success rate.”

    Third year: “I’m a third generation matchmaker.”


  11. Grant says

    I honestly think she was coming from a place of “I’m loud and flamboyant and “in” with the gays, I can say these things cause they’re my people.” Hell she admitted to swimming in the lady pond on the very same show why isnt THAT news? We need to worry about our real enemies and cut her some slack.

  12. redball says

    I agree with OMNOMNOM. I watch her show and I find her hilarious, but this is partly because she has no filter & she’s sarcastic & tongue-in-cheek much of the time.

  13. Don says

    Brash loudmouth sticks her foot in it. This is news how, exactly?

    She’s obnoxious, she’s shallow, and yes, she labors under ridiculous stereotypes. And as Jonathan pointed out she also really sucks at her job. The only reason she’s still on the air is because she’s great television (see above). But she’s starting to alienate her audience and more importantly her producer. Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

  14. Francis says

    I don’t think she’s homophobic, at all. I think she’s ignorant, as has been said, very vain and narcissistic, with an extremely simplistic, Los Angeles-stereotypical world view. I also agree she was probably coming with the “my gays” mentality and expecting us to just nod and laugh. Her show is trash TV. These comments come with the territory we’re stepping in.

    The thing I have to say is that, ultimately, quite a number of gay men will and have said the very same thing, so I’m not going to go gun ho in attacking her, that would make us hypocrites. Unless we criticize all the gay men who believe the same things.

  15. Thunderboltfan says

    First of all, monogamy, like marriage, is overrated. Many gay (and some hetero) couples are fine with open relationships.

    Second, I trimmed my cable TV plan back to the cheapest available ($14/month) three years ago, losing Bravo as part of the deal. And you know what? Good riddance. Don’t miss it. Reading about what it has become is irritating enough.

  16. Chas says

    She has a point, maybe she could finesse it better and not seem as if it is so offensive. But, face it fellas…how many gay men in long term relationships are genuinely monogamous? We celebrate grindr and circuit parties and craigslist and manhunt. Why don’t we lift up loving long term relationships and condemn the other? We can’t have it both and you can’t claim gay culture is “different” it isn’t…it’s wrong.

    I’m no fan of this grackle, but she is right. The gays are oftentimes an embarrassment. I’d rather be alone that have to open up my relationship because it’s what gays do.

  17. jimsur212 says

    Gay male couples are more promiscuous than heterosexual couples, not because we’re both gay, but because we’re both men. That doesn’t mean that all gay men are promiscuous, or even most, but face it A LOT of US ARE! And I place no negative connotations or pejorative sentiments on the word promiscuous. I believe that monogamous and open relationships are both morally neutral. What matters is what the partners in the relationship agree to. Monogamy is not “better” – it’s a valid choice among options. We have to remember that the gay movement has always been 50% about rights and 50% about sexual liberation. Our goal should not be to be “just like straight people.”

  18. Abie says

    I wouldn’t say that she was completely wrong in her opinions, but she was still crass and offensive. Of course, that goes for just about everything she said. Andy Cohen’s pained facial expressions suggested that he may have regretted giving an entire hour over to Patti’s rants without having some other guest to act as a much needed buffer to challenge her ridiculous generalizations.

  19. Jesus says

    I wish I would have seen this chick on the street so I could give her a piece of my quasi-queeny, monogamously-inclined mind. For real, like who the hell is she anyway? You know my friend actually suggested we try out for this show, but I couldn’t stand to have her pick me apart without wanting to fly into a rage

  20. Bryan says

    Well some people in the LGBT community definitely help to fuel the assumptions that gays indeed can’t stick to one person.

    Wasn’t Alan Cumming a few days ago saying men aren’t meant to be monogamous?

  21. Jonathan says

    I’m always stunned to find that gay men have bought into the whole heterosexual ideal and that they can be the most closed minded and conservative of all. A good relationship is one that makes both people happy, end of story. A monogamous one isn’t better than an open one and vice versa. To suggest that an open relationship happens at the expense of a caring loving one is just plain retarded. The happiest, most long term loving couples I know aren’t monogamous (nor are they out fooling around with others 7 days a week either). Patti is a complete ignoramous when it comes to both gay and straight relationships. I mean c’mon, she hates redheads (asks people to dye their hair), she hates curly hair (asks people to straighten their hair), basically says that nobody overweight will ever find love and tells people they are ugly. If you find yourself agreeing with her I suggest you have a lot to learn about life.

  22. says

    @Jonathan : Exactly !
    When did it become compulsory to ape every flawed characteristics of the straight community ?
    I thought we were worth a little more to ourselves than to become some kind of slow learner mirror images of our betters.
    I’m afraid that to me it all smacks of our low self esteem that we measure ourselves and our behaviour by hetro standards.

    Sweet Jesus, what next ? We all have to have kids as well ?
    This orthodoxy is getting irritating.

  23. princely54 says

    What’s most offensive to me is the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ as it is. What an aimless, pointless waste of space this crappy piece of ‘entertainment’ is to begin with!

    WHY is he even ‘hosting’ this thing? It was truly amateur hour last night. That the thing was on at 11pm on a Sunday night should tell you something about how much they believed in this thing….

  24. Eric says

    What I found more offensive was her suggestion that a caller get rid of a boyfriend that she loved because he has been out of work. The women told Patty that he has been trying to find a job, but Patty still said to get rid of him. I found that sickening given the current financial situation and the lack of jobs that are available.

  25. scollingsworth says

    Who is this idiot and why the hell do we care what she says? I’ve been with my husband for 15 years. I’ve been monogamous on my part, as far as I know he has as well… but men are men. Period. I’ve known very few monogamous gay men and fewer heterosexual men.

  26. jason romero says

    Let’s calm down. She is not homophobic, she just made some unfortunate comments. And from my experience, what she said is certainly not completely false. She just should not be saying that as she is not a gay man!

  27. Inis says

    I know Towleroad is a gay media site, not a Jewish media site, but where’s the outrage about calling Jews liars? That’s at least as bad as saying gay men can’t be monogamous.

  28. Art says

    To the people that agree with her…. because you can’t be faithful don’t place your lack of fidelity on the rest of us … And no, most gaymen don’t have open relationships.

  29. Jon says

    Gay leaders insist on lumping gay people in with transsexuals and cross-dressers and then we wonder why gays get stereotyped as queeny.

    This blog celebrates various Youtube videos that promote the same stereotype, including one in which a bunch of men in their 30s prance around and lip sync to a Miley Cyrus song. There is nothing inherent in homosexuality that makes grown men degrade themselves by acting like 11-year old girls. The men in that video acted that way b/c they thought they would get positive feedback, and from Towleroad, they did.

    We need to stop labeling ourselves “LGBT”- pretending that we have some fundamental link to crossdressers – and start being gay. And we need to consign the campy, queeny minstrel acts to the past.

  30. jhr459 says

    Grant & Scott – I got into the same discussion with my husband. He said ‘well, she has gay friends’ and my point is that sometimes the people we count as ‘friends’ can do us the most harm. I had a boss/friend and I believe she really loved me, but she was always throwing me/us under the bus as if we were open game. I don’t believe she was malicious, but it was often more harmful than a real enemy from whom you don’t expect anything.

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