1. Pete n SFO says

    Could someone please invent a targeted glitter-gun? We’re the GAYS after all! We need to do it well, AND fabulously… or frankly it shouldn’t be done.

    And seriously, WTF, if it’s true that one group was given access and another not… I’ll reserve judgement until we’ve got the specifics.

    Gay-gineers, get busy!

  2. says

    I think these glitter bombs are not a good idea and the ‘activists’ need to stop and think about if these stunts are actually convincing people to our side or just leaving a pile of glitter to clean up.

    Yes, liberals are on our side, but we still need to convince those who may not look favorably on this and whose support we need.

    Again, all I ask is that people think twice and ask themselves is this in deed going to bring about gay marriage. If not, it’s best maybe not to do it. And instead focus on convincing more people.

  3. JeffRob says

    When you can really get it all over your target, I think it’s a great protest. It takes FOREVER to get glitter out of your clothes, hair, etc. You’re finding it for months and months, as any of us who have ever worn a glittery costume know. The picture in my head of an anti-gay politician or activist being reminded of our tenacious fabulousness every day for months is truly a glorious one…

  4. Derek Pearce says

    Darn too bad it cut off when it did. Would have loved to heard more of what that guy telling them off had to say! As it was good for him for saying the State Fair should never have allowed them in.

  5. john leddy says

    i am opposed to the glittering of anti-gay folks, the shaving cream pies in the faces of our opponents and the attempted blackmail of Santorum by Savage etc. This is america and we all have the right to express our opinions. We should use our voices, in every forum possible, to tell our fellow americans our story: that we gay people are their brothers, sisters, parents, friends, co-workers , neighbors and fellow citizens and we MUST have the same rights and responsibilities as everybody else.

  6. bewilderbeast says

    I am against the whole glitter bomb tactics. Protesting with signage is about as far as people should go, but once you throw something at someone, in due time you should probably expect a retaliation. I know if I was ever the subject of something thrown at me by the Phelps crew, I would probably punch that person in the person’s face who instigated it. So the recipient of the glitter bomb decides to take the person out with a right jab to the face…then what? War? Are we not bullying others and making us look like divas by throwing glitter at other people. I am out and very proud, I just kind of find this embarrassing.

  7. Jim in St Louis says

    Is there a point to this glitter stuff? Or is it just the usual “look at me” stunt from those fags who have a pathological need for attention? Not seeing that this is “harmless” it seems annoying and borderline assault. But that may be the point. Have a total stranger run up and throw a unknown substance in someone’s face and then hope the victim reacts (or over reacts) – ha ha

  8. Elan says

    To the people asking the point: I think it is to get people’s attention; to in turn get attention to the cause. Someone says “Hey, what’s up with the glitter?” then finds out that the fair allowed one group in and not another. Otherwise maybe they wouldn’t know about the issue. But I agree that this may not be the best way to go about it. I’ve always found making people upset usually doesn’t win them over. Being the bigger person and using logic might work better. But who knows? This did bring the fair’s injustice to my attention.

  9. Paul says

    Shame on any of you for criticizing this glittering action. Wake up!! We are fighting a culture war here…it is going to take a lot of fighting to get our rights!! This is a brilliant campaign. Kudos to the people behind it!!
    Don’t forget the Drag queens were the fighters in Stonewall…that was most likely a group that you closeted gays were the most ashamed of, but they fought back for your rights!!
    It is not fair that the republigan candidates keep spewing hate and the media allows it, without calling them on it.
    They are all vowing to push our rights back if elected…so get off your high-horse and join the fight!!

  10. Jim in St Louis says

    I’ve been wide awake to the screams of the queens for years- Zero results. And a lot of allies have been turned off from the cause. Vote losers everyone of these displays. Stay home and practice lip-syncing to DreamGirls and leave the politics to the grown ups. And NEVER assume that you can speak for MY interests again.

  11. Jim says

    The thing I want to know is was it really true that only 1 side was offered a booth at the fair? If so, this is very unfair, and the “pro” gay side should seek legal action. But, what do we expect from a state that is represented by MIchele Bachmann!

    The point of the glitter is if they make too much of a stink about the “violent act” that was committed against them, they look like they are over-reacting… to glitter! Duh, it doesn’t take a genius to get it.

  12. anon says

    I think we should declare victory in our protests. The religious right thinks things are going against them and we should pile on. Make gay rights a self-fulfilling prophesy.

  13. ohplease says

    As always, I totally support the glitterbombers, they just need more glitter. A better glitter delivery system is definitely called for. Mixing with confetti also seems to make a better visual.

  14. DeeperStill says

    “I know if I was ever the subject of something thrown at me by the Phelps crew, I would probably punch that person in the person’s face who instigated it.”

    bewilderbeast, the phelps have already thrown something at you; their lowlife bigotry and hate. A little glitter is nothing compared to the evil these people are throwing around.

    In any case, some of us like the glitterbombs, some of us don’t. You can’t have it your way every single time. And I think most people see it for what it is; A non-hateful response to the anti-gay BS, and a great way to ridicule these people.

  15. homogenius says

    To all the tired queens pissing and moaning about glittering and other direct action: It’s a proven adage that every movement needs both an MLK and a Malcolm X. Does no one remember Saul Alinskey any more?

    Case in point: In the Nightline broadcast marking Ryan White’s death, AIDS activist Martin Delaney explained that one Pharma exec told him that the only reason they were meeting with him was because they knew the alternative was Larry Kramer peeing on the desk.

    This is not an “either/or” proposition. We need to (selectively) employ EVERY non-violent tactic we can.

  16. says

    I get why some say “right on,” but to me it comes off as lightweight and silly. I’m all for social protest, I just think pies and glitter are counterproductive. It’s hard, though, bc most people tune out old school picketing by now, too.

  17. mike128 says

    @ Jim in St Louis: First, I’d appreciate it if you would stop using the terms “fags” and “queens” to diminish people within our own community. Secondly, the screams of protesters is what started the gay rights movement. Remember Stonewall? I’m not sure how I feel about the glitter bombing, but I certainly know that more aggressive antics HAVE accomplished at least SOME things for our community AND also have forced the mainstream to take notice that we WILL fight back.

  18. says

    here’s something i’ve learned from more than 10 years of Out Proud LGBT activism and advocacy – the people that “complain” about things like this dont’ do ANYTHING to help the cause.

    theyre the types who say “Wouldn’t it be better if we, like, talked to people and blah blah blah and like we shared opinions and were respectful?” …which would be wonderful if those wimps actually did that. they don’t. EVER.

    yes. the people who complain about these glitter-bombings are the types who have anti-gay family and ‘friends’ and have so far NOT succeeded in changing any hearts and minds at all, yet they still keep on doing the same thing and hoping for a different result.

    grow some spine, folks.

    we need advocacy AND in-your-face activism. wake UP.

  19. Jim in St Louis says

    Fine- no more fags and queens. But you are so in the wrong to even dare to bring up Stonewall. Those guys were fighting to be free of harassment, Fighting to be left alone to live their lives the way they wanted to. The exact opposite of the glitter boobs here, who are purposely being aggressive (and oh-so just to this side of being legal) If these twits REALLY have a civil rights issue they could use the law and sue. But tell me why not? Cause its more to them to get attention.

  20. DG says

    The evil-incarnate Phelps clan is smart enough to get international press for their opinion, and win legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court.
    All it would take is for one person to claim physical injury due to inhalation or injestion from one of these glitter-bombings, and they would ride the victim train all the way to the bank AND a ‘win’ in the court of public opinion.
    It’s fascinating to watch people try so desperately to be included in a system that they have no understanding of whatsoever.

  21. Craig says

    Looks like they glitter bombed the ground 10 feet away from the both and the lesbian who ran into it. Apparently glitter-bombers need to be educated on wind factor.

  22. chuck says

    The marriage amendment group received a location at the MN State Fair AFTER it opened!
    The anti-amendment group applied for a space last July and were turned down…were told there was not space available for them. Even if the space opened unexpectedly…previous applicants should have been given the location rather than a late applicant. Even the Fair has turned Red State!

  23. Bill says

    Jim in St Louis: And just who the hell do you think you are to speak for MY interests? See how it works both ways? No, I’m guessing you don’t. As important to the universe as I’m sure you are, it’s just too much to ask that everyone run their ideas by you before implementing a protest campaign.

  24. Jesus says

    What do you mean, “meaningful change”?? My glitter bomb tactics are totally working on the congressional level! You know how our elected representatives respond to the threat of having glitter poured on them by some angry protester… This is just so much more glamorous than education and all that other dreadful, boring activist stuff!

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