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Brandon McInerney to Be Retried for Murder; Hate Crime Dropped


Brandon McInerney will be tried for the murder of his gay classmate Lawrence King, prosecutors announced today. McInerney will again be tried as an adult, the AP reports:

The decision was announced Wednesday in Ventura County Superior Court and Judge Charles Campbell set a Nov. 21 trial date for defendant Brandon McInerney. Campbell declared a mistrial last month after jurors couldn't agree on the degree of McInerney's guilt for killing 15-year-old Larry King. McInerney was 14 at the time of the shooting in a classroom at E.O. Green Junior High School in Oxnard. Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox says McInerney will be tried again as an adult."

The hate crime charge has been dropped.

A group of jurors in the mistrial told Nightline in an interview aired last night that they believed McInerney should never have been tried as an adult. None of those interviewed were convinced it was a hate crime.

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  1. @RYAN completely agree with your comment. But, like all comment boards, the bottom feeders come out just like the rest of us. Sometimes I wish they had the little signs like at amusement parks ("You must be this high to ride this ride.").

    He killed a young man and that's the real issue. Was it a hate crime? Probably not. Was it a crime. Yes. If we keep tossing the "hate crime" factor around just because the victim was gay, we'll dilute the true intent of the law. As DAVE L pointed out, a hate crime should be the willful act to seek out and commit a crime BECAUSE of a hatred of a class of individuals. The defendant reached a breaking point because of his perception of sexual advances at him. He had not exhibited any hateful actions against a class of individuals. He is definitely emotionally disturbed that the only path he thought he could seek was murder.

    Now that we are making advances in society with regards to recognition and acceptance, we also need to start taking responsibility about how we treat that acceptance and not blindly claim things JUST because of our status.

    Posted by: RBearSAT | Oct 6, 2011 2:33:18 PM

  2. Shark Eyes? Yes.
    Cute? No.
    Anglo-Saxon poetry (which I recommend as a REMEDY to emotional dysfunction, NOT as an invitation to to the formation of a racist identity) often talks about vengeance emerging as an impersonal force. I look in Brandon's face and I can see that, sure enough. SCARY.
    On the other hand, it's very interesting to watch the two opposing "fan clubs" line up.

    Behind Larry, lead by the gay press, are those with a soft spot for poor effeminate Larry King. Behind Brandon, lead by the blue braceleted jurors, are those with a soft spot for tough guy Brandon.
    It's not hard to discern Apollo-the-Destroyer at work here.

    Posted by: Didaskalos | Oct 6, 2011 4:46:27 PM

  3. For all we know, the people saying he's "cute" are just trolls who want to make the gay community look bad.

    Posted by: St. Theresa of Avila | Oct 7, 2011 10:38:37 AM

  4. There is no Hate Crime Brandon acted without thinkin he responded the only way he knew which was with violence which is what he grew up with... Two Boys Both going thru difficult times both dealing with it much differently as proven The situation came to a head and in this case innocent blood was shed but also anothers life changed forever all because No one picked up on the signs in time as in most cases like this so as usual Many Many lives have been destroyed ... So save your hateful comments your only fueling this matter and making it worse.. As for both families and all the people who are involved Stay strong

    Posted by: rabcmb | Oct 7, 2011 11:33:30 PM

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