1. MDK says

    I think what will be interesting to see, 30-40 years from now, when homosexuality is more accepted, is how much bisexuality really exists in the world. My guess is that the rate of bisexuality is probably much, much higher than most people realize.

  2. says

    I completely agree with MDK. People are not comfortable with grey areas in between ANY binaries. Our president is biracial, yet most only acknowledge his father’s heritage.

    It’s very shortsighted and narrow. People-gay and straight-need to acknowledge that bisexuality exists. There are more of us than the monosexuals realize; that’s for sure!

  3. scott x says

    Can someone with a good memory and in the know–maybe a British reader–list the names of the Take That members in the pic, from left to right? I never followed them but the tree on the left were really sexy…more so than Robbie Williams, the only one I recognize.

  4. ron says

    @ Scott X. L to R: Mark, Howard, Jason, Robbie, Gary.
    Fun fact: It has just come out in the tabloids that Jason is now dating comedienne and gay favourite, Catherine Tate.

  5. redball says

    John, I’d say roughly 1995-2000 but Wikipedia probably has better answers :). It would have to include whatever year “I Want You Back” came out! That was mah jam!!! And they were so foine.

  6. stranded says


    I do believe the rate of bisexuality is much higher than what most people are willing to admit. I see it every day, even in a repressed society like the one I live in.

    I would say there are as many bisexual men as there are bisexual women, only that guys are not encouraged to exploit their sexuality.

  7. ORLY says

    MDK, thats nice and all, but I can’t wait for the moment when people realize that no one cares nor wants to hear about your sexuality, whatever it may be. The horse is dead.

  8. XsEve says

    Here we have a guy who merely thought he was gay due to a minor experience in youth, and a few are insinuating some kind of suppression of bisexuality. Not every sexual or quasi-sexual experience is meaningful and indicative of homo-bi- or hetero sexuality, whatever the case may be. Personally, I think monosexuality and non-casual sexuality is what gets the bad wrap because it means that one is not available to everyone, which is the harder to come to terms with.

  9. redball says

    Hey S: Their “Back for Good” music video played quite a bit on TV back in the 90s. That seems plenty popular to me! True…they weren’t as big as Backstreet Boys & ‘NSync & I may have overstated by saying they were “super” popular…pretty popular or pretty well known seems fair, though. :)

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