1. EO says

    sorry, but just because this dude is gay and i’m gay doesn’t mean i or anyone else in the gay community is obligated to “support” him. if the clip is any indication, he walked in with a rude attitude. i can’t stand people like that, gay or straight. if the full scene shows Cowell being disrespectiful first, i may change my opinion, but somehow i doubt that was the case. having singing talent does not give you a free pass to be a c*nt.

  2. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Maybe Simon’s “lippiness” was excised from this clip, because there sure wasn’t anything there. Just some jerk trying to pass off his rudeness as a product of being from New York.

  3. TommyOC says

    I didn’t realize “New York gays” were the only ones entitled to respect. As if every other gay tolerates being spat upon.

    That said, if this famewhore really thought he had a shot at the $5mil prize, he would have gladly endured anything Simon threw at him, New York gay or not.

    Enjoy your 15 seconds, kid.

  4. Bob R says

    Didn’t watch American Idol and won’t be watching this show either. As for Xander, the attitude is rude and from what I saw, I don’t like you very much and hope people don’t judge the gay people by your “‘tude.” I don’t think you’re going to get very far. At least I hope I don’t see you on TV anytime soon.

  5. Derrick from Philly says


    It’s a type of usage spoken by young Gay folks who’ve survived the meanest of city streets.

    “having singing talent does not give you a free pass to be a c*nt.”

    No, but why not be a c*nt when Judge Cowell is a real d*ck

    Xander is cute. I wish him a good life so that he doesn’t have to wear that bitchy defensive armor…not all the time.

  6. says

    what i find the most depressing is the tone of the comments. it’s clear that what really bothers a lot of you is not that he was rude, which he certainly appeared to be, but that he was “A Straight Person’s Idea of a Gay Stereotype” whilst being rude.

    i dunno. call me crazy, but my problem is his attitude, not how “gay” he seemed or “fem” or “bitchy”, which seems to be what’ irked a lot of people on this and other sites.

    which leads me to then ask – would you have the same response if he’d embodied some, i dunno, “bro-dude” mannerisms and demeanors whilst being rude?

    if so, then leave the misogyny and self-hating homophobia out of it. the problem was that he was rude, but i can’t help but see that to may of you he committed the “crime” of being rude “and too gay”

    which is nonsense.

  7. evixoxx says

    I know Xander Alexander (or Xander Johnson) personally – he recently found out he’s poz, and started using crystal meth. He became completely delusional / crazy for a few months from all the meth use, and went to the audition tweaked (fact). That explains the “attitude”. Drug addict, not Diva.

  8. wds says

    @Evix … sorry, that’s just an excuse. Druggie or not, he came across as just another petulant little boy who never grew up. Frankly, if finding out he was poz caused that kind of reaction – he was that way BEFORE he started using.

    I wouldn’t care if if he was straight, gay, had bro-mannerisms or whatever … his so called ‘tude sucked … And in order to play a diva truly (not just the Ru Paul show variety), there’d better be incredible talent to back it up!!!

  9. Xander Alexander says

    Hey guys, so I just wanted to clear some things up regarding the audition. I was “in character”…it was not an intentionally gay character, it was a stage character meant to egg on Simon. Of course they are going to use the powers of editing to make it look like Simon was being bullied…but come on, simone could never be bullied on his own show, which is why they edited it that way. When you see the audition, you’ll see how Paula abdual laid into him about the way he was treating me, so I got defensive. And no, I didn’t mean to call out “New York Gays” specifically, it was really meant to be more inspiring than it obviously came off. My apologies for that. It was meant to show someone (who happens to be gay) finally standing up to simon. We’ve seen past gay try to stand up to people on media show to no avail. Not to mentioned, the audution process is long and tiring and i was the last one or one of the last ones to audition so I just went out and put on a show…to the support of the producers of the show. We have to remember this is reality television here, most everything is fake, phony, or stage…that’s just how it goes. So please to take such a harsh stance towards me, especially after just seeing a small 30s clip of FOX editing. =)

  10. Tyron says

    Oh good another mouthy flaming stereotypical gay – just what TV needs. Yep, Simon is sometimes a jerk (personally I can’t stand the man) but there a plenty of jerks in this world and, while you don’t need to kiss their ass, you don’t have to prove that you’re a bigger ass than they are.

    And “if”, as Xander says, this was a character (highly unlikely) than it makes it even worse because the chosen character was offensive on so many levels. Xander’s career is going nowhere and that’s exactly where it belongs. With so much talent in NYC it’s a shame that this man’s was highlighted.

  11. Tyron says

    @little kiwi – did you not see Daniel Joseph Baker on “America’s Got Talent”? He was, pardon the expression, as stereotypically gay as most anyone I’ve every seen on television – however, it was also extremely talented and very very respectful of the judges and their comments.

    Baker is, in my opinion, a young man with a bright future who was not, and will not be, held back because of being gay and effeminate. He was never mouthy, disrespectful or rude and was very will liked by the judges (most of the time) and the audience. Xander could take a lesson from Baker on the proper way to execute yourself when auditioning and attempting to build both a fan base and career. If you’re not familiar with Baker google him – he’s going to be famous.

    And a side note – sometime you have to kiss a few asses to get to the point where you can kick a few asses. Success is sweet revenge.

  12. Stella says

    I met this guy shortly after the interview panhandling at a bar across from the audition. He swore he wasn’t gay but only knew songs by Brittany Spears and said Morrison, Joplin, Jay-Z were all old and stupid. He’s a flamer looking for his 10 min (not even 15 min) of fame. Don’t waste your time.

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