1. FernLaPlante says

    This is easy to refute (or refudiate at the GOP loves to say). Just ask the pizza man if he chose to be straight. If he says YES then have him admit that he tried and considered being gay. If he says NO then ask him how one can be born straight but not gay. He’s then painted into a corner and goes home with his tail between his legs.

  2. Francis says

    Hmm, he wants to see science now. I thought he was just a religious wingnut who didn’t believe those fantasies. Oh wait, that’s exactly what he is.

    Funny how many homophobes jump from the Bible to science to justify their homophobia. It just highlights how far homophobes will go and that they will say anything, to validate to themselves and others, that being gay is wrong in their eyes, or a choice, or whatever else.

    What’s most pathetic is that the science is out there and the facts are known, and if you present these facts to individuals like Mr. Cain, they’ll reject them because it doesn’t suit his belief system. You can’t reason with people like this. Everything is my way or the highway with them.

  3. says

    Investigate !
    We gays know !
    Ask us !

    And does science prove his mad speculation ?
    But perhaps that does not bother him……..he gets to make it up as he goes……just like all the evangelical creeps.
    Maybe he’ll speek in tongues next.

  4. Lance says

    All he’s saying is that he is a homosexual man but he isn’t brave enough to be who he truly is; so he hides his true sexual orientation from the world. That’s his choice.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Yes, Mr. Cain, I chose to be gay even though I can’t quite remember what year I made that decision. It was so long ago. Now, let me think, was it after or before I realized how vilified gay people are by the vast majority of those who chose to be straight?? I suppose along your line of thinking, however, bigotry and ignorance are qualities with which one is born, eh? So, yeah, when was it exactly you decided you’d be straight person, Mr. Cain, who happened to be born bigoted and ignorant?

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    This is good news for Democrats, at least on his gay views, because they can be unraveled so easily:
    HerMan: I believe that being gay is a choice
    Anyone: So you were gay then you chose to be straight.
    HerMan: No, I have always been straight.
    Anyone: Oh, so you didn’t chose to be gay then straight? You were born straight?
    HerMan: Yes. Wait, I mean, I chose…
    Anyone: You can’t have it both ways, unless you’re bi-sexual. Are you Bi, Hermy?
    Muahahahahahah! Done. Next!

  7. Pete n SFO says

    @ Hollywood; thanks for that; really enjoyed it.

    Same thought here: When did you ‘choose’ to be straight?


    Isn’t is funny that when it comes to Global Warming & Evolution, no science is good enough, but now we need science to disprove the obvious?!!

    This is what the GOP has to offer USA. Jeeesh.

  8. says

    the man is an idiot. everyone is entitled to their own opinions, everyone is not entitled to their own FACTS.

    the man doesn’t get it. and he never will.. \ladies and gentlemen, then mindset of a republican.

  9. Mark says

    The problem with attempting to present scientific data and research studies to a Republican is that they do not draw a distinction between biased, flawed “research” done by their thinktanks and actual academic, scientific research conducted by experts at universities all across the world. In order to show Mr. Cain scientific evidence, I would first have to convince him that such things as “science” and “evidence” exist, being as he is a Republican, and they all slept through high school Earth Science and Biology. He’s right about one thing; opinions are opinions, and one is oftentimes arguably as valid as any other. However, opinions are not hard evidence, and evidence exists (if he would bother to look for it or bother to acknowledge it) that sexuality is less a conscious choice and more a result of environmental and biological factors. Even if it WERE a choice, aren’t right-wingers always on about “small government” and “personal responsibility” and “individual liberty”? Put your money where your mouth is: Even if one were to, flying in the face of all scientific evidence to the contrary, allow them the point that sexuality could be a matter of preference or choice, why the hell should any of them get to tell any of us that our choice is anything other than that: OURS? Even in a hypothetical world where sexuality is COMPLETELY and UNDENIABLY a matter of PERSONAL CHOICE, whose business is it to tell another person that their choice in regards to sexuality is then wrong? The government has no business attempting to regulate individual’s personal lives.

  10. Brains says

    This man does not even stand a chance of being the dog poop pick up guy at the White House.

    So why is he actually wasting his time……just for his 16 minutes of fame!

    The Republicans are a party of Neanderthals…so if you want these fools in 2013…..sit at home and do not vote for President Obama.

    The choice is yours’!

  11. Attmay says

    Herman Cain/Tracy Morgan 2012

    This primary campaign is like watching Archie Bunker run against George Jefferson for office.

    They can all kiss my gay white Jewish ass while I vote for Fred Karger.

  12. says

    WHY don’t people ever ask “When did you choose to be straight, tell us about that moment for you, and how did you decide gay was not for you?” SERIOUSLY it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

    I called in to a local radio host who was ripping on Brokeback Mountain for the same thing, asked him that question, and stopped their broadcast in its tracks!

  13. Married in MA says

    @ Mark – You kind of stole my comment! LOL
    Even if it were a choice, who cares? Because it is immoral? Guess what? I don’t think so and I am entitled to my opinion, right? Does it really matter who I choose to love (or have sex with)? Actually, it’s none of your business… and please don’t whip out that tired old book of fables.

  14. Zell says

    We should draw a distinction between asking people “Did you choose to be straight” and “could you choose to be gay” because the former is easily answered. They are not saying that everyone chooses their orientation, they are saying that everyone is born naturally straight, and some people choose a different path than is the natural path. So asking “did you choose to be straight” can be answered with “No, I’m naturally straight, and so are you. You have just at some point chosen to pervert the natural order of things.” Mind you, I don’t believe that for a second, of course, but we have to be prepared for it, and giving glib answers to republican challenges does more harm than good.

  15. says

    Zell, you can only make a choice when both options are present. Phobes who claim that being gay is “a choice” aren’t think about themselevs at all — only us, “the Other.”

    Turning the question back on them is only logical. If being gay is ‘a choice” then they must have had that option at some point in time.

    And if their Bi they would quite naturally.

    But they don’t want to so much as THINK of that possibility.

    They call being gay “a choice” because it makes it “Bad Behavior” that we should simply “stop.”

    There’s nothing glib about smacking down such crap.

  16. Zell says

    But they would say that both options ARE present: either you can go with the natural order of things or you can pervert it. It’s all in the way you phrase things.

  17. Steve says

    Ignorance has no color, no shape, no size… I guess you might say, it is, basically, nothing. Right? Then why is it that some would prefer to be nothing than to do their research and speak the TRUTH? Raising Cain is much ado about nothing!

  18. Ryan says

    According to the Bible, Cain is translated to mean “of the evil one,” or in some cases “from the evil one.”

    Therefore, a vote for this man is a vote for evil.

  19. says

    I don’t understand…if it was a “choice” then The Closet wouldn’t exist.

    it’s that simple. There would be no Closet if being gay was a choice. All gay people would be Out. That The Closet still exists in such a massive way is in fact proof that it is no choice at all.

    that said, with all i know now i wouldn’t choose to be straight if it was possible. i love being gay. LOVE it.

  20. oliver says

    Over the years, I have discovered that whenever I meet someone who believes that homosexuality is a choice, (I try to avoid meeting anyone who thinks this, but I do travel quite a bit) there is one key question to ask. No, it isn’t about religion or science or even politics. The question is simply: “Have you ever met a gay child or a gay adolescent?” The person generally pretends to entertain the question, but the answer is invariably no. I think this is no coincidence. I mean, it’s one thing to think the 21 year old guy in the fishnet shirt and leather pants is making some kind of a decision, but a five year old boy who loves Barbies? Or a twelve year old boy who hates sports and loves home ec? I mean, really?? To what advantage is the choice to gender bend in kindergarten, or even junior high? You don’t really get too much out of it. It’s like choosing to get braces even if you don’t need them. No one DOES that.

  21. moony says

    This man is going to create public policy opposing gay rights for the entire United States of America because he hasn’t bothered to read the APA’s research on homosexuality?

    I won’t be allowed to marry the person I love because Cain is uninformed?

    Is this a joke?

  22. jason says

    What does being gay mean? Does he mean feelings? Does he mean behavior? Please elaborate. I’m sick and tired of people using “being gay” as a catch-phrase due to their laziness.

  23. acting affirmatively says

    Here is a man who climbed the corporate ladder because of the color of his skin and thinks he earned his own way. If he were white we would never have heard of such a second-rater.

    One thing he did learn during his corporate years was how to quickly adopt the prevailing thinking inside the company. Should come in handy.

  24. Master Adrian says

    IF being gay/homosexual is a choice, doesn’t make it being a straight/heterosexual also a choice?

    Choices are made consciously, were facts are unconsciously, and were it concerns sexuality it is not a choice, but simply a fact, something that some may call a birth-defect, but then, when homosexuality is a birth-defect, heterosexuality is also a birth-defect….. even when the religious fanatics (ie exclusionists) argue differently!

    When individuals are excluded based upon a book that was written 3 centuries after jesus lived, then such exclusions are based on facts that have been overhauled, are outdated… as no one with a minimum amount of brains now a days believe or will argue that the earth is flat, that the sun is rotating around the earth, or that black people are rightfully enslaved………

    We, the human race, have evolved, developed, and are supposed to be enlightened, having gained knowledge!

    One can make the choice to belong to a church, yes, one can make the choice to have a religion, yes, one does so with knowledge!

  25. walter says

    this man should stick to making cardboard pizzas and stay out of things he knows nothing about. plus does he really think those white right wing bigots of the tea party would ever vote for a black man he is nuts.

  26. says

    You want proof? Here’s your proof.

    I’m a homosexual. I did not choose to be a homosexual. I did however, choose to accept that fact about myself.

    I can no more control who I’m attracted to any more than you can control who your attracted to. It’s just something one comes to recognize about ones self over time. I can control my response to that attraction, but I can’t prevent it. And even if I could prevent it, why would I want to. It’s a beautiful thing.

    So right back at you Mr. Cain.

    Where in the hell is YOUR proof, that it is a choice?

    I prefer to trust my own judgement, and millions of others like me, on this one.

  27. SearchCz says

    Wow … I get SO TIRED of this question, whether sexuality is a choice. Because neither a YES nor a NO answer justifies the tyranny of the masses we are subjected to daily. Consider the possibilities …

    If NO, sexuality is NOT a choice … y’all conservatives should maybe mind your own business and let us live our lives in peace.

    If YES, sexuality IS a choice … exactly WHOSE CHOICE do you think it should be? Does Herman Cain have the balls (or ignorance) to think HE should be entitled to make that choice for me or for anyone (other than himself)? Y’all conservatives should maybe mind your own business and let us live our lives in peace.

  28. says

    Cain is on the other side of street now. 60 years ago he had to walk on the black side of the street. Now he has the side of street where gays aren’t suppose to walk. It feels so goooood to have someone to kick down. He and his ilk are Uncle Toms.

  29. Ralph says

    It is terribly important that homosexuality be painted as a choice since God is known to be just. If it were otherwise than a choice, God’s eternal damnation would be unjust. This is the sort of pathetic rationale required when argued from authority invented in your head.

  30. Nathan says

    All these people that keep saying that homosexuality is a choice just need to answering one question..and that is When did they decide to become straight? and that will be the end of the interview…no need for science to prove or disprove anything.

  31. Chris in Irvine says

    Why do the women from The View have to speak all at the same time? Joy B asked the question but then it was diverted when all the other women started addressing him with “indirect” questions about being gay a choice or not. Aagggh!

  32. ND Mitchell says

    Nothing like Elizabeth Hasselbeck (Lizzie) putting in her two cents and saying Mitt Romney all in one sentence. Thank goodness I’m not on the View because I would just say SHUT UP, LIZZIE!

  33. Frank says

    It’s funny how right-wing conservative Christians want to point to science when it is convenient. How about the science of EVOLUTION? The universe was not created in 7 days… we have the layers of sediment over billions of years to prove it. Adam & Eve didn’t just suddenly appear on the planet…we evolved and we have the bones to prove it. Where is ANY scientific evidence that anything in the bible ever occurred? And of course when you say this to them and back them into a corner, you are accused of “attacking” their beliefs. Whatever.

  34. Steve Patrick says

    I am happy with my choice to be gay. I do miss the sex with women. Especially women’s breasts. But really, the vilification I have gotten all my life for being gay was reward enough.

    But now it’s not feeling like enough. I think I need more vilification. I think I am going to choose to be black now. I just haven’t decided on whether to be a black man or a black woman. I think black men are generally treated worse in our society than black women are. So, I guess I’ll go with being a black man.

  35. says

    I’d like to share a link to an article here:

    Brother to Brother: A Letter to Herman Cain

    I’m writing this letter to you because you need to be told off, and I’m the one to do it. You see, this letter has to come from a black gay man; if a white gay man writes you, you can dismiss him as a crazy white queen, or a faggot, or whatever. You can dismiss me as a faggot too, of course, but if I’m in the closet, or you don’t know that I’m gay, you might shake my hand and smile at me during a fundraiser, rally or at church; you might even call me brother, the way black men of my father’s generation always called each other brother, the way some black men still do today. Because the fact is, I am your brother, and I’m also your son. Which is why your betrayal feels particularly painful and devastating.

  36. Paul says

    none of the ladies here actually followed up properly. When he said he was going to adhere to the constitution for all Americans – they should have asked if that includes Gay Americans ? On that point he is utterly willing to let his personal belief system affect the way he governs.

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