California Nursing School Expels Transgender Student for ‘Fraud’

A participant in MTV's reality show True Life has been expelled from a Baptist nursing school after officials discovered she is transgender:

JavierDomaine Javier, 24, said university officials told her she was expelled for falsely claiming on her application form that she is a female. Javier revealed on MTV’s “True Life” that she is biologically male. Letters the university sent to Javier say she was expelled for “committing or attempting to engage in fraud, or concealing identity,” and for presenting false or misleading information in university judicial processes.

Javier, 24, said she has identified herself as female since she was a toddler and correctly clicked the space next to “female” on the online application form.

California schools cannot discriminate on the basis of gender identity, unless they are private, as is the case with Cal Baptist.

“I didn’t know they were that extreme," said Javier.


  1. Mykelb says

    Private institutions will get away with this garbage until the 1964 Civil Rights Act is amended to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Support the American Equality Bill today.

  2. ynot says

    What’s the deal with the transexuals of today? They are too lazy to even have an operation or change their birth certificates? What happened to the Christine Jorgensens, etc. who went whole hog instead of just halfway measures like we see now? Are they really serious, or are they hedging their bets in case they change their minds? America wants to know.

  3. Mike says


    Those operations are damn expensive, and in this country, where we’ve got cancer patients that can’t even get their insurance companies to pay to treatment, you’re on your own. You wanna pay for their operations, cupcake? I’m sure plenty would gladly accept.

  4. AggieCowboy says

    Also, having gender changed on the birth certificate (if even possible, depending on state law, some of which won’t make the change even after gender reassignment surgery) is likewise expensive with all the legal hoops they have to jump through.

    YNOT educate yourself before making inane comments.

  5. Ricco says

    It is a private school, so they should be permitted to discriminate based on their faith, and there are many good reasons to ensure that they continue to have that right.

    I don’t understand gay and transgendered people who go out of their way to attend these religious schools, like they are their only options. How many universities are there in this country?

    And I do not understand why someone who claims to be identify herself as female since she was a toddler has still not completed her transformation.

    I understand that the procedures are expensive, and time consuming, with many loop holes to jump through. I don’t want to be insensitive, but if Domaine Javier has the money to pay for a private university, and is willing to jump through the religious hoops of a fundamentalist university, then I think it is legitimate to wonder why she is not willing to do as much to make her physical gender match her psychological gender.

    There is a lot I do not understand about gender ideations, that it is a rather complex issue far beyond my understanding, I do feel comfortable raising these sorts of questions, where it seems that transgendered people SEEM to play the gender card, at times playing both sides of the gender, as it suits them.

    An example would be Thomas Beatie, who is being called a man, but has has three children since his operation where he had everything surgically altered except for the uterus.

    Men do not have babies, so for a woman to say she identifies as a man, get her breasts removed, cut her hair, but keep her uterus for the convenience of reproducing is total BS. She is a woman . . . not a man.

    All this to say that with stories like these floating around the blogosphere, women who say they are men, but keep their uterus’, and people who have the money to pay for a private school, but not get their surgery, who subject themselves to a hateful environment when they would have been accepted somewhere else, then people are going to ask question.

    I know there must be many reasons beyond the legal and financial aspects that a transgendered person would not elect to get their surgery. It would be nice if they help us all to understand. Just as we as gay people do what we can to educate straight people about who we are and how and why we feel as we do, transgendered people need to do more to educate the public, so we can be more empathetic.

    I do want to be empathetic.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Many Transgender folk are not Transsexuals. They have no intention of having sex re-assignment surgery. They simply want to dress and present themselves in whatever gender role they feel comfortable.

    And many Transgender folk who are not Transsexual identify themselves as Gay.

    (Ok, Andy, I managed to say the above without insults or profanity. It took a lot out of me to be so civil on this ETERNAL issue, but I’m cool….dammit)

  7. Bill Cooney says

    I am always reminded of a friend’s parody of a Variety headline. “Hix Nix Chix with Dix Flix!”

  8. ohplease says

    I never get the hate for the trans folks and I don’t care about the haters. I can’t imagine what it’s like living such a sad and vile existence that you’re driven to hate people just because they’re different from you, but, happily, that cesspool is not my problem.

    Can you imagine actually wanting to police the genitalia of complete strangers? And then passing judgment on them if their genitals don’t live up to your expectations? And writing paragraphs-long Internet treatises on why their genitalia is wrong? How sick do you have to be to even want to do any of that?

    And, best of all, such sick, hateful rambling doesn’t change one thing about anyone’s lives. It’s totally ineffectual and pointless. All your lunatic hatred of the gentials of strangers will never change those strangers’ genitals.

    Anyway, I don’t know what this woman thinking by going to a Baptist college at all. “I didn’t know they were that extreme”? Honey, they’re Baptists!

  9. G.I. Joe says

    Weird: Going to a baptist college when one is transgender. But I guess she had her reasons.

    Weirder, their reaction. These people are completely mental. They expel her because she would bring a “bad image” on them… But had they not said anything, they wouldn’t have gotten any (bad) publicity.

    Even weirder, the intolerance of (some) gay folks regarding trans people. Weird, or depressing, idk which one.

  10. Rob says

    Why is it weird that a person may want a religious experience? The nursing program may be well-known in the community, she may be of baptist faith or the school may simply be the only one that accepted her.

  11. Ari says

    It may seem strange to some of you, but trans folks can be Baptists just like cis folks. Sure, if they’re known to be trans, there will probably be judgmental crap like you see in the comments on fox news any time transgender issues come up there.

    There’s a lot of trouble trans people have to deal with getting their ID to verify their gender, and most states require letters from a psychologist or verification from a doctor that you’ve received therapy (hormones, possibly surgery) to change your legally recognized gender. All this needs money, every step of the way. And one thing a lot of trans people is lacking is loads of money to spend.

    To those who maintain that “someone was born a male, they are not a female,” you’re being offensive. You wouldn’t be able to tell what chromosomes or sex organs I was born with, so do us all a favor and leave your rhetoric back in the 1970s when it was new material.

    Best wishes to Domaine in all she does.

  12. Louise says

    Very few 24 year olds can afford gender alinement surgery because it is quite expensive. Education is also quite expensive.

    In education what she has between her ears might make her suitable or not for college or university. What she has between her legs is none of anyone’s business or relevant.

    I hope she will challenge them and win. Education is a human right just maybe not in America? I wish her well and hope she continues her education.