Ted Haggard to Trade Wives with Gary Busey on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’


Ted Haggard will be swapping wives with Gary Busey on Celebrity Wife Swap, and for some unexplained reason they are shooting at the GLBT Pride Center in Colorado Springs, according to The Gazette:

The premise is simple: Haggard and Busey will swap wives for a short time. The first couple of days, the husbands make the rules for their new “spouses.” After that, the wives take charge. The fun could come from the conflict between Haggard and his reality wife (no word if it’s Busey's fiancée and mother of his new son, or one of his ex-wives), whom sources say is a spiritual woman but not a fan of organized religion.

On the surface, it might seem like an unlikely pairing, but there are several surprising parallels between Busey and Haggard.  Busey is a born-again Christian and active minister with Promise Keepers, and Haggard has returned to the ministry as pastor of St. James, a new nondenominational Christian church in Colorado Springs.

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  1. pedro says

    What a sad man. This, senors y senores, is what is at the heart of all evangelical pastors, just hucksters and con men looking to make a quick buck. Ted’s first con went bust after the methwhore sold him out and he’s been reduced to the carney circuit. Que triste!

  2. hugo says

    I’m really at a loss who to feel more sorry for – Mrs Busey or Mrs Haggart. Both seemed to be punished enough already. Maybe they can run away together. With the poolboy & the gardener.

  3. thom says

    I think the Hot Tub Haggard Family photo says it all. I hope they all keep a copy in their wallets to show people when they ask about the family. The daughter? hmmm….. Trouble ahead there…The sons?…no comment there.
    Rock on Haggards! A great image of America at its best!

  4. jamal49 says

    Gary Busey is a miserable louse and an evangelical creep. He donated money and worked behind the scenes for Prop 8. He is a low-life. I don’t get how Mrs. Haggard would even consent to this. Goes to show how, um, “christian” those two are. I wonder what the Haggard children think of this? Ted in the hot tub, kissing a woman, surrounded by hot chicken. What’s wrong with that picture?

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