Anderson Cooper Says ‘Bullying Stops Here’ at Rutgers University: VIDEOS

In a special CNN report devoted to bullying and LGBT teens, Anderson Cooper says of young people who have taken their lives over harassment: "We owe them and we owe them more than talk."


  1. Michael Bedwell says

    Doesn’t he “owe them” to finally publicly embrace being gay himself? I’m sure I’ll once again stir up the hornets’ nest of the “But he’s PRETTY so we give HIM a pass” queens, but at the same time that anyone doing a week of shows about bullying is a laudable idea, how wrong is it that its host is still hiding in his own public closet? Is he afraid that someone at Privilege High School will shove him into his locker? Throw a Slurpee on one of his $4000 designer suits? “The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill. There is simply no excuse in 2011 for anyone in his job not being publicly out—SEE: Rachel Maddow. And, NO, the predictable excuse that, “But then he’d be in danger when he reports from Muslim countries!” is laughable. Gay celebrities of his stature are never touched by local antigay governments. And, no, no one’s suggesting he tattoo his forehead with the rainbow flag. But by being one of those “Everyone Who Knows Him Knows He’s Gay” gays he telegraphs to nongays that there IS something “wrong” with it,particularly influencing the kind of stories his mainstream media peers do and DON’T do about LGBTs. Great series but, at its heart, it’s a “part of the problem not the solution.” The kids he’s talking about DIED for their courage in being themselves. What’s his excuse?

  2. Matt says

    Michael, yes it would be nice if Anderson came out of the closet, but this is NOT about Anderson! And what does someone being pretty have to do with any closeted issues. YOU sir have a huge chip on your shoulder and need much help to deal with your own issues!!!

    You can’t even see the good that someone like Anderson provides by doing a segment on bullying. Instead, you find something to complain about. Go do something good in your life or something good for someone else instead of complaining.

  3. Michael Bedwell says

    Matt, Honey, I’ve been publicly out and fighting for gay equality since Anderson was 4 years old. I’ve been denied promotions for being openly gay, been fired for being gay for being openly gay, been clubbed to the ground for being openly gay, and arrested while protesting for gay rights. So spare me both your puerile lecture and your clueless understanding of what I wrote.

  4. Des'ree says

    Starting out with a response to someone by including “Honey” says everything about you that we need to know. That chip on your shoulder, and how bitter you are about your advanced age, is really weighing you down girl! You sound ugly, inside and out.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    They really peed on that little kid at school? I mean… I can’t even process that. If you can LITERALLY piss all over a kid AT SCHOOL and get away with it, is there any hope? 40 bullies? If that kid came into that school Columbine style and began murdering kids left and right, would it really be shocking?

    The only thing that seems to matter in this country is $$$. if we can find away to financially impact these bullies and their rotton parents, then maybe things will change. We see it in professional sports and entertainment. I bet Kobe won’t say it again… we need that for schools. Period.

  6. end the silence says

    Is Anderson Cooper waiting for one of his interviewees on LGBT issues to acknowledge the elephant in the living room on live TV? (For example, a Rutgers student says, “I understand you are gay yourself.”)

    Is that really how he wants to come out? Seems ignoble to me.

    As far as I am concerned, Cooper is MODELING shame. His behavior (thus far) is part of the problem.

    No straight anchor would ever hesitate to alluded to his or her own straightness.

    Double standard. I’m tired of it. And it’s ESPECIALLY inappropriate here.

    Kathy Griffin, whose tongue is extremely loose otherwise, is part of the absurd, homophobic conspiracy of silence as well. It’s very disappointing.

    How weird it must have been to the Rodemeyer family to be interviewed by someone who has refused to make an extremely obvious gesture that would make life better for people like their gay son, who killed himself.

    Major public figure models shame in being gay –> homophobia persists –> homophobic bullying persists –> greater chance of LGBT teen suicides.

  7. truthteller says

    People come out when they are ready and on their terms, not yours, not mine, not anyone else’s.

    I do think it would be helpful to the people who love and respect him if he came out, but I also think his credibility would be attacked and his efficiency to change things would be diminished. I can already hear the right wingers saying he is promoting the homosexual agenda. Remember Judge Walker?

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Anderson and his boyfriend, isn’t that out enough? Why should he make a declaration on tv? I highly doubt he suffers from shame and he will make a public declaration when he is ready to do so and if decides to do so…it is his life, it is his right to decide how he wants to live it.

    Let him fight the battle his way and you fight it yours.

  8. Traci says

    Anderson Cooper thank you for taking on Bullying, you are right on, this need to stop in the schools and we must teach teachers, teachers aides, and administrators how to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. We removed my son from public school one year ago, it was the best decision we could have made, his grades improved, self esteem improved, life improved. I visted several times with administration and teachers, I think teachers and administrators are scared to say “It’s okay to be gay” My daughter has been told that our family is not christians because her brother is gay. So not only was my son bullied until he did not want to go to school anymore, but now his sister who attends public school continues to be bullied over her brother!!! The ignorance is crazy. I greatly admire you. Thank-you, we needed your help

  9. chase says

    Thank you Anderson for tackling what’s important in the USA here and globally. The work you do for us is amazing. I love who you are. The caring side of you is bigger than the news you report..I feel it.
    My son was bullied. I was there I watched and listened. I had to be his angel overseer. I was all he had the school didn’t get it.
    This is my son and my job is to protect him and I did!
    I went to the police,the school and called a lawyer. Whew. I didn’t care what it took! no one and I meant no one was going to bully my babies. I know this bulling thing in and out,watching it brought back a deep sadness and I thought of my son and his struggle.
    Today they are both healthy adults that made it through with minimal scarring. They both attend USC Southern California medical school. I’m so proud and very thankful.
    It brings tears to my eyes when I think, what would have happened to them if I wasn’t tuned in.

  10. kasim says

    how can he want to stop bullying .when he does not talk about the bullying of muslims kids that are bullied , ,a muslim teen kristian was bullied by four bullies that made his life a living hell in the halls of a Staten Island public school, calling him a “terrorist” and beating him every chance they got.for nine months his story made headlines around the world ,and he was bullied in front of teachers how come he never Mention this kid sad story ,so if you want to stop bullying look at all the victims ,because if you understand their pains then the way to stop bullying will will be very easy ,stop the hate ,jail for the bullys ,and fire the teachers who knows and charge them with endangering the welfare of a child,sue the parent and make them pay then maybe it will stop

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