Conan O’Brien to Officiate Gay Wedding on His Show

Conan O'Brien is taping at NYC's Beacon Theatre next month and will reportedly be officiating a gay wedding on air:

ConanVulture hears that O'Brien will be officiating an on-air wedding during one of those episodes, and it's the sort of marriage ceremony that couldn't have taken place back when O'Brien used to tape his show in New York: a legal wedding between two men.

Show sources are quick to caution that the potentially groundbreaking event is no mere publicity stunt, and isn't intended to make light of gay marriage — in fact, O'Brien will be marrying a longtime staffer and his partner.


  1. Kevin says

    I am afraid he’s gonna make it all comedic and play it for laughs. I think he’s going to make same-sex marriage seem like a big joke. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. jomicur says

    It doesn’t take a Ouija board to predict that O’Brien will surround the event with lots of sniggering jokes about gays. As would Leno, Letterman, Ferguson and the rest. Laughing at gay men, who are ALL limp-wristed florists, it seems, is business as usual on late-night TV.

  3. Joey Y says

    I’m not so sure. From everything I have ever heard or read about personally, the one thing Conan always has taken dead-seriously is the happiness and respect of his staff. I don’t think he’d subject them to cheap abuses. And I don’t even like the guy. Now, Letterman and Leno? They’d turn it into a Prince video.

  4. bsmart2 says

    My big question is by whos authority does Conan O’Brien have the ability to marry this couple?

    I also think if it does turn out to be a side-show wedding, then no one should be surprised. It is a late-night comedy show.

  5. Joey says

    It’s quite simple to become ordained to officiate weddings. I live in New York City and have numerous friends who have been ordained to perform the ceremony for other friends. I also can’t imagine Conan turning this into a side show. There is a very fine line between a comic routine and an offense. Conan would know not to cross that line.. particularly for his staff.

  6. justme says

    “I am afraid he’s gonna make it all comedic and play it for laughs.”

    Based on the fact that show sources are quick to caution exactly the opposite?

    And I’m an ordained minister through Universal Life Church, as are friends of mine, and that’s the easiest but not the only way to be able to legally officiate at weddings. Joey knows whereof he speaks, it’s a very simple matter to be deemed an officiant.

  7. ophu says

    Evolution in action. Everyone is laughed at on TV. LGBTs, jews, blacks, hispanics, indians, actors, politicians, musicians, Bernie Madoff, angry white men. But we see good things like this more often now along with the bad. It’s not just bad anymore.

  8. Bill says

    I expect this to be nothing but an opportunity to mock gay people in front of millions of TV viewers.

    I guess we’ll see.

    But I do not for one moment think that this will be handled respectfully, no matter what the press release states.

    I hope I’ve never been more wrong.

  9. says

    We’re proud to confirm that Conan is one of the Universal Life Church Monastery’s most recent ordained ministers! Though the date of the wedding ceremony has yet to be released, Conan was ordained with Universal Life Church Monastery on October 21st and will likely be performing the marriage as part of the shows one week stint of episodes in New York City next week.

    The Monastery salutes Conan’s courage to perform a same-sex marriage and to set the example that we are all children of the same universe; gay, straight, black, white, brown, young and old. The church invites all to become a minister of their own beliefs and speak truth to power during these critical times of change.

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