News: Missing Person, Ceara Sturgis, CERN Particle, Michael Stipe

Road A brief history of James Franco's dramatic whispering.

RoadTrack the UARS Satellite as it falls to Earth here and here. Unlikely to hit U.S..

Sturgis RoadJudge allows Ceara Sturgis lawsuit over tuxedo yearbook photo to proceed. "The suit challenged the district's policy allowing male students, but not female students, to wear a tux for senior portraits. The suit alleges a violation of Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination based on gender."

RoadMichael Stipe letting it all hang out after R.E.M. break-up.

RoadKentucky Equality Federation asks DOJ to investigate assault on gay man as hate crime: "Two men have been charged in state court with attempted murder and two women have been charged with complicity to commit attempted murder stemming from the April beating of Kevin Pennington."

RoadDarren Criss and Kristen Wiig begin shooting comedy Imogene.

RoadLevi Johnston says Sarah Palin had a "cougar crush" on him.

Missing RoadGay man missing in Providence, Rhode Island. UPDATE: Not good.

RoadWarrior's Joel Edgerton hits the beach.

RoadOne year after Tyler Clementi's suicide, Rutgers is a changed campus. “It is sad that it took a tragedy for the university to wake up and respond, but the university is doing its best. It’s not easy to try to eradicate bullying, let alone hate,” said Rutgers senior Nelson Morales Jr., who is a photographer for the school newspaper, The Daily Targum.

RoadGay high school swimmer starts blog to reach out during his coming out process.

RoadFirst promo photo for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.

RoadPolice probe death of gay man found beaten to death in San Francisco apartment. "A website about the building describes it as low-cost apartments for low-income people who are living with disabling HIV/AIDS. Family members described Neville, who had AIDS, as being friendly despite having a drinking problem."

RoadJames St. James has some thoughts on Ryan Idol's arrest.

RoadRare white stag photographed in British countryside.

Cern RoadSHOCK: CERN claims measurement of particle faster than light.

RoadTasmanian vote to support same-sex marriage puts pressure on Australian government: "Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim said Tasmania was sending a clear message to Canberra, and specifically federal Labor, who will debate same-sex marriage at its national conference in December. 'Its time for the federal government to change our nation’s laws and provide for marriage equality for all Australians, regardless of gender, regardless of sexuality,' he said in Hobart today."

RoadAlex and Simon beg to stay on Real Housewives of New York City.

RoadUK Lib Dems urge further lifting of ban on gay men giving blood: "The recommendation has been accepted by the health ministers in England, Scotland and Wales, but critics say the changes do not go far enough and are unscientific, based on membership of a social grouping rather than the risk posed by the behaviour of an individual."


  1. say what says

    A White Stag is rare and was seen by the celts as a symbol /visitor from Otherworld

    Otherworld was like a combo fairyland + afterlife+ eden+ home of the Gods

    Does this mean the foreign religion xtianity is dead in former celt lands and the old gods are returning from their slumber? LOL even an atheist can wish once in a while 😛

  2. Sammy says

    Hopefully Rutgers is also training their new RA’s on how to properly handle a complaint from a scared, victimized student who comes to their door at night…not just telling them to write an email and sending them back to their room where a crime had just occurred. 

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  4. Brett M. says

    Regarding the missing gay man in Providence, RI. His name was Kolajo Paul Afolabi. I am sad to report that he has passed away in an accident. He went for a run in the morning and never came back. In a truly horrible turn of events, he fell down, hit his head badly and was unable to be resuscitated. I was loosely acquainted with Kolajo, but know that he was very loving and funny, and was very dear to several of my friends. He will be missed.

  5. Charlie says

    I was always taught the speed of light was a constant. Then a few years back they started talking about slowing it down to just a few feet a second. So if it can be slower why can’t it be faster?

  6. perkins says

    Hmm, accidental death conclusion by the campus police? If I were the brother, I’d want a bit more investigation into that rather bizarre set of circumstances.

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