1. says

    This story sort of hits me personally. I didn’t know Nick Aaronson, but I am acquainted with someone who was close friends with him, and everything that I’ve heard just says that Nick was a really good guy.

    I would like to know what was the motive and circumstances surrounding his murder. In the meantime, I will mourn the loss of someone, not only vital to Phoenix and the people who live here (including myself), but to the GLBT community at large.

    Nick was a good man.

  2. A.J. says

    I flew on a US Airways flight from Las Vegas to Dallas a week ago today. Nick was one of the flight attendants. He seemed so full of life, and I can’t express how sad this makes me feel. I can’t imagine the pain his family and friends must be feeling.

  3. Francis says

    Very sad. Unfortunately, with Mexico being in the state it’s in socially and their anti-American biases, it’s a place where trouble is just aiming to find you. RIP to him and best wishes go out to those personally impacted by his loss.

  4. Max says

    Francis, I’m from Mexico City, and I can assure you his death had nothing to do with an “anti-American bias.” It was probably a hate crime of a very different kind.

  5. Sancho says

    It will be very interesting to see if they get a conviction in this case. My gut feeling is that a gay panic defense has a very strong chance of success there, and I’ll be surprised if the defense doesn’t use one.

  6. Clint says

    I’m just surprised we don’t hear about more of this, in the wide wide world of gay flight attendants. What a horrible tragedy, but in the grand scheme of things, something is going to go terribly wrong occasionally. Evil like this, though it comes through and at the hands of a human being, is nearly a force of nature. But still, so so sad and tragic.

  7. sugarrhill says

    If you don’t know anything about Mexico’s legal system then you should either use google or not comment about defense strategies. In Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent. Also Mexico City is not only the largest city in Mexico but also the capital where Gay Marriage is a reality and you can’t say the same about the US.

  8. Ken says

    RIP Nick.

    Francis comment is unfounded. This can happen any where, and we can read between the lines the who and how of this. It was no doubt an error in judgement that could happen to anyone. I am an American, I live in Mexico. We are generally well-treated, popular… and safe. These things happen… we need to be careful.

  9. Hollywood, CA says

    Unfortunatly, it sounds like a robbery gone wrong. Sometimes it’s not a plot, or a conspiracy, or a hate crime, or etc. Sometimes it’s a criminal who cons his way into your room, ties you up, kills you, robs you, and leaves. It probably happens way more than we would be comfortable knowing, it just doesn’t reach the media.

    My heart goes out to the family and friends. I have family members who are flight attendants, and they say it can be very dangerous outside the safety of the concourse. Everyone be safe this Halloween!

  10. says

    Mainstreetman The FBI has agents in many foreign countries esp those we have extradition or Interpol agreements with. And its not uncommon to see some Euro countries and Canada make arrests in the US. A well publicized case in San Diego a few years back a wanted IRA hitman was arrested by Scotland Yard in San Diego at a Marina (where he was living on a boat) the SDPD just stood their and watched.

  11. Bri says

    What a horribly wretched place. Next time you druggies out there go to shoot up, snort up, or whatever — think about the conditions you are helping to create in Mexico. My heart goes out to Nick’s friends and family.

  12. Robert says

    let’s not point fingers at anyone, but share in the grief that family members and friends are experiencing at this sad time. Such a shame that such a fine guy is taken from us far too early in life.

  13. Thomas says

    How sad. When will something be done about the escalating violence in Mexico (on the border especially)? If Mexican athorities are powerless against the cartels, then Calderon needs to grant the US Army and DEA temporary operation control over the Federali and local law enforcement.

    Good bye, Nick. I would have liked to have met you.

  14. Troy says

    Its very sad to hear what happened.. I am a flight attendant and have known people that have had things happen to them.. everyone please watch out when you travel.. there are a lot of crazy people out there.. My thoughts are with his family and the whole US Air team…..

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