1. Randy says

    Yes, if there is one persecuted minority in America, it’s Christians.

    Sheesh — we GET it — you can’t discriminate against us anymore, and that makes you very angry. You can’t spread lies about us anymore, and it’s getting harder and harder to find young people who will beat us up or kill us. People don’t listen to you anymore when you say gays are evil.

    And that makes you very angry.

    But there’s a real difference — back in the day, it was gays were beaten and killed, demonized for being gay, and we had our bookstores and bars blown up or windows knocked out. Where were you Christians back then? Oh, yeah, you were the ones throwing the bricks.

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, I guess you don’t like it much, huh?

  2. oliver says

    Liberty Counsel has 11 Friends/Likes on Facebook. The book he hawks during the show is not sold anywhere other than on the show – so that’s their “call in and donate” button, if you will. I have no idea how much they sell that book for but I do know that it costs approximately $1.25 to produce a hardcover book with a dustjacket. They probably charge around $25 for the book (plus tax and shipping, of course). And of course they don’t pay any taxes on that income.

  3. Chip says

    I wouldn’t put it past that bunch to break their own windows so they could use it as a fundraising scheme.

  4. Danny says

    I don’t believe in breaking anybody’s windows. Having said that, show me the pictures of the broken windows and the communique from the group taking credit for it.

  5. Akula says

    I’d like the name of ONE christian in this country who was beaten up for being a christian. How did Barber put it “crickets” ya right because we all know not one christian has been assaulted for their beliefs and we all know that religion is a CHOICE unlike being LGBT, so hey whiney christians “cry me a river”.

  6. Max says

    Pseudo-Christians attack gays and then play victim. It’s been done. No one pays attention to these phonies anymore.

  7. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    WAAAHHHHHH! The fags are being mean to me because I spit on them and called them names! It’s not FAIR! WAAAAHHHHH!

  8. Brian says

    I’m a fairly politically aware gay man, and I admit I never heard of Americans for the Truth about Homosexuality. I would hazard a guess that the large majority of gays are in the same camp. I mention this because, with a fairly ambiguous name, and the number of anti gay to pro gay hooligans in their area probably running about 100 to 1 against the gays, my money is on some dumb redneck chucking a brick through the window because they saw the word homosexual and figured it was some sort of southern HRC. My second choice would be they threw the brick themselves to stir up sympathy donations.

  9. says

    windows can get repaired. alas, you can’t “put a kid back together” after he/she has committed suicide from the hatred, bigotry, false promises of a “cure” and prejudice promoted by this group.

  10. says

    They are honoring Scott Lively, one of the most vile humans that walks the earth. He’s the embodiment of a 21st century Hitler, a deeply troubled soul, pathologically obsessed with homosexuality to the point where advocates the complete marginalization of LGBT people and then he can make millions on setting up reparation camps. Christianists are the most hateful people and obsessed with superstition.

  11. Brad says

    Or poor matt. Somebody threw a rock though his window because he’s an ass hole. He thinks it’s bullying to be told the truth, that your organization singles out a certain group as a recipient of your hatred? It’s interesting, you could replace Christian with gays, blacks, women, Jews or any number of other groups that have been demonized and dehumanized by people like him.
    He wants to know what real bullying is? It’s not rocks through windows because you espouse hatred and lies towards another group of people. It’s being beaten, fired, refused rights, killed, driven to suicide, being told God doesn’t love you, being told your parents will never love you, being told you are destined to die of AIDs like the rest of your kind, having “loving Christians” protest your marriage and fight against your happiness and well being., etc. All because of who you are. Not because you harmed anybody or trampled anybody’s rights. Just because you love the “wrong gender”. What a holes these guys are. I hope there’s a hell for people as self absorbed and evil as guys like this.

  12. WayneMPLS says

    HONORING Scott Lively?!! For what, being a murderer? There has to be Ugandan blood on his hands.

  13. chasmader says

    I’ve often wanted to back hand some of those “Christian Ladies”; an oxymoron if ever there was one.

  14. MikeInSanJose says

    Funny. When anti-xian ‘terrorism’ happens in this country, the prissy little folks call the glass-repair and chat about it on the radio over coffee. When Anti-Gay Terrorism happens in this country, people die and families are ripped apart.

    Let me think, whom should we feel sympathy for?

    I ‘pray’ for the day that xians like this get a taste of their own medicine.

  15. BobN says

    Uh… I assume the police will track down the perps.

    Press releases for terrorist attacks… I wish the gay bashers would do that.

  16. Craig says

    Good GRIEF, the very GALL of these assholes! Listening to them makes my blood boil to the point that I would LOVE to backhand the BOTH of them.

    They are saying WE are the problem? REALLY? This type of propaganda is enraging. It’s ok to do the same thing to us, but it’s HORRIFYING when the favor is returned. And they wonder why someone with a smattering of intellect would rather spit in their faces than speak to them, much less LISTEN to their whining. LORD!

  17. Bart says

    Let them talk. The more they talk the crazier and more ridiculous they appear. They are a bonafied hate group. They have no credibililty or sanity. Keep talking. No one cares. They only talk to each other.