Chris Christie Not Running for President

Christie New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is set to make an announcement at 1 pm EDT today, but outlets , such as ABC News, are already reporting what he will say:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will not run for president, according to a source with direct knowledge of the governor’s thinking. Christie has long said he’s not ready to run, but had reconsidered in recent weeks and there was speculation he could make a late entrance into the race.

Politico has also heard from multiple sources that he's not running. As has the National Review. And CBS News.


  1. Rad says

    “…quoted sources close to…” means they expect to draw this out until the midnight primary filing deadline in a few days. Watch! He’s going to pop up with a “I’ve had a change of heart…” conference. I will be SHOCKED if he does not, especially considering the Koch Brothers have already agreed to fund his campaign.

    The guy is a walking heart attack in waiting. I’d love to see him run just to keel over when things get really hot, but perhaps he knows the field will be easier to get into come 2016 (Mayan’s be damned).

  2. Bench 'em says

    I bet in a Presidential run he might not be able to carry New Jersey and that Rudy Giuliani could not carry New York. What’s a Repub to do? Can’t run, can’t carry!

  3. Matt says

    WOW, you people are all idiots!!! I may not like the guy, but I don’t wish him dead. And really… you really need to start name calling about his weight? So pathetic people.

  4. Mike says

    Good Really!

    Ha! And this not so little piggy stayed home . . .

    Surprise. Surprise. Guess someone looked at him and found him to be wanting. ALMOST as much as the OTHER Republicans.

  5. Matt says

    @ Anastasia Beaverhausen

    So let me get this right…. it’s ok to discriminate against fat people? Thank god we don’t have a gay president…. what kind of example would that set? You are truly an idiot!

  6. Giuseppe says

    I am also a NJ native and resident who is relieved this bullying ogre isn’t running to be our President, though I wish he would still quit his day job…

  7. What will christie do? says

    What’s his middle name, Jesus?

    Too bad he’s not running, the right would love to put christ back in the white house, or back in christmas, or something like that.

  8. Andrew says

    He’s done a good job of taking on the waste and inefficiency that occurs with civic employee unions in NJ. But he’s still a Republican. He might talk a good game about less government, but when it comes to issues like gay marriage, or even civil unions, he supports the government sticking its nose in our business.

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