Towleroad Guide to the Tube #973

BULLYING IS VIOLENCE: A new campaign from the Anti-Violence Project.

OUR SOLAR SYSTEM: Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon.

RANDY THOMASSON: Anti-gay activist Randy Thomasson of 'Save California' says Larry King provoked his own murder.

JAVIER DIAZ: Lifted Eddie Vedder's voice.

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  1. atomic says

    So, by Thomasson’s reasoning, because he said such hateful and bigoted remarks, he’s to blame for his own murder if someone were to put a bullet between his eyes. You heard it everyone. You’ve got his permission, because he asked for it!

  2. Jeff Kurtti says

    Look, you Towleroad bleeding hearts. Think about it if the shoe was on the other foot. What if you were accosted by the life-threatening and horrifying action of someone getting you all mixed up on your gender roles and sexual orientation? You’d go get a gun, because those things are so important and vital that they require killing. Oh, wait. No. That is stupid.

    By Thomasson’s logic, if my (hypothetical) gay son was accosted by an aggressive female teen who shook her tits at him and batted her eyes and wiggled her behind, and made lewd advances, my gay son should go shoot her?

  3. topher says

    OMG, that Eddie Vedder impersonator was spot on! Check this other chilean girl singing Rehab watch?v=0EueSpmT4Gc (I’m a BIG Amy Winehouse fan, and this girl was amazing).

  4. Joey says

    Thomasson has his reality mixed up. Larry King was first harassed. The killer and his posse wouldn’t let him in the boys bathroom. Called him names, punched him, the normal disgusting bullying. So Larry fought back the only way he knew he could get to them; by flirting with them telling them they really wanted to have sex with him.. Confronted by that kind of sexual power the killer acted. Larry scared him about his own desire and his need not to be seen as gay and he didn’t know how to stop it so he killed him

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