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Antelope Takes Down Biker During South African Race: VIDEO


This is some insane footage. Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa met a territorial Red Hartebeest, while competing in a mountain bike race at Albert Falls Dam. The footage was shot by his teammate Travis Walker.


(via the daily what)

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  1. Biker got owned.

    Posted by: romeo | Oct 11, 2011 2:47:38 PM

  2. Now for the inexplicably bizarre string of comments from the vocal bunch that loath cyclists. Assholes, that's why I ride in your lane.

    Posted by: Ian | Oct 11, 2011 3:05:48 PM

  3. IAN, I'm a cyclist myself and I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Seems like you're looking for trouble and planting it just in case it didn't show up on its own.

    That video will be a headliner on the next episode of Animals Fight Back.

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Oct 11, 2011 3:11:55 PM

  4. i don't loathe cyclists... i like looking at their asses. i have seen a few that i thought of jumping on like that hartebeest, but only out of lust.

    Posted by: sleepy bear | Oct 11, 2011 3:13:57 PM

  5. He's extremely lucky that a) he was wearing that helmet b) the animal lead with his hooves and not his horns and c) it was an antelope and not a lion.

    Word of warning, cyclists who ride in the outbacks of Africa, do not have the right of way to wild animals.

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Oct 11, 2011 3:17:01 PM

  6. I am impressed that dude got up! He could have had a punctured lung via broken ribs, broken vertebre, broken wrist/arm, skull fracture, consussion. Good thing he's young and in great shape.

    Posted by: KevInPDX | Oct 11, 2011 3:38:17 PM

  7. Hello, did anyone notice that the cyclist is absolutely f*ing gorgeous?

    Posted by: Wren | Oct 11, 2011 4:41:24 PM

  8. Hello, did anyone notice that the Jets need to sign that Hartebeest to play free safety?

    Posted by: Buck Wild | Oct 11, 2011 5:00:59 PM

  9. This is precisely why I never go cycling in South Africa.

    @Wren: yeah, I'm pretty sure we all noticed that!

    Posted by: Paul R | Oct 11, 2011 6:26:08 PM

  10. If it makes you feel any better, Ian, any time I see a cyclist riding like an idiot, I smile to myself content in the knowledge that he's not long for this world. Darwinism in action is a wonderful thing. I can't encourage you enough to keep riding wherever the hell you want.

    Posted by: ohplease | Oct 11, 2011 7:10:54 PM

  11. Wow! I'm amazed he survived that close encounter

    Posted by: jaragon | Oct 11, 2011 9:22:02 PM

  12. Wow, this has happened to me, too! Crazy.

    Posted by: Jester | Oct 11, 2011 10:17:02 PM

  13. He's lucky a lion, leopard or cheetah didn't attack him. WTF are these guys doing riding in the bush?

    Posted by: Chad | Oct 12, 2011 1:47:37 PM

  14. Go, my fellow cyclist! And he is gorgeous.

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Oct 12, 2011 6:15:56 PM

  15. Did anyone see the cyclist in advance? IF so, they could have warned him.

    Posted by: Gabe R L | Oct 12, 2011 6:17:01 PM

  16. Great shot.. He will never forget this..

    Posted by: Web design USA, web design sydney | Nov 21, 2011 7:03:55 PM

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