1. George says

    This morning I hoisted my ship’s flag once again. It had not flown in forty three years. Some time ago I vowed that I would not fly the American flag over my home. If my country could not support me, than I would not support it by flying its flag. Today Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is history. Today I’m flying the flag.
    This particular flag is significant. It was given to me when I left my ship at the end of my service. It had flown from the mast and still has the soot stains from the stacks.
    A marine veteran, who served in Iraq, actually congratulated me. That made me feel good. It’s an emotional day. There is hope for the upcoming generations and diversity is taking hold.
    I had survived the military as a gay man. Of course we didn’t have DADT back then. We locked the doors to our closets and made sure not to let anyone in. We endured the bullying and took the beatings. TODAY IT’S OVER!

  2. Diego says


    Thank you for your service! Can you post a little bit about your time at sea? For instance, were you in the the Navy or Marines? And what was life like aboard your ship?

  3. George says

    I was in the Navy from 1965 to 1966. Today is full of emotion for me. There are memories that I prefer not to share, even here.