1. MikeH says

    Gotta respect the Marines. Yeah, he was resisting the change, but I remember when the message came down, the Marines were front and center saying they were going to be the best in implementing. This is very positive.

  2. Brian says

    I’m glad he’s fine with it, I mean I’m glad he’s fine. Just seems like his repeating every sentence shows a bit of stress. Just wondering about the sentence repeating, that’s all.

  3. ohplease says

    “… but I’m going to restrict your behavior.”

    Being gay isn’t behavior, General Bigot. Who you love, who you marry, what kind of family you create isn’t behavior.

    That’s okay, you can spout your idiocy for now, but the day will come when even you will get it. That’s because you will have to. Because you lost and we (except for Obama intentionally insuring that gays in the military can still be legally discriminated against) won.

  4. GIVEITUP says

    @ OHPLEASE: Clearly you were not paying attention because he said restricting their behavior, and by that he means their acting openly about it, is something that he WILL NOT do. He specifically said he would be fine with a marine bringing a gay date. I guess idiocy and selective hearing aren’t limited strictly to bigots.

  5. Keppler says

    @GIVEITUP Chill out, for god’s sake! @OHPLEASE The behavior Amos was saying could not and should not be restricted was bringing a same-sex date to the Marine Ball. He wasn’t implying (at least not in this clip) that being gay was a behavior.

  6. bsmart2 says

    I say good for the General. My guess and it is only a guess is that he doesn’t approve but is following policy and the law. Thats all it takes, is the top people saying this is the policy and we will follow the policy completly.

  7. Gerry says

    >My guess and it is only a guess is that he doesn’t approve but is following policy and the law.

    Following the policy and the law is likely to assist people in accepting and approving. It’s hard to accept and approve of something that you have no experience with. Once he experiences the “no big deal” aspect of this, he’ll be fine.

  8. BobN says

    His explanation of why he so opposed repeal is pretty weak. Leaders lead, they don’t “represent” the incorrect views of those below them.

    Still, it’s more important that he supports repeal. An “I welcome them” would have been better than “I’m OK with it”.

  9. dancobbb says

    Sorry to have to say this, but there’s a whiff of ambush about this. Remember, the liklihood that this new open policy will be reversed is all but guaranteed once the GOP gets back into power –both the White House and both houses of Congress. The first thing they will do to prove their ideological purity will be to crap on gays… and the first place they will start will be in the military. Once they reinstate the NO GAYS policy (dispensing with the nuances of DADT), they will drum out every gay person there is. And what better way to identify the gays than to have them take down their guard and reveal themselves to be gay at such an event. Quite interesting to see how someone so vociferously opposed to repealing DADT can position himself as though he has had a change of heart. I also agree with the earlier poster who felt a bit uneasy about the repetition of phrases like “I’m OK with it”… etc.

  10. Contrarian says

    @DanCobbb. Sorry to say I must agree in full. There is a whole lot of undeserved euphoria here concerning DADT’s repeal. It can and will be reversed because one of our two parties has become an Israeli style theocratic party, only in our case fundie evangelical Protestant, not haredi Jew.

    Why the false euphoria by the community? Well, the male part of the LBGT world, oppressed for eons, has always compensated by a drift into a fantasy world of unrealistic expectation and denial. Blanche of “Streetcar” writ large. The kindness of strangers and all that. Ok, I’m getting maudlin, but I see the Rebublicans winning everything and it aint gonna be pretty.

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