1. v says

    Alec always has great timing….although the idea of this skit is funnier than the execution. WTF happened to Baldwin’s upper lip and face? His pained squint and rubbery upper lip make him look like DeNiro.

  2. Chris says

    It was kind of funny but I’ve always been confused with this straight obsession of who’s the top and who’s the bottom in gay relationships, especially since so many (most?) of us are versatile.

  3. Strepsi says

    @ CHRIS: it’s a vestige of the heterosexist assumption that one is acting ‘masculine’ (penetrating) and one is acting ‘feminine’ (being penetrated). This is exactly the reason classic Feminism failed to understand gay people, it always insisted that the penetrated man was being violated as a woman.

    Straight conservatives and feminists alike have never been able to wrap their minds around versatility (even within straight couples — it ain’t just lesbians buying strap-ons, and it ain’t just gay men and straight women buying dildos and butt plugs, if you know what I mean)…

  4. says

    That was actually really funny. It’s refreshing to see it when comedians and comedy shows get “gay jokes” right. The key is in laughing with gay people, not at them, and this succeeds in that effort.

  5. GMB says

    @Ryan, BIG AGREE. Thankfully, when you’re in the hands of Bill Hader and Alec Baldwin, their instincts are *spot on* on how to make the kind of gay jokes that gay people would laugh at, instead of feeling made fun of. // Hate to say it, but this is a bit of a milestone. Gay sex jokes on something as mainstream as SNL? We’ve come a long way…

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