1. FernLaPlante says

    She looks like a closeted lesbian who is envious that we are making strides where she had to “fit in with the norm” at the time.

  2. RonDenver says

    I, um, wow. Somehow it make more sense now. If I don’t have the guts to be a lesbian than neither do you!

  3. Jack M says

    If her Christian beliefs do not allow her to do her job duties, she always has the option of quitting her job. She is NOT entitled to refuse on those grounds. As far as I can tell, she is an at-will employee.

  4. Gus says

    Oh, I get it. Somehow no marriage license clerk in New York knew that marriage equality was being voted on in the legislature? It not like it is you job to keep up with current laws or anything is it? For weeks it was on the national news and I’m sure your local New York State news media. I’m sure there was a directive form the governor or something…yup, there sure was. Quit lying, it was not passed in secret, in the dark of the night.

  5. Dan Wentzel says

    It is the LAW for her to sign.

    She doesn’t have to like it, but if she isn’t prepared to do her job then she should find a job she is prepared to do.

  6. Robert in SF says

    She says the legislature decided “so quickly!” and “Here’s this new law”….ugh. She can’t “endorse” it by doing her job.

    She wants to be exempt, and wants to “put a deputy in place”….so is there a workaround already there or not?

    She wants to “work in her work place” and “respect the God” that she worships? How does signing a issuing a piece of paper either endorse the contents, or disrespect God?

    And she blames the way the law was put into place…..ugh. Excuses, excuses, excuses….and yet not one word about issuing licenses to divorcees, or adulterers, or non-virgin women!

  7. Steve says

    This is silly beyond words. I could understand her not wanting to officiate a civil ceremony. But all she has to do is sign a paper. What’s so difficult about that?

  8. bsmart2 says

    I believe that Ms Belforti, when she took her oath of office, swore to uphold the laws of the state of New York and the United States. No where in the oath do you swear to uphold only those laws you deem to be valid.

    Your religous beliefs are not addressed either. It is my feeling Ms Belforti should either perform the duties of her elected office, as mandated by state law or she should resign. Should she decide to continue disregarding laws of the state of New York and not resign then procedings should be started immediately to impeach her and remove her from her elected office. As I live in Missouri, I’m not sure what the process for removing an elected offical in the state of New York is, but I’m sure they have a procedure in place.

    As a society we have to follow the laws. I as a citizen do not get to pick and choose which laws I think are good ones and those that I think are bad ones. As an elected offical, she should be subject to a higher level of compliance that the oridinary citizen. If she disagrees with a law so strongly she is not able to uphold that law then she should work to change the law but continue to observe it as long as it is the law.

  9. luminum says

    If it’s not a disability that prevents you from fulfilling an aspect of your job contract, then an employer is under no obligation to cater to your inability to do your job.

    Can’t serve non-Jews? Shouldn’t be hired as a waiter. Can’t touch non-Halaal meat? Shouldn’t be hired as a butcher. Can’t advocate for the legal rights of criminals on trial? Shouldn’t be hired as an attorney. Can’t sign a legal document for all people? Then you shouldn’t be hired as a town clerk.

    If the only thing limiting your ability to effectively do your job is your beliefs, knowing full well what your job responsibilities are, then you have no business being in that position and you should be fired.

  10. geneinla says

    If you don’t like what you have to do for your job, get a new job. You’re free to make that choice. Same as being a pharmacist and refusing to dispense birth control pills. Find out what a job entails before you sign up for it, airhead.

  11. brent says

    These three women are a joke. If you can’t do the job, then QUIT. Someone should take a page from what Todd Stave is doing in Maryland (Google him, too much to go into here).

  12. marshallt says

    The only way their position has any integrity would be if they refused to sign marriage certificates for anyone who’d been divorced – since the bible has a whole lot more to say about divorce than it does about homosexuality. Yes, since we live in a secular state they would still be wrong but I’d be able to give more weight to their argument. As it stands they are selectively enforcing the beliefs of their own religion which begs the question – why this belief and not others.

  13. Dorishin says

    You have to follow the rules and in fact the Law. Imagine if all the christian soldiers (which there are many) in the middle of a battle field just put down their weapons and said to their commanders I am a Christian and the 6th commandment says “thou shalt not kill” . If you take a job especially a government job then you take all the responsibilities that come with that job. Do you have to like it…no, do you have to do it;…yes. or get another job. simple as that

  14. Rick says

    Really, in all honesty, where in the hell do some of you get the idea that straight women are allies of gay men or have any sort of common cause with us and vice-versa?

    How can you possibly delude yourself with this notion when confronted day after day after day with examples to the contrary, such as this one?

    I just do not get it, never have, and never will.

  15. Sargon Bighorn says

    WHERE is the state of NY? They need to act NOW and dismiss those not doing their job.

  16. jamal49 says

    Somebody needs to explain to these whiny, evangelical pigs that the marriage applications are for secular, civil licenses. No one is asking these creeps to perform a religious duty but a civil duty. If they cannot uphold civil law (since, I assume, they know that America is a secular society and this is a request by applicants for a secular license of marriage) then they should resign. There is nothing more disgusting than these evangelicals claiming they are “victims”. Typical of whiny, evangelical scum.

  17. dminer says

    In London, UK, we similarly had to listen to self-styled Christian town clerks whining about how as a Christian, it was beyond their faith to marry two people who wanted to commit to each other. It took a court case to make clear that there is separation of God and State in our town halls and while they are employed by the State they had better comply with the law or face the sack.

  18. Pete says

    I wonder what these women would say if they went to have their drivers’ licenses renewed and the clerk said, “no, my religion teaches that women should not drive. Let’s go find a deputy to issue you a drivers license.” I would hope these women would reply, “No, I pay your salary as a taxpayer and I will not have certain officials refusing to grant me a state license b/c their religion says they shouldn’t do it.” Working for the State of NY (and its Towns and Villages)is not a right, it is a privilege. As a NY taxpayer, I want these women fired.

  19. George F says

    My Youtube comment for one of these scary ladies is “waiting for approval” ..I doubt it will get through…


  20. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Rose loves her job because she loves helping people. Rose is a tad picky when it comes to which people she helps. Rose needs a new job.

  21. Bryan says

    In New York, the salaries of state employees are public record. The combined 2011 salary of these three women is $77,544. By keeping people employed who refuse to do their jobs for 2 months, the state of New York has wasted about $6,000.

  22. justme says

    Spot, I think their appearances are the heart of the matter. I just can’t believe it’s a coincidence that every single person who hates gay people or is a part of the anti-gay industry is butt-ugly.

    These are people who are obviously suffering emotional and cognitive problems based on their looks and who resent anyone who finds love and happiness in any way whatsoever.

    Seriously, just get a makeover and leave decent people alone.

  23. says

    Do we need any more proof as to why we must keep church and state separate? This is what would happen if we don’t. Either do your job or quit. Simple as that. You may be able to pick and choose which parts of the Bible to adhere to, and which to ignore.
    That’s between you, your clergy, and your God and how much he/she is willing to tolerate. You will find out come judgement day.

    But while here on earth, we are a nation of laws, not men/women, and you don’t get to pick and choose which ones you will obey and which ones you will just ignore, no matter your religious beliefs. Deal with it.

  24. Caliban says

    Good lord! The two gray-haired women couldn’t look more like lesbians if they tried and the other one has a terminal case of B*tch-Face.

  25. Mitchell says

    “…In the early twentieth century, when marriage licensing served as a kind of public health surveillance system, marriage license clerks were, in effect, assigned responsibility for serving as the gatekeepers of white supremacy, and they wielded this power with considerable effect.”

    Why the Ugly Rhetoric Against Gay Marriage Is Familiar to this Historian of Miscegenation

  26. jexer says

    Freedom means deciding how to live your own life. Not deciding for others how they are to live theirs.

    I’ll respect their religious ‘freedom’ when they show more respect for the religious freedoms of their fellow citizens.

  27. Rick says

    “Spot, I think their appearances are the heart of the matter. I just can’t believe it’s a coincidence that every single person who hates gay people or is a part of the anti-gay industry is butt-ugly”

    LOL. Rick Perry and Rick Santorum are butt-ugly? Duncan Hunter is butt-ugly? Aaron Schock (the 6-pack abs Congressman from Illinois who was on the cover of Men’s Health) is butt-ugly?

    Sara Palin, the ex-beauty queen? Carrie Prejean, Miss California?

    And I suppose everyone who is pro-gay-rights is drop-dead gorgeous, huh?

    Funny how people say such silly things when they become emotional…….or perhaps your comment just reflects the widespread tendency among gay men to worship physical attractiveness to the exclusion of every other trait, regardless of how irrational such behavior is and what ridiculous conclusions it leads to, as in this instance.

  28. CPT_Doom says

    Something tells me that at least one of NOM’s Board members – I believe Ms. Gallagher is still on their Board – would not be happy if these good “Christian” women were to enforce their beliefs that good “Christian” girls should not marry their Hindu baby daddies.

  29. Robert in NYC says

    These are state workers. Under the law they are bound to abide by it and do their jobs. If they were in the private sector, they’d be fired for poor performance which is clearly what this is. Since when does the state allow its employees’ religious beliefs to trump their employment duties? Let them go work for a religious cult instead.

  30. says

    Excellent !
    According to these three we need only obey those laws we agree with.

    And when the hurley burley’s done what sort of a state would be left standing ?

  31. says

    These people should be fired based on their lack of performance of their job duties. End of story. I don’t like or agree with a lot of things that happen in my office but I’m paid to do a job just like these people are paid. If they don’t want to do the job, they’re free to find employement elsewhere. But they should be fired for refusing to perform the duties that they are required to perform (by law) in their positions as public servants.

  32. oliver says

    Watching these videos here in Europe with a bunch of friends. Everyone here thinks these looks like SNL skits or something made-up from Comedy Central.

  33. justme says

    Caliban, I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that at least two of these women could pass for lesbians (albeit butt-ugly lesbians — and I wouldn’t wish the third one on anybody). Nothing says “I’m almost certainly gay” like being insanely anti-gay. Being butt-ugly isn’t helping matters, though.

  34. oliver says

    These videos are sorta sweet (barnyard chickens and fresh veggies). It’s nice that these ladies had the opportunity to express themselves (First Amendment), but unfortunately there is a little matter in the good ol’ U.S. of A. called separation of Church and State.
    But, look at the bright side, now they’ll have more time for Church bake sales.

  35. says

    Sorry but my advice to the State of New York is to order these employees to do their job or to face disciplinary action – suspension and eventual removal from State Service. NY can always re-hire people to do the job they are paid to do. Working as a Clerk for the State of New York is not working for a relation by any means, it is working for ALL the people of NY. No ifs, ands, or butts – toss these people out on their rear ends today.