Sean Avery Was Called a ‘F**king Faggot’ on the Ice. Will the NHL Care? — VIDEO

Here's the clip, According to commenters on a hockey board, it was audible on one broadcast:


  1. Brian says

    Sean Avery is adorable and has some major balls standing up for gays in the way he does, considering his profession. Meanwhile, the black guy who plays a sport that is 98% white is intolerant. Who wudda thought?

  2. James says

    NHL rules state that the maximum the league can fine a player is $2500, so he’s definitely not going to get a Kobe-level fine, but I’ve seen reporters saying he will get a talking to, and probably some fine as well.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    “Meanwhile, the black guy who plays a sport that is 98% white is intolerant. Who wudda thought?”

    You, Brian, of course.

    Simmonds made a stupid mistake by using a anti-Gay slur against Avery (a Straight guy). Simmonds will be fined.

    But Simmonds is not intolerant or he couldn’t possibly withstand the insults he receives in that National Hockey League which you so remind us is “98% white”.

    And I commend Avery for not being intolerant. He’s being a good sportsman about the incident this morning (just as Simmonds was about the incident a week ago) And, unlike you, he certainly wouldn’t want to see Simmonds hanging from a tree.

  4. says

    Not to defend Mr Simmonds but you would also have to think about those gays that post on their profiles,not into Asians,blacks,Hispanics.

    For straight people calling someone a faggot is not that much of a big deal, to us yes. To gays reading such statements in a profile, is well dumbfounding.

    To Brian, Sean Avery has a name, and Wayne Simmonds to you becomes the black guy.Just asking.

  5. cadence says

    Brian, we have more than enough examples of gay white people who are also racist to know that people aren’t automatically tolerant of others, or aware of their own prejudices, just because they are a member of a minority group.

  6. Brian says

    So predictable again, Derrick. Defending black people, no matter what they do. Louis Farrakhan could go on a 30 minute rant about wanting to murder all gays and Jews in the world, and Derrick would find a way to defend him.

  7. ratbastard says

    Sean Avery is not a very good ‘sportsman’, with all due respect.

    As for dating profiles:

    Everyone discriminates. Everyone has likes and dislikes [or more accurately non-turn-ons]. IT’S A DATING / HOOK-UP SITE! I tend to be especially physically attracted to dudes with dark hair, for example. Does that mean I don’t ‘like’ or am not attracted to others? No.

    People need to grow up.

  8. Rick says

    “Wayne Simmonds had a banana thrown at him during a recent game in Canada. He has first-hand experience with bigotry. You’d think he’d be working against it.”

    Yeah, you would think that about most black people, but we know now that virtually none of them actually think that way. A few are principled when it comes to issues of bigotry and discrimination and see the parallel between the racism they experience and the discrimination and hate directed at other minorities, but the vast majority are not and their attitudes can therefore be said to be driven entirely by self-interest rather than by principle.

    In short, most of them only care about discrimination when they, themselves, are the victims….and black gays like Derek only perpetuate that mindset by defending them when they engage in the most virulent kind of homophobic actions which, of course, he would never do with white homophobes). And the Simmonds example just brings that mindset into bold relief

    I honestly think we are wasting our time imagining that that mindset is ever going to change; if guys like Simmonds don’t “get it” at this point, they are never going to.

    So let him get bombarded with bananas the next time he steps on the ice. Who cares?

  9. Francis says

    Wayne is an idiot, not because of his race, but because his essentially defense of using a hateful slur he KNOWS he used. Just say “yeah, I used it, and I f*cked up.” That’s what other athletes like CM Punk or Joakim Noah did. They used it, they apologized, they learned a lesson.

    I guess it’s going to take a hit in the pocketbook for Mr. Simmonds to learn.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “Sean Avery is not a very good ‘sportsman’, with all due respect.”

    Thank you, Ratbastard. Of course, I don’t know a thing about Hockey or Hockey players. I just thought that both athletes were trying to get beyound the incident, and admit they both lost control in their angry exchange last night.

    Brian, if you don’t want a “predictable” response from me then why do you go on your predictable rants against Black people every time a story pops up concerning a Black person’s anti-Gay behavior. You blame and insult Black folks in general when you clearly could aim your grievances at that individual Black person.

    “Louis Farrakhan could go on a 30 minute rant about wanting to murder all gays and Jews in the world, and Derrick would find a way to defend him.”

    I don’t like Louis Farrakhan, Brian. He helped assassinate Malcolm X. It’s a wonder you don’t like him for that.

  11. Rick says

    “Brian, if you don’t want a “predictable” response from me then why do you go on your predictable rants against Black people every time a story pops up concerning a Black person’s anti-Gay behavior. You blame and insult Black folks in general when you clearly could aim your grievances at that individual Black person.”

    @Derrick You know the anwer to that perfectly well, Derrick. It is because of the hypocrisy involved. As a group, blacks are virtually unanimoous in their belief that racism is wrong, AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, and they want the rest of society to acknowledge that and behave accordingly. The vast majority of these same people, however, do not believe that homophobia is wrong, AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, nor do they believe that discrimination against anybody else who is not black is wrong, AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, and that mindset comes out of a culture that causes them to think that way.

    You might have a point about just singling out the individual if the vast majority of blacks acted on principle when it comes to bigotry directed at other minority groups and there were only a few who did not, but the reality is that it is the other way around, with the vast majority not acting on principle and only a tiny handful doing so.

    You can still make your argument legitimately–that only the individual’s behavior should matter, regardless of race–but you could only do so by conceding that there is no reason for anybody to care whether that individual gets victimized by racism, himself–and as I said, since that would apply to the vast majority of blacks, then there is little reason to feel sympathy towards the group as a whole when they are victiized by racism.

  12. says

    I once had a conversation with a blue eyed blond in New york a while back, he asked me where I lived and I said Germany, he said I would never go there as I am Jewish, I replied right, no one would know you are Jewish unless you said something,a black man in Germany does not have that luxury,should problems arise concerning race.

    Straight men use such a term with each other because they do not understand the hurt that can be felt by such words regardless of race.

    It is sometimes impossible to understand commentators that can sweep an entire ethnicity into one bowl, as if ‘they’ have a collective thought.

    @Rick your comments are identical with my Blue eyed acquaintance,ready to conclude with a broad brush anyone who hails from Germany as being antisemitic.

    @Rick a small list

    James Baldwin,Langston Hughes,Bayard Rustin,Coretta Scot King,Keith Boykin, Don Lemon, Wanda Sykes,Grace jones John Amaechi. Just a small variety of ‘blacks’.

  13. Joe SF says

    These PC anecdotes are great and all, but in the real world, it appears that the culprit in these high-profile gay slur cases is usually a straight African American male: Kobe Bryant, Larry Johnson, Allen Iverson, Tracey Morgan, Isiah Washington, DeSean Jackson, Joakim Noah, Reverend Phil N. Blank… This is a very long list, punctuated only occasionally by whites (remember John Rocker?).

    Is this inherent in minority communities, given histories of emasculation and the competitive dynamics of oppression (“at least I’m not gay”), or are blacks being wrongly singled out here due to perceived hypocrisy (“it’s less okay for them to be homophobic because they should know better as victims of racism”)?

  14. B. says

    @ Joe SF
    How selective of you. I think you also left off:

    Maggie Gallager, Bryan Fisher, Tony Perkins, Sally Kerns, George Rekkers, Goran Ivanisevic. Jeremy Shockey (football), Todd Jones (baseball), Bill Donohue, Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum.

  15. Mark says

    First post here, long time TR reader and lurker, hockey fan, bisexual, white, Polish-Irish-recovering-Catholic-American (do I have all of the categories covered, now?), and I just thought I’d offer a bit of an outsider perspective here:

    Derrick, I see only as going on and on about how white members of the queer community are intolerant of black members of the queer community.

    Brian, I see only as doing the same, but in negative (black are intolerant of white).

    Could it possibly be that making such blanket statements and generalizations about LARGE POPULATIONS OF PEOPLE can’t POSSIBLY hold true for all of them? Is it at all possible that, by golly, there are black gay racists and white gay racists? It is at all possible that you’re both right on various points; that you both need to get past the contention over who’s “more right”; that you both should be more concerned with not just specific incidents or kinds of oppression but with ALL oppression? Christ, it’s like kindergarten in here. This isn’t about being “right”; this is about seeking justice whenever injustice occurs, and justice is not vengeance or retribution. Get over yourselves—this isn’t about you, or with what in-groups you specifically identify—this is about INJUSTICE.

  16. sal says

    dang look at some of these comments,how did some homophobes end up on towleroad??…racism??really,go to some hihop homophobe website where you can sing hateful songs about gays and leave this website alone ya jerks!!!!

  17. Jay says

    Andy, will you PLEASE start putting captions on the pictures in your posts so the readers know who they are seeing? This news item has four pictures, none of them captioned.

  18. Joe SF says

    I get it @B, but your list is filled with politicians and other “leadership” who have simply stated anti-gay positions. My list is about the slurs — brazen, nasty outbursts trashing gays and lesbians by famous people (often athletes) who somehow think this is okay.

    Neither is acceptable. To be fair, I’ve opened the door that perhaps blacks are being singled out. I think if you look at my list and yours, you’ll find the hate speech that most encourages violence against gays and lesbians is concentrated in mine.

    I’m simply asking something that’s been asked before: Is it worse in the African American community, and if so, why? We should understand this better if we’re going to fight it. And thanks for reminding me — I forgot Tim Hardaway, Ken Hutcherson, Joey Porter, Garrison Hearst, James Harrison…

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