1. FunMe says

    Thanks for ruining my PC screen! Who is that freaking UGLY jerk? I actually don’t care. Please, no photos of a**holes here. Por favor. :-)

  2. DearComrade says

    Yawn!!Fringe Freak of The Week. Like Glen Beck his star is fading. Even Limbaugh is losing his luster. Scream louder Andrew no one is listening.

  3. jake says

    well, to me, it seems clear who is dangerous and raving.

    breitbart, along with the tea party followers, are pawns being used by the corporatist powers in this country. now is the time to stand up for labor and the unions. this man has is raving and powerful, and he is directing his energy towards the working and middle class…

  4. Mike says

    Who calls him gay? I guess I havn’t seen much of twitter, but I don’t think he’s gay. I think George Washington wants his hair back, but I don’t think he’s gay. He called us bullies on a playground a minute after he said he’s really not kidding about shooting liberals.

  5. Rowan says

    What is it with you Americans and your mental right wingness???! I’ve never seen a bunch of people so proud of being mean!

  6. jexer says

    There’s no depths this sociopath won’t stoop to. He’ll find someone to shoot him in the ass as then blame gays/liberals for it eventually.

    ? “They talk a mean game, but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with.” ?

    Yes. We know what we’re dealing with. Anti-Freedom, Un-American conformist bullies like him. Keep in mind, the Vatican doesn’t rely on numerical or military strength either… and they seem to be doing just fine.

  7. says

    Does he and his ilk think that after all the hate crimes out there and listening to loons like him, that WE don’t have guns too? He and his friends are in for a rude awakening.

    I can’t talk for the rest of the country but we’ve git plenty of armed queers up here in the northern New England states.

  8. Karl says

    He may be crazy, but he is near the top of the upper echelon of the Republican power players and Tea Party followers. Make no mistake, these are the kinds of people that are now running the Republican party. They are dead serious about taking over the country and imposing their perverted brand of dominionism on the land. It’s no joke.

  9. corvidae says

    So, yeah, I thought with all the recent brinksmanship things had reached an all time low in the US… guess I was wrong.

  10. DearComrade says

    “”The Philistine not only ignores all conditions of life which are not his own but also demands that the rest of mankind should fashion its mode of existence after his own”, and “What is a philistine? A hollow gut, full of fear and hope that God will have mercy!” – Goethe

  11. So Left I'm Right says

    I wish this deluded raving would mean he would be excluded from the media taking him seriously, but of course it won’t.

  12. Bob R says

    Not to share Breitbart’s apparent paranoia, but there is more than an element of truth in what he says and believes and those are shared by many, including senior members of the military. I assure you officers like Gen. Boykin are not an anomalies in uniform. There are verifiable reports that Christian fascists, Dominionists and the like have successfully infiltrated the military academies and the rank and file military itself. So it is not at all unlikely that a good percentage of our “volunteer” or mercenary military would align themselves with the political right.

    Perhaps Breitbart lost control and let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.

    At the very least, this demands an INDEPENDENT investigation, but with a President who fears his military and a GOP House that has nothing to gain should such conditions actually exist inside our current MIC, I expect nothing will come of it. Military coups in America aren’t fantasy, they just haven’t been successful. Yet.

  13. says

    Such a desperate narcissist.
    I’ve had dealings with him in the past. Several years back the “L.A.Times” had the two of us in a “dilogue” on th op-ed pages. This was just when he was getting started. Then came the ACORN stunt and most egregious of all his doctoring of a videotape to make it appear that Shirley Sherrod (an Obama official) was a black racist who hated white people. He and his minions have been flailing around for attention ever since.

    His father-in-law, BTW, is Orson Bean — a brilliant actor (“Being John Malkovich”) who in his youth was a communist. Now of course he’s a neo-fascist.

    And to top it all off Breitbart is a big supporter of GOProud. IOW he’s his own “gay joke.”

  14. robert in nyc says

    Psychopathic talker if you ask me as are all Tea Party scumbaggers and their equally crazy Civil Libertarians. Definitely certifiable! By the way, he’s married with children but in this day and age, doesn’t mean anything. My gaydar continues to twitch though.

  15. says

    Besides proving this man is batshit crazy, his rant proves his side is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. He wants to resort to violence to try and get his way. Other than the tea party types, the militia and white supremists joining his jihad against liberals and anyone else he deems less than, most people will find this behavior repugnant and will quickly turn on him.

    The truth shall triumph in the end.

  16. Angela Channing says

    Considering the Obama administration did not want to pursue any investigation of the Iraqi war, they won’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

  17. greg says

    Watch when he touches his nose. That is an identifiable nonverbal thing that people do when they are lying.

  18. El-Brucio says

    My personal pet theory is that the tea party actually started out as a sane group of people who were outraged about government corruption and cronyism. The ruling oligarchy noticed and immediately moved to infiltrate them with people who act crazy in order to limit their popularity in the public eye.

    Or sadly, it just happened on it’s own by the ultra-crazies who saw something they could latch on-to that would give them the power they lacked in Washington.

  19. says

    Wow. Now I really do know that there are a lot of clueless fags who read this site. Really? You don’t know who Breitbart is?

    Remember ACORN? The huge organization that gets out the vote and registers people to vote? Destroyed by Breitbart and his faked / edited video.

    Shirley Sherrod?

    How about Anthony Weiner? That one was on Towleroad. Remember? Weiner’s weiner, and one of the most outspoken Democrats destroyed.

    This man is the incarnation of evil. He is what is wrong with the American political system, where unaware idiots are misled into voting against their own interests. Apparently many here are unaware of the puppetmaster behind all these cases. Very sad. Wake up, please!

  20. Hue-Man says

    Stock market crash. Millions unemployed. Financial/economic depression. Hyper-militarization. Demands for law and order. Extreme right wingers dressed up in weird costumes. I’ve misplaced my calendar – is it 1933 Germany already?

  21. ratbastard says


    And the British Empire wasn’t ‘mean’ [ditto Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.]? The people who gave the world communism, Marxism, fascism [European+Asian] and slaughtered tens of millions [actually probably at least 200 million in wars, death camps, starvation] weren’t [aren’t] ‘mean’?

  22. ratbastard says

    Stock market crash. Millions unemployed. Financial/economic depression. Hyper-militarization. Demands for law and order. Extreme right wingers dressed up in weird costumes. I’ve misplaced my calendar – is it 1933 Germany already?

    Posted by: Hue-Man | Sep 18, 2011 11:05:22 AM


    What’s your opinion of extreme leftwingers? Nazi Germany came about as a result of a backlash against [a long with other factors] extreme leftwing, uber ‘progressive’ politics and ideology.

  23. ratbastard says

    What’s your opinion of extreme leftwingers? Nazi Germany came about as a result of a backlash against [a long with other factors] extreme leftwing, uber ‘progressive’ politics and ideology.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Sep 18, 2011 11:47:35 AM


    Reagan, Thatcher, Sarkozy, etc. came about due to a backlash against extreme leftwing ideology. Obama got elected due to the financial ‘crisis’ and bailouts, but it looks apparent he won’t have the staying power of Thatcher, Reagan, or even G.W.

  24. Bubba says

    At least he will survive the winter. All those acorns he is storing in his cheeks will come in handy when the snow flies.

  25. says

    There’s a marvelous interview with Jon Stewart in the new “Rolling Stone” in which he points out that once you get away from the media and talk to actual people you discover that precious few are as polarized and ideologically rigid as said media likes to claim. The media is addicte to an absolute /Left/Right dichotomy with no nuance or variation. That’s why hectoring turds like Breitbart osak up so much air time. He represents no one but his paranoid little self and a handful of acolytes and toadies.

  26. Because I Care says

    A few years ago there was an article in Harper’s magazine about the these so called ‘freedom fighters’. People that are in the armed forces and on the police force who are waiting for the sign that the revolution has begun and will side with their right wing nut brethren. No joke.

    Next, they’ll get the ovens ready for us.

  27. Carl says

    He’s also a liar – right wing nut jobs DO NOT outnumber liberals. And yes, Andrew, we have guns too….

  28. Nyrkr says

    I always thought, at least per recorded history, that the real cause of the nazi’s rise to power was the world-wide great depression and the impact it had on the already bankrupt german economy, you know where a loaf of bread was 250,000 marks in the morning and 400,000 marks by the afternoon. It was spurely economic in it’s origins along wioth the reparations demanded by France, England & Co by the Treaty of Versailles versus the alleged depravity of culture of the Weimar Republic.

  29. says

    It is perhaps time, no matter how unpalatable or against our grain, for some of us to consider arming ourselves. But of equal importance is our physical fitness, ability to gather, rate, and disseminate imformation, to be willing and able to house, heal, and, counsel each other, in general to be a hard target that would be perceived by outsiders as costly to engage. Perhaps as a start some of us could consider becoming licensed hunters and amateur radio operators, aquiring “first aid” skills, and dusting off that old gym membership. Please forgive me for suggesting we take on some of the trappings of our enemies but I do fear for our kind. Don’t forget a good trigger lock.

  30. RWG says

    Sedition: stirring up rebellion against the government.

    Treason: betrayal of one’s country to an enemy.

    All elected officials and military officers take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

    By conspiring with unnamed officers of the US military, it sounds to me like Breibart is a domestic enemy of the Constitution and may be guilty of both sedition and treason.

    Where is the Department of Justice in this? The FBI? Homeland Security? This guy is calling for armed insurrection and should be arrested without further delay.

  31. Hue-Man says

    I meant to add to my missing calendar/Germany 1933 comment (why no delete or edit button?): Demonization of religious minorities (muslims, non-fundi-christians) and persecution of gays. The elimination of trade union membership. The treatment of moderates and liberals as communists and socialists was implied.

  32. Houndentenor says

    As if anyone thinks Breitbart is gay or wishes he were.

    But the guns part is scary. Conservatives outnumber liberals? Interesting, since if that were true, wouldn’t they win every election?

  33. Redebbm says

    This man lies and distorts to make a living, he loves and craves the attention. What is scary though is that he is unhinged and has a following that is equally unhinged. Liberal in his eyes is anything that goes against his crazy head.

  34. says

    Pretty weak argument, what he is actually saying is that the left will not try to violently take over because they know the right is armed.

    The “cry treason” nonsense from this site is laughable, particularly considering the lefts support of such folks as Fonda and Manning.

    But it is funny to watch the left sink deeper and deeper into panic.

  35. Blub says

    The Nazis came to power because of chancellor Brüning and his party, which was not left-wing at all, but center-right Catholics, pursued austerity. The economic ruin as a result and the attempt to check him by embedding him in government led to the rise of Hitler.

    The attempt to connect it with fear of left-wing politics is nothing but declaring Nazi propaganda (see Reichstag fire etc.) history.

  36. jamal49 says

    Yes, Andrew Breitbart is gay. He was in a relationship with Matt Drudge, if anyone cares to know.

    Even Matt Drudge, who is about as slimy and sleazy as they come, couldn’t handle Breitbart’s drinking and drugging. Breitbart is a very sick man, mentally and physically. But, do not dismiss his rantings about “civil war”.

    If anyone has taken the time to listen to right-wing radio or read much of the right-wing periodicals or blogs, then you will know that the talk of “civil war” is prominent and gaining traction.

    It is what the right-wing wants. They WANT civil war. They want civil chaos. They want to destroy civil government. They want to destroy the middle- and working-class. They want to bankrupt America.

  37. anon says

    The Nazis came to power because the Wiemar made a complete mess of things, including hyper-inflation that wiped out the middle class, but also because the Nazis had a large populist and nostalgic appeal in Bavaria, the most independent part of Germany at the time, the most nationalistic and most the anti-Semitic. They rose to power as a minority party in Bavaria and then muscled there way in elsewhere. However, there is no comparison between then and now in almost any sense of the word.

    The Tea Party arose as a reaction to the corrupt practices of the last Republican Congress, and had little to do with Obama until the 2010 elections, by which time the membership included a whole bunch of splinter groups. It’s evolved or devolved quickly over the last 5 years.

    Breitbart is a right-wing rabble-rouser in the Michael Moore style without the talent. Moore gets equally angry but hides his paranoia a lot better and is not prone to declaiming violence as a solution.

  38. Stop the Insanity says

    If elected Democrats hadn’t been so quick to abandon ACORN and Shirley Sherrod, Breitbart would not have the attention and power he now does. Absolutely, he should be investigated for treason. But he should have been put in check a long time ago, if only Congressional Democrats and the White House had not been so eager to use his lies as excuses to distance themselves from progressive activists.

  39. CatSneeze says

    This guy is nuts. Waiting for someone to cross his “personal mental line” so he can shoot to kill is premeditated murder. That’s like saying “Just wait for some NAACP member to come to MY door, we have THE GUNS!11″

    Newsflash to batshit nut of the week, gays ARE afriad of you and we have guns in OUR homes in case we have to defend our lives from a threat that we feel is life threatening. There’s a big difference from defending yourself and shooting first for the fun of it. This nutjob needs to be put away sooner than yesterday if possible.

  40. Barbara says

    Jeez, I knew he was nuts, but I never knew how far around the bend he had driven. One scary psych case. Baker act him NOW!

  41. says

    I love them all! I teach kindergarten and I’m going to make a theme, and photographs have given me so many ideas! You are so talented! Thanks!